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Orange triangle UFO over Pennsylvania, July 10

Very shaking footage...
A glowing orange triangle UFO was seen and videotaped over Duncansville, Pennsylvania, July 10, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.
The witness reports the object was low flying and coming from the nearby Hollidaysburg area:

orange triangle UFO Pennsylvania, July 10

Orbs and spheres communicate with peruvian people

Peru - always a major ufo hotspot.
Now the orbs there are communicate with the people there via intelligent movements.

Zoom in of jaime maussan's NASA STA footage

Mr maussan has found some interesting NASA STS footage:

What were these two bright objects seen over Romania?

No info on this one, does anyone have any idea what these two bright objects seen over Romania are?

Friday, July 10, 2009

UFO Sighting Boca Raton, Florida news video

BOCA RATON, FL--Residents in a Boca Raton neighborhood say they looked up Monday night around 9 pm and saw a mysterious green light.Ryan Helfrich says, "this thing was going crazy zig zagging, like shot across the sky. That was unbelievable! Like nothing I've ever seen before."
They claim it drew images in the sky for two and a half hours read more - Article Source

Lunar and NASA secrets - richard c hoagland & new moon anomalies:

George noory interview richard c hoagland on coast to coast am / 7th july 09 about Lunar and NASA moon secrets:

And and some more new moon anomalies::

U.F.O & fleet of the orbs in Argentina. Jun-22-2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tierra del Fuego Chile - Ufo hotspot & base ? ovni

The coast of South America is always busy with ufo activity .. from Chile to Argentina to Brazil , why are ufos fascinated with that continent?

Now the region of Tierra del Fuego looks like a major ufo hotspot with a 'Ufo base' according to some recent reports. I looked into this further and actually found a plethora of reports from that area (- if you search for the term in google ' ovni ' which means ufo in spanish & the area you get many reports..)... so it does look like some major ufo activity is happening in that region - as seen below:

Rumours have long circulated amongst the current Chilean and Argentinean populations of a deep hole in the area that reaches to the centre of the earth.

This publication has received information from government sources suggesting that indeed a secret UFO base has been discovered by researchers on Tierra del Fuego’s remote Hoste Island: a territory of Chile. The UFO base is believed to exist beneath an icy plateau that lies between some of the island’s many mountain peaks. While the exact purpose of the base is not yet known, government scientists have monitored and recorded large luminous objects entering and exiting the plateau. Analysis of these objects has shown them to be consistent with other UFOs seen and picked up by radar: such as the enormous UFO seen above Alaska by Japan Airlines pilots in 1986.
At least four giant UFOs have been filmed disappearing beneath this plateau in the last decade. The UFOs were all large glowing yellow spheres. Some sceptical scientists have claimed that they might not be UFOs but rather other natural phenomenon such as ball lighting or even gaseous orbs created by weather conditions.
June 10 2009 ovni (ufo) landing in Tierra del Fuego

The strong flash seen on Sunday's dark evening in Tierra del Fuego left no doubt whatsoever to the presence of an unidentified flying object over the Darwin Range.

"The vehicle remained motionless for some 20 minute sin the sky. It was then that began observing it more intently, and the first thing we saw was the apparent "break-off" of a small, brilliant orb," said attorney Juan José Arcos.

Regional UFO researcher Eugenio Bahamonde admits that there has been an increase in the number of sightings.
Fifteen days ago, he was sent photographs of an alleged "landing", which left a circle in
the ground.
More reports from the area:

(just a reminder also ...If you live in south America please email me if you have seen ufos.)

Policeman chases 3 Tall beings near crop circle 7th July 2009, Silbury Hill

New just in from Colin Andrews site:

A very significant event has occurred within the Alert date period and also the defined location: i.e.: 7th July 2009, Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England. Crop Circle located south west of the hill off the A4 highway.

This is the same location where on the 23 May 1994, four researchers (including one nuclear scientist) visiting a crop design in this field, witnessed intense military presence moments before they each experienced 45 minutes missing time and within a short while a further period of missing time. Each had red marks appear on their necks and had severe nose bleeds hours later. A full account is held in CPR Archive.

