Saturday, January 09, 2010

UFO Disclosure closer in 2010 ?

As Ufo sightings increase and more countries worldwide come forward with their Ufo files, could there be any chance 2010 will be the year for Ufo Disclosure In the USA ? Will president Obama stick to his words to ensure transparency and disclosure permeates his government?
Your comments appreciated..

Thursday, January 07, 2010

What a Ufo Year 2009 was!

As we progress into 2010 its always good to reflect on the passing year we have had in ufology.
Sightings are increasing every year for sure - is this cause more people have access to video cameras & cell phones then ever before? - please discuss.
Towards the end of 2009 alot of strange Ufo stuff happened...
like was that weird object in Russia .. did they work that out?
Lets recap....

'Wiked-pedia' - editors re-write history at Wikipedia

Wikipedia (aka 'Wiked- pedia') is becoming more biased and less balanced as the years go on.
Less people are relying on the online encyclopaedia because of controversial editing and manipulation of data to portray history in the eyes that its editors want us to see rather what it really is.

Over the years Governments and corporations have been caught in the act via Ip tracing editing out articles about themselves and this is just disgraceful. How are people meant to make informed research when a large port portion of information has been conveniently edited and removed ? ... well they can't and thats why Wikipedia must be avoided at all costs - its rigged! Don't let your kids use it for research projects and don't rely on it for you own research.

You know the control of information is a powerful tool - We have become too complacent with researching on the web and the manipulation of information at wikipedia is the result!

Love this - See what i mean!:

When it comes to the Ufo topic and Free Energy (and basically anything that is outside the square of normal thinking) on Wikipedia it is ruthlessesly edited to make sure these topics are quickly discredited....

And now ...Colin Andrews speaks out over this after his name was removed from the Crop Circle File on wikipedia recently  - I mean he invented the damn term in the late 80's!

"I invented the term 'Crop Circle' during the 1980s and hence was responsible for the term eventually entering the Oxford Dictionary in 1990. This used to be referenced on the 'crop circle' page at Wikipedia until one day last year (2009) it suddenly disappeared along with other important historical facts" I attempted to correct these and was told if I continued I would be banned. Colin Andrews - Crop Circles"
Continue reading

Fox hits out at Wikipedia:

Landing Site, UFO, Kansas

The Delphos, Kansas landing investigation and trace element data. Landing Site, UFO, Kansas Video

Triangle Ufo seen 1st Jan 2010 near Yorkshire Wakefield UK

new triange footage! - The First video filmed 1st Jan 2010 near Yorkshire Wakefield UK Jan 2010 - I would like to know more about these new sightings -  please advise if you have further info or witnesses these new triangle Ufo sightings in the UK

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


A 2009 UFO sighting in DELHI AIRPORT MARCH 7, 2007 leaves officials wondering what both UFOs could have been. Actual footage is shown. You watch and you decide.

Mars anomaly Research book out soon!

I am enjoying the hard work from Mars anomaly Research site . Looking forward to their new book - its almost out.

Best Evidence UFOs are ETs

This is from the Paul Kimbell "Best Evidence: Ten Top UFO Sightings.

Jamie talks about Ufos filmed by astronomers in space

For our spanish friends... very interesting report here if you can understand spanish!
May ask for a translation if anyone can provide any!
II-289 capsule -  Fernando Correa presents research concerning intelligent astronomical objects (Ufos) captured in space.

Free ebook from joining Colin Andrews Newsletter!!

I just joined the colin andrews newsletter and i was amazed at the free ebook i got from signing up..!

Colin Andrews father of the modern day crop circle has a great site and now a amazing newsletter to keep users updated with the site.

There is a really amazing free bonus you get once you sign up for his newsletter and it was only after i got this that i am recommending you all to sign up to his free mailing list - its worth it!.

Click here

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bright orb January 2, 2010

What do you think people? This is a compilation of several UFOs spotted in night vision on January 2, 2010

UFOs seen over Manchester / Bolton New years eve 2009 31/12/09

posters comments:
UFOs as seen by the family over our house in Bolton. They flew past over the house at a great rate. Some say they are Chinese lanterns, some say UFOs - Well we watched these for half an hour dancing across the sky at various rates.
This version of the video is full screen so you can see more of the lights and with me (Lee) and my brother going a bit mad about what we were watching.

