Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Meteor over Iowa, Illinois, Missouri

Wednesday night around 21:30, over the midwest United States, specifically over Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Indiana, a huge fireball was sighted in the sky.
The observation in the different States lasts just fifteen minutes telling CNN:
"The fireball was moving from west to east. Before disappearing on the horizon, it separated into small pieces pusieurs."

Friday, April 16, 2010

Meteor flys over Midwestern sky and crashes in Iowa - did you see it ?

RealUfos would like to hear from anyone who saw the meteor recently over Iowa and the midwest:

A large meteor streaked across the Midwestern sky momentarily turning night into day, rattling houses and causing trees and the ground to shake, authorities said Thursday. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Witnesses say the meteor lit up the sky Wednesday about 10:10 p.m. National Weather Service offices across the Midwest say it was visible from southwestern Wisconsin and northern Iowa to central Missouri.

People from Wisconsin and Minnesota to Iowa and Illinois reported seeing a big, bright object flying through the night sky.

Radar information suggests the meteor landed in the southwest corner of Wisconsin, either Grant or Lafayette counties, said Ashley Sears, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service's Milwaukee office. Officials in both counties said no one has reported seeing a meteor or crater.

Read more source

Iceland - volcanoe erupts and grounds most european flights

All flights in Norway and northern Sweden, as well as all London flights, were cancelled because of the risks posed by volcanic ash from the Icelandic volcanoe, which can also damage aircraft engines. It is the first time ever in a very long time that all airtraffic was suspended in the UK. There is a lot of earthquake and volcanic activity happening worldwide recently...

"Ash has already begun to fall in Fljotshlid and people in the surrounding area have reported seeing bright lights emanating from the glacier," RUV public radio said on its website. 

It's the first time within living memory that a natural disaster has caused such an air traffic halt in the U. K. Even after 9/11, Britain did not close its air space.” - Spokeswoman, U.K. National Air Traffic Service

“The extent is greater than we've ever seen before in the EU. The volcanic ash is progressing very slowly eastwards, but there is not a lot of wind, so it is very slow and very dense.” - Brian Flynn, Deputy Head of Operations, Eurocontrol 
BBC Article

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Huge earthquake rocks western China

Haiti, Chile , California and now China is rocked by a devastating 6.9 earthquake.
Is it just a co-incidence that so many huge earthquakes are happening so close together worldwide or not? - please comment

The quakes, measuring 6.9 magnitude at their peak, began just after 8am, when children in the sparsely populated region were preparing to go to school, and were followed by a series of six aftershocks that destroyed 85 per cent of houses in the town nearest the epicentre.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UFO bright lights filmed in March 16th 2010 over Sortavala

Very strange lights filmed in the Russian Federation, Republic of Karelia March 16th 2010 over Sortavala. AT first i thought lanterns ... but the round formation threw me a bit - what do you think?

New Web bot predictions 2011 to 2012 - the latest updates

Ok .. so i'd thought i'd give you all an update on the popular web bot predictions looking into 2011 and 2012. I purchased the most recent updates from which look into the 2011 period and they are not a very positive read at all!.

If you have never heard about the web bots they are a predictive linguistic forecasting technology using the internet to predict future events (using similar principles to stock trend forecasting).

I'm still going through the 60 pages of the summary from the reports right now so this post is a work in progress......

If you come back to this post again i will soon outline a general point by point summary of the predictions for 2011 shortly.

New Interviews with the web bot creator Cliff High about the latest alta reports:
1st April Cliff high on Coast 2 Coast AM

remaining parts

and Cliff on 7th April 2010

remaining parts

Nick Pope talks about the UFO Fighter Jet chase west Midlands in the UK

Nick pope talks about the Ufo filmed in the west Midlands in the UK and why the MoD didn't declare it as a fake first up:

Major Ufo events coming Up for 2010 and X-Conference

A quick reminder to everyone interested in Ufos and living in the USA these major Ufo related events are coming up. All 3 events are open to the public and are an excellent opportunity to learn more about Ufos in general. There are numerous well known speakers attending these events - please click on speakers link to read more.

 May 7 - 9, 2010: 
X-Conference, National Press Club, Washington, D. C. 

June 25 - 27, 2010:
 Dreamland Festival III, Nashvile, TN. 
  Registration and speakers.

July 23 - 25, 2010:  
41st Annual MUFON International 
UFO Symposium, Denver, Colorado.   
Register here. Speakers.