This is also the site of a secret military stake out which
took place during the 1990 Operation Blackbird, where over these fields a large unidentified white orb was filmed by the army present.

The latest bizarre event took place yesterday morning (7th) at approximately 5.0 AM, when a Wiltshire Police Sergeant was driving in his private car towards Marlborough on the A4 highway and about to pass Silbury Hill on his left. He looked to his right and witnessed three exceptionally tall beings inspecting the new crop circle which appeared there on the 5th July. He stopped his vehicle and watched them for several minutes because they stood out as odd. Each of them were well over six feet tall, each had blond hair and also they all were wearing one piece white suites, with hoods that had been dropped onto the back of their heads.

After a few minutes watching them, he said they were appeared to be examining the crop in the circle, he shouted at them from a distance of about 400 yards but they ignored him. As soon as he entered the field, they became aware of him and ran at an amazing speed to the south, away from Silbury Hill. He said I recognised that I could never catch up with them they ran so exceptionally fast. He glanced away for just a few seconds and looked back to find that they had completely vanished. He became very uneasy and left the scene.

The police officer was very aware of hearing a static crackling sound in the field and around him. He said as the plants moved around, he could see the movement coincided with the level of sound, as if the static was effecting the plants by moving them.

He also started to experience a headache in the field, which became worse as the day went on
and he could not shake it off all day.

Project Camelot Presents: Awake & Aware in LA

Live in the US? i highly suggest you take time out to visit Project Camelot conference in Los Angeles, September 18, 19 & 20. The are doing amazing work supporting whitleblowers on the Ufo subject.

Massive new Magnetic Shift downs Airliners ?

Some one sent me the below interesting article which is thought i would share with you all. It is controversial and i can't find evidence yet to support the claims but as mentioned previously the magnetosphere has been mentioned alot as we approach 2012:

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are saying that Russian Air Force Commanders have issued warnings to all of their aircraft to exercise “extreme caution” during flights “in and around” an area defined as Latitude 17 North [North Atlantic Ocean] Latitude 3 South [South Atlantic Ocean] to Latitude 8 North [Indian Ocean] Latitude 19 South [Indian Ocean] between the Longitudes of 46 West, 33 West, 46 East and 33 East, and which covers the greater part of the African Tectonic Plate.

The reason for this unprecedented warning, these reports state, are the rapid formations of “geomagnetic storms” emanating from the boundaries of the African Tectonic Plate that due to their intensity have caused the loss of two major passenger aircraft during the past month leaving nearly 300 men, women and children dead.

The first aircraft that may have been downed by this phenomenon was Air France passenger flight 447, and which these reports say that upon encountering one of these geomagnetic storms, on June 1st, near the western boundary of the African Tectonic Plate close to Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha Islands, was “completely annihilated” causing the deaths of 216 passengers and 12 crew members as their plane plunged in pieces into the Atlantic Ocean.

The second aircraft to be downed occurred on the eastern boundary of the African Tectonic Plate today when another of these geomagnetic storms slammed from the sky a Yemeni Airways flight to the Island Nation of Comoros in the Indian Ocean of which of the 153 passengers and crew aboard, only 1 “miracle child” has been rescued, so far.

To the catastrophic events occurring within the African Tectonic Plate it has been known for over a year with the reporting of a “new ocean” forming in Ethiopia, and as we can read as reported by Nature News Service:

“Although the birth of an ocean is an extremely rare phenomenon on the largest of historical scales, the geophysics is currently experiencing such an event. Even more dazzling, this occurs in one of the Earth's most inhospitable and arid regions, the Afar Depression in Ethiopia.

UFO over Union Pier, Michigan, July 4, 2009

A UFO over Union Pier, Michigan on July 4, 2009.

Bright red UFO and small white UFO, Greer SC, July 3 2009

Ufo in Staffordshire,England 1954.

From the archives the interesting close encounter over Staffordshire,England 1954.

was this the craft?

Ufo over Six Flags Georgia september 2008

Good one From the archives

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No idea where this was.. does anyone have an