Saturday, April 16, 2011

The new FBi Vault documents release - April 14th 2011 Coast to Coast

Its been in the news everywhere recently. Now UFO historian Richard Dolan comments on the FBI's newly released 1950 memo that recounts the discovery of flying saucers and aliens in New Mexico:

Part 5

Part 6
Part 7
Further parts
(first 4 parts not Ufo related)

Ufo caught on Phoenix Arizona Webcam ? 12-14th April 2011

Any thoughts on this straight light captures on Arizona webcam recently over Phoenix - could it be a ufo? Anyone in Phoenix recently see any strange lights over the last few days - if so please reply.

UFOs Over Norway 2011

A norweigan student films what looks like a big ufo orb on Night scope camera.
Surely with that movement and hovering these objects are not lights?
Watch in fullscreen HD:

Alien filmed in Aussie country side causes Blackout ? 15th April 2011

Im not sure what to make of this to be honest. This boy in Australia who lives in the country area seems to have filmed numerous strange lights in his backyard over the last year. Those most recent sighting clearly shows some type of being. The question here is this some great CGi graphic editing for some prank or possibly something more? Be good to hear from anyone who works with video editing if they could give some feedback.Comments thoughts and feedback on this one appreciated.
Note best to Watch in full screen HD for a better view.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A further look at FBI's The Vault new files and the Hoover documents

Im getting alot of emails from people who have gone over the FBI's recent files release on Ufos.
There is some really interesting stuff in the Vault and if you have time check the files out yourself.
It seems that former FBI chielf J Edgar hoover, had involvement in the governments Ufo investigations, particularly during his time as head of the FBI in the 1950's.

There are numerous documents referencing his name as FBI director on requests for information on Ufos. The recent Roswell memo has spurred much debate and indicated that Hoover was well aware that a Ufo did infact crash there. Of interest there are also documents on Ufo cases from the  National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) and  Office of Special Investigations showing the Ufo topic was taken seriously by the US government since the 1940's.  Read more
If you have gone over the files please reply to this post or email me any areas of interest.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New FBi files reveals 8000 cows mutilated and abducted

Thanks to the Obama administration and efforts from people like Mr Podesta we have finally got all this important information coming out from the FBI. There is alot of content in these new FBI files and with a time delayed release we are finally looking at the US catching up with the global disclosure movement.

The most recent files release confirms the US government is seriously concerned about cattle mutilation and who or what is responsible for them.

You can read through the cattle mutilation files here yourself if you wish.

More than 8,000 cattle were snatched by mystery aircraft, mutilated, then dropped from the skies above the US south west in the late 1970s, special agents told their directors.
Terrified farmers in New Mexico, Nebraska and Colorado feared they would be ripped apart by extraterrestrials in flying saucers.

Details of the probe are spelled out in internal memos released by the FBI online.
The cattle killers took sick TROPHIES including tongues, lower lips, sex organs, eyes and ears. In some cases the doomed animal was drained entirely of its BLOOD.

One investigator set out his theory: "These animals are picked up by aircraft, mutilated elsewhere and returned and dropped from aircraft.
"Identical mutilations have been taking place all over the south west. Whoever is responsible is well organised with boundless technology, financing and secrecy."

Files from the New FBi Vault

In January 1979, then US Attorney General Griffin Bell wrote to spooked senator Harrison Schmitt, saying: "The materials sent to me indicate one of the strangest phenomenon in my memory."
Mr Schmitt represented New Mexico - where, from 1976 to 1978 there were numerous mysterious incidents at a ranch in Dulce.

One chilling police report detailed a feared alien sacrifice there: "This 11-month-old bull was dropped by some type of aircraft north of Mr Manuel Gomez's ranch house. The sex organs had been removed with a sharp and precise instrument. The bone had also been removed.

"The bull sustained visible bruises around the brisket seeming to indicate that a strap was used to lift and lower the animal from the aircraft... flesh underneath the hide was pinkish in colour.

"A probable explanation for the pinkish blood is a control type of radiation used to kill the animal... both the liver and the heart were mushy. Both organs had the texture and consistency of peanut butter."

