Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ufos Over over philadelphia October 4 2008 Obama concert

Daylight Ufos caught over philadelphia October 4
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Anonymous said...

Spooky, mabey they are fans. When will the freaking government come clean and stop lying.

Anonymous said...

I doubt they are FANS.
Earth politics is a big concerne next to the planets health.

They follow the pope everytime he comes to south america because
the religions are the enemy as well.

They know whats happening...they know that we are being tricked into thinking we have the right to vote...dont buy any of it people.

when it comes to democrates and republicans, no matter how you slice it,will always be the same crap sandwitch.

Anonymous said...

if you go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFnCc20E87g you will find juno is the hoaxer! It is a real video of the same time the ufos supposidly appears and no ones looks up or shocked! In this video I believe THEE ONLY guy dressed in long sleeve blue and red shirt looking up is the hoaxer. The fact that juno did not say hey look at this or anyone else freaked out shows its a hoax, even people around that heard the ufo talk would have looked up and recorded with cell phones. Why he be the only one? And a dramatic chipmunk as a favorite shows the humor involed in their hoax! It's all a complete hoax! We need to debunk all these dang hoaxers and get to the bottom on ufology! Peace out.

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