The Ufos of 2009 in review

I love the C2C Ufo year recap!
George Knapp reviewed some of the top UFO stories of 2009 with Alejandro Rojas & Antonio Huneeus of Open Minds TV in the first two hours, and Mark Easter and Chuck Reever, affiliated with MUFON, in the second half of the show.
Rojas talked about some remarkable recent sightings in Argentina, in which a cigar-shaped object was seen by multiple witnesses hovering over several small towns, near turbines and power stations, and was associated with blackouts. At one location, five power poles were burned down on the top in the same pattern, something that would not be seen in the case of a lightning strike, Huneeus detailed. Further material on the Argentina incidents can be found in Huneeus' report.




remaining parts

Unexplained Electrical blackouts linked to Ufos

Our power companies would not like us to know this but a common cause of unexplained blackouts are often Ufo interactions! Numerous posts over the years have lead me to the conclusion that some electrical blackouts are caused by Ufos. Often the interactions cause damage for some reason to our equipment (could the Ufos be trying to power them selves up from our power grids?) (remember the damaged wind mill story?) .If you have any similar stories on this please comment. This very interesting report from Argentina links the blackout there to a recent Ufo sighting:
So Think twice people next time your power company says UFO over Argentina moments before blackout Video

Crop Circles -

I agree with this poster - the media wants us to believe all crop circles are hoaxes but some just aren't!. Crop circles are one of the things no one can really explain, the government say there hoaxes but that explanation cannot be used for some of the crop circles out there.

Interesting Ufo sightings 01/01/10

3 sightings - UK SAN DIEGO colombia 

Monday, January 04, 2010

Whiltshire, UK and crop circles

Strange lights or ufo`s over a field in Whiltshire, UK Jan 2010
I would like to remind everyone that Chinese laterns and New Year go together ... but could these impressive orbs be lanterns? Comments appreciated.

Ufo orb New Jersey 12/28/09

What was this orb over New Jersey filmed 12/28/09

This was the same night, minutes before , we filmed the fleet of ufos, we saw a new orange orb/plasma and to the right is the blue orb that has been there for a week or so. Filmed at the quarry.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Chile Reactivates UFO Committee for 2010

Just showing you how seriously Chile takes Ufos at the moment:

December 30, 2009 - Santiago, Chile -- The State Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) has reactivated the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, which analyzes unidentified flying objects (UFOs) from a scientific perspective. The Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena was created in 1997 but in recent years has kept a low profile due to a shortage of funds. The committee now has an annual budget of $100,000.

The secretary general of the DGAC, Pablo Ortega, told reporters today that "there is more information, technology and international collaboration to study these anomalous phenomena" that affect flight operation and flight safety. He acknowledged that "there are photographs and reports from pilots who talk of situations that are worthy of being studied" by the committee, where they will work with two experts in air traffic. The committee will be headed by retired officer of the Air Force of Chile, Ricardo Bermudez. Ricardo Bermudez became interested in the phenomenon several years ago and has addressed it from a scientific standpoint.

Pictured are Ricardo Bermudez, head of the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, José Huepe, the Director of Aeronautics, and Raúl Vergara, Deputy Minister of Aviation, during the ribbon cutting.

Your Ufo video submissions for 2010

Here come the first lot our reader submitted Ufo reports for 2010 from Canada.. may this year but Huge for Ufology!
Toronto Canada JAN 2 2010

Chilliwack, BC, Canada 2010

Dr. David Jacobs on The Veritas Show - The Alien Hybrid Agenda

Dr. David Jacobs discussed the alien hybridization program and the possibilities of alien species taking control of planet Earth. For decades, abduction research has looked into the possibility of a hybridization program in which a race is being modified until perfection is achieved. Could it be that this program is intended for the colonization of planet Earth? Could the aliens be preparing to turn on "the switch" that will allow these hybrids who walk among us to rule the planet. Find out by listening to this revealing interview with Dr. David Jacobs
Very interesting talk about The Alien Hybrid Agenda

Some more lights seen in Moscow of Christmas

Any idea what these lights seen over Moscow recent are?

Week of Ufos reported just before Roswell in 1947

Some one sent me this Interesting find on ATS.
Did you know what just days before Roswell Incident Ufos were reported nation wide ?
(July 7th 1947) 
Check out these archived news articles:

Alien Scientist Talks

On of my favs on youtube - this guys knows his stuff!
Alien Scientists talks about how he got started his research and the problem with acceptance of new ideas in physics. (Especially ones that are connected with political agendas or strategically classified technologies)
The show aired live on Saturday January 2nd, 2010 at 10am PST 1pm EST Visit Achieve Radio's website to listen to the entire interview.

Object photo taken over Stigler Oklahoma

Posters comments:
Noticed 3 silvery spherical objects just south of Stigler Oklahoma (I was traveling north towards Stigler about 4 miles out). Pulled over to side of road and noticed seven similar objects on the east side of street and one large object that appeared to be cloud like. Absolutely no clouds in sky at that time, the large object was moving slowly while the other seven stayed in the same formation with only slight movements. The cloud-like object pivoted back and forth and rotated to the left and right but the shape never changed. We watched the large object move to the south for about 10 minutes and I took three pictures with my camera phone.