X-Conference 2010 discussion by George Noory:

Ufo News alert - Sheep abduction alley in the UK is active

There are so many local papers in the Uk in the below regions writing about sheep abductions and ufos this week that i can't keep up. Im getting many emails from people living in the below regions right now. Many locals have been woken up to see lights flying low around their fields and even lasers being emitted from these crafts and many mutilated sheep nearby.

RealUfos would like to hear from people who live in the below regions to please comment and explain if you have seen Ufos and mutilated sheep - please also keep an eye out if you live in these regions and have your video and camera ready to record anything you see.

BIZARRE animal deaths in Powys are being blamed on visitors from outer space, UFO experts have claimed.

Furious farmers from Montgomeryshire and Radnorshire have recently been waking up to find their animals dead after seemingly being “experimented on”.

Over the past 12 years there have been many reports of animal deaths in Powys, and in 2001 UFO hunters established the Animal Pathology Field Unit, a non-profit making organisation committed to carrying out research into the animal mutilation mystery.
Source Uk Country times - continue reading

Videos of locals in the above regions filming Ufos near sheep paddocks:
Video from Country times:
Video from north wales dailypost in the UK:
Radnor Forest

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sheep mutilations continue - a major issue now in the UK

Following on from the UK Telegraphs and sun's interesting articles last week on the subject last week, more is coming out on the scale of sheep mutilations in the UK. Note: RealUfos would like to hear from anyone living in the UK near areas of the below map who may have seen Ufos of mutilated sheep.
I was shocked after i recently saw the photos of the sheep mutilations from Linda Moulton Howe's latest article on

“A retired police officer saw a fleet of six red-orange spheres on New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2009) that were approximately 30 to 50 feet in diameter” in the Radnor Forest area of sheep mutilations.”
– Phil Hoyle, U. K. Animal Pathology Field Unit

“How do you catch a sheep at that time of the night (April 5, 2010) in the dark and butcher them like this? It's got to be somebody who knew what they were doing.” - Kay Thompson, Hamsterley, Durham, U. K.

April 13, 2010 Radnor Forest, Shropshire, U. K. - In January and February 2010, the British Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU) led by Phil Hoyle and Mike Freebury investigated three, bloodless sheep mutilations in the Radnor Forest area of Wales . A year ago in March 2009, the men also investigated the bloodless mutilation of four ewes on the same farm.

Now in the first week of April 2010, a dozen young sheep were discovered cut up bizarrely on the Low Weatherhill Farm in Hamsterley, Durham, in northern England. The owner, Kay Thompson, said the animals had been skinned, gutted and decapitated. “How do you catch a sheep at that time of the night, in the dark, and butcher them like this? It's got to be somebody who knew what they were doing.” These strange April sheep deaths resonate with the question: who or what is killing and mutilating animals in the United Kingdom now and in the past?

Continue reading this article and see the images at

Sheep abduction alley - where the majority of mutilations of sheep occur in the UK:

Richard D. Hall interviews Mike Freebury of the Animal Pathology Field Unit. Mike has been investigating strange animal deaths in the Dartmoor region. One particular area of Dartmoor has suffered a large quantity of unexplained sheep deaths. Mike also explains interferance he has encountered from the authorities, who accessed his mobile phone records.

pt 2

pt 3
Interesting Extract From the telegraph last week:
Unexplained sheep attacks 'caused by aliens in UFOs', farmers claim A series of bizarre incidents involving sheep in Shropshire have led to farmers’ claims that aliens are attacking their livestock.
Farmers near Shrewsbury claim to have witnessed sheep being “lasered” by unidentified light from UFOs.

They have linked the unexplained incidents, where sheep’s brains and eyes were removed, to the mysterious orange lights in the sky.

They have found sheep with “neat holes” while their brains and other internal organs were removed. Other animals have lost eyes or had their flesh “carefully stripped away”, usually on the left side.
Phil Hoyle, 53, who has spent almost a decade investigating how the livestock have died, said the UFOs were found to have roamed a 50-mile "corridor" between Shrewsbury and Powys.
Mr Hoyle and 15 members of the Animal Pathology Field Unit, claimed they witnessed UFOs at work last month while working during the night at a Welsh hill farm near Radnor Forest.