The bull had been seen alive the previous day but during the night a low-flying craft had been heard near where the remains were found. FBI agents were sent to remote farms across rural America to probe the killings.

A police report of another incident at the Dulce farm, dated June 13, 1976, told how an odd craft visited another animal mutilation.

"A suspected aircraft of some type had landed twice, leaving three pod-marks in a triangular shape. The diameter of each pod was 14inches."
(if you remember the rendlesham case in the UK airforce base you will recall they also recorded the exact same imprints)

An FBI document dated January, 1979, said: "The Department of Justice advised that their criminal division has been aware of the phenomenon of animals being mutilated in a manner that would indicate such acts were performed by persons as part of a ritual or ceremony."

Kenneth Rommel, who led the FBI's Animal Mutilation Project probe, wrote a bombshell memo on March 5, 1980, on one alien swoop.

It stated: "In July 1978 a UFO was reportedly sighted by a resident of Taos, New Mexico, hovering over a pick-up truck. The following morning powder flakes were reportedly recovered from the truck roof."

Locals told the FBI the flakes came from COW HIDES, he added.

Possible theories for the mutilations examined by the FBI included claims the CIA or US Department of Energy had carried out biological warfare tests on the cows, that religious cults were to blame or that "they have some connection with unidentified objects".

Ex-MoD UFO expert Nick Pope said: "These documents show how seriously the authorities took the matter and that they were prepared to debate theories about extraterrestrial involvement.

"The papers also show there is confusion about which part of the government should take the lead. I had similar problems while on the MoD's UFO project.

Continued reading - The sun Article source

FBI is no stranger to Cattle mutilation:

Captured in Rockingham, Western Australia 13th April 2011

Posters comments:
Captured in Rockingham, Western Australia
Strange Red Orb. It had no strobe and it was silent and changed Directions pretty easily and just hovered for a good couple of minuets.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FBi Files reveal Ufo encounter over Utah

Further new files released on the FBI Vault page look at the interesting case of a Ufo encounter over Utah back in 1949. Its a very promising step that the FBI and US government are finally making headway into the ufo disclosure progress with this initiative. If you have time i suggest you go through the Vault and if you find any interesting cases as they arise or are added  please let realUfo's know. Its likely the FBi will be releasing new ufo files over time (as long as Obama is in administration) so we will keep you posted. The media should really be taking more attention to this as well.:

On April 4, 1949, FBI agents in Utah sent a cable marked “urgent” to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. It said an Army guard at the Ogden Supply Depot, a Logan policeman and a Utah Highway Patrol officer in Mantua each saw from miles apart a UFO — which they said exploded over Utah.

Under the title “Flying Discs,” the cable said they “saw a silver colored object high up approaching the mountains at Sardine Canyon” that “appeared to explode in a rash of fire. Several residents at Trenton … [reported] seeing what appeared to be two aerial explosions followed by falling object.”

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Roswell alien Plant discovered ?

One from the weird fact files.
David Salman said he was on a seed hunting trip near Roswell when he noticed a faint glow coming from what appeared to be a meteor crater.
He said it turned out the light was coming from a small patch of carnivorous cacti.
Salman said he found a cactus that eats bugs, glows and probably came to earth on a meteor.
He says he scooped up some samples to see if someone could identify them, so far no one has been able to.

Triangle Ufo over Salerno ITALY?

9th April in Salerno in south Italy these 3 triangle light formations were spotted very low - what are your thoughts on this recent sighting?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bright day light ufo orbs over las vegas

What were these bright lights over las vegas seen during the day?

ufo.las vegas.2010 by androbate

Traingle Ufo formation USA 4.6.2011

Waiting on further information on this Ufo video. Not sure if the colours are inverted or if filmed during the day as well - a clear triangle formation is seen. is it a cloaked triangular craft?.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moscow - plane divebombs to inspect Ufo ?

This one just emailed to me - at 3.12 into the video it looks like a jet drives to divebomb into the Ufo, very strange. Any ideas or further information on this video?

Ufo lights over Arizona April 8 2011

Lights in a triangle formation April 8 2011 low to the ground over Arizona.