Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mysterious Angel Caught On Hospital Camera

Hey guys,
here's some good news over this festive season...
This clip is about a women and her daughter that was in hospital and was on last hours of life until something showed up and changed things. Below video has a photo of what was seen taken by hospital camera.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nick Pope Talks about ufos at Mufon LA

Nick Pope, the former Ministry of Defense officer for the United Kingdom, was officially responsible for researching and investigating UFO's, crop circles, and other strange phenomena. Now hes come to L.A. to reveal UFO evidence! Between 1991 and 1994 he was posted at a division called Secretariat. While there, Pope claims Strong evidence emerged suggesting the presence of structured craft capable of speeds and maneuvers beyond the capability of even the most advanced prototype craft operated by the Royal Air Force or the United States Air Force.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Huge Ufo Sighting by Lieutenant Graham Bethune

Retired Lieutenant Graham Bethune talks about his Ufo sightings while he was apilot:

The Day Ufos flew over the WhiteHouse in Washington DC 1952

Guys i have posted many times about the most important case when ufos flew over washington in 1952. Many people say that if ufos are true then why don't they fly up to the Whitehouse and land there - well in 1952 it almost happened! This video gives a montage of various documentaries about the event:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Real or Not - Intercepted NASA Transmission during STS 115

Any comments on this guys - would like to know if you think this is genuine or not ?The object seen by the STS 115 ATLANTIS SHUTTLE CREW may have been this DISK OBJECT videotaped in Space near the ATLANTIS SHUTTLE. It is moving away and it looks like its within the 100 feet range or a little further.

Ufo filmed over Hunan China 2007

The famous 2007 Hunan China Ufo, for those who may has missed it:

UFO seen during Daylight

As the title says guys... could it be a weather ballon?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Linda Moulton Howe - secret government documents reveal the real story behind Roswell

This is a great interview guys and outlines the whole unknown story behind Roswell - In the mid-1990s, filmmaker and researcher Linda Moulton Howe was approached by former New Mexico State Representative Andrew Kissner. He shared with her his official and off-the-record research concerning the 1947 Roswell incident and other alleged UFO crash retrievals in New Mexico:

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Rep. Kissner had assembled many old newspaper articles and leaked government information from unofficial military and intelligence testimonies. He asserted there was an American government policy to shoot down unidentified discs in the late 1940s to early 1950s until retaliation by the discs, which included the deaths of many pilots, forced a cancellation of our aggression.

According to Howe, Rep. Kissner contends that the Truman Administration ordered a policy of denial in the interest of national security about all UFO crash retrievals, a policy that remains in force to this day. Howe will present information about the possible nature of the disc retaliation and other disturbing phenomena linked to the non-human intelligence controlling the discs.

Alien Abductions?

Always a contraversial subject - alien abductions - whats your thoughts on this topic guys?

Merry Christmas and Happy new Ufo Year from RealUfos

Hey Guys,
Just a personal message from Matt here ...
Would like to wish you all an amazing Christmas and a Happy new year as we approach 2009!. Thanks to all the loyal followers of the blog - your comments and suggestions have are all appreciated!. 2008 was a huge year for ufo sighthings, so keep coming back cause i feel 2009 is only going to be bigger.
As always i will keep you updated on only the best real ufo sightings through this holiday season - keep your cameras rolling and as always keep your eyes to the skies!
P.S our forum is Now back online. Happy holidays guys!
To end with here is a christmas Ufo message that i think is relevant to the blog:

UFO fossils discovered in China ?

On May 27, 2007, several dozen "UFO" shaped gangues were found in Shangrao County, Jiangxi Province. Experts indicate that the UFO gangues were formed about 300 million years ago:

Air force UFO Sightings

Ufo sightings by the air force add to the credibility of the phenonmenon:

Pilot captures Ufo on film