“The technology involved in these attacks is frightening,” he told The Sun.
“These lights and spheres are clearly not ours.
“They are built by technology and intelligence that's not from here.”
He added: “For a short while it looked more like a Star Wars battle.”
Source read more
Ufologist explains his sheep mutilation encounters:

Original of the Ufo West Midlands UK - still a fake to me

The original higher quality version of the Ufo in West Midlands UK came out today - it still looks like a good fake to me but i decided to post it as this video made the rounds in the media.
Comments and criticisms appreciated

Ufo above Napels Italy April 4 2010 ?

Real Ufos would like to hear from anyone in Naples who can verify this new sighting:

A bright, swirling, white UFO described by witnesses as looking like a 'magical, crazy spinning top' was seen by at least four witness on April 4 in the village of Alvignanello in the southern Italian region of campagnia.
One of the witnesses managed to take a photo on his cellphone of the object. Local ufologist Mr Ennio Piccaluda noted that 'with at least four local witnesses, all farmers and not the sort of people that would make this type of event up the sighting was probably real'.
Mr Piccaluda noted that a UFO crop circle was also recently discovered in the vicinity of this village.

UFO Seen Over The City Of Liupanshui In China

News chinese Ufo report makes the news over there.

In February of last year a remarkable UFO event took place in the city of Liupanshui in Ghuizou Province in China. Around a dozen firemen noticed a dazzling UFO hovering above their heads. One of the witnesses managed to take a photo of the UFO. The story made news worldwide.

Now the Chinese army as well as local scientists have admitted that they also observed this UFO on that occasion and on a number of other occasions. Footage of the event has finally been released showing the remarkable craft of possible alien origin

The object as been analysed and no earthly explanation has been agreed on.

Chinese scientists working at astronomical stations generally concede that aliens are visiting earth. China is seen as having a much more open and honest attitude to Extraterrestrial visitation to Earth and UFOs.

Creatures found on earth that can live without oxygen

Taking into context the Et topic with this article, many scientists argue that life on other planets could only exist with an oxygen based atmosphere. Well now this assumption has been blown apart with this new discovery opening up the possibility for beings to exists on planets with little or no breathable atmosphere:

Scientists have found the first animals that can survive and reproduce entirely without oxygen, deep on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea. The team, led by Roberto Danovaro from Marche Polytechnic University in Ancona, Italy, found three new species from the Loricifera group.
He told BBC World Service they were about a millimetre in size and looked like jellyfish in a protective shell."We plan to go back and see if there are new surprises for us," he added.

"It is a real mystery how these creatures are able to live without oxygen because until now we thought only bacteria could do this" Professor Roberto Danovaro

Continue reading

Monday, April 12, 2010

Huge V-Shaped UFO Emitted Beam to monitor cargo inside C-5 plane - USAF Airman

Listening to Coast to Coast AM this week a very interesting report came in directly from a US airforce pilot who recounts experience with a huge beam emitted from a Ufo directly over his USAF c-5 plane  while it was still on a US Airforce base .  The UFO was particularly interested in the cargo of the aircraft and monitored it with this 'beam' for some time. He details his experience from 1969 in the below Radio interview with  Linda Moulton Howe which i highly recommend listening to.

Although we don't know what the cargo was in this case, it is well known that many direct Ufo cases  occur on military bases specifically with the intention to disable and monitor nuclear weapons ( i have posted about this link numerous times).

The big V-shaped craft was in its silent hover position and it turned on a beam of light ... and directed it like a laser beam onto the C-5, like it was aiming the beam right towards the cargo bay area.” - “Steve,” former USAF Airman, Southern California

Witness diagram of event:
Image from

Read more about this interesting report from

The Hidden truth water and life on Mars

A must read for 2010 and one of my long awaited (and delayed) books - 'the Hidden truth water and life on Mars' will be available for online ordering soon via this website. I suggest you check the site towards the end of the month to check to see when ordering is available. The book will likely make for an interesting read on the puzzling topic of the coverup of life and water on Mars:

The balls of light that create genuine crop circles

Many in Wiltshire and avebury will tell you they have infact seen the balls of light - or the bright objects that often appear before and create the genuine crop circles. Its so long known infact that previous generations named a hill near by in Avebury after the  famous lights - " Golden Ball Hill".
Here is some stunning video evidence of the golden balls / orbs seen over crop field in the UK:
RealUfos would also like to hear from people who have seen and may have filmed these light balls previously, if so  please respond to this post.  Also we would particularly like to hear from people who have experienced the unearthly "clicking sounds" heard in some of these crop formations:

If you wish to read up more about this see Colin Andrews post on this.