Tuesday, January 05, 2010

UFOs seen over Manchester / Bolton New years eve 2009 31/12/09

posters comments:
UFOs as seen by the family over our house in Bolton. They flew past over the house at a great rate. Some say they are Chinese lanterns, some say UFOs - Well we watched these for half an hour dancing across the sky at various rates.
This version of the video is full screen so you can see more of the lights and with me (Lee) and my brother going a bit mad about what we were watching.
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Anonymous said...

sorry not a really good shot to see anything, please a reminder to people, if you want us people who know what they are looking at, prop the camera on something, to get a steady shot, don't be scared or nervous when shooting, they will not hurt you, at a couple of close ups, it looked like a lantern, but not completely sure because camera was not still. peace out

Anonymous said...

Chinese lantern, definitely in the latter part of the video. Just pausing it and you can see the typical signs of one, glowing at the bottom, almost cylindicral looking with a darker edge near the top. Good video though.

J.B. Brown said...

On New Years Eve my wife and I witnessed numerous orange discs coming from South turning slowly round on a controlled radius of turn and heading West. Total silence.Height and size not evident. Event lasted 5-7mins.Other passer by also witnessed event. I am Ex U.S. 8th Air Force and also UK Private Pilot. I checked with UK Met Office and wind speed that night was contary to movement of objects. Astounded but cannot comment further other than to say,` keep your eyes to the skys guys`

Smoke Assist said...

I like pictures of UFO's. They've always intrigued me! Keep up the good work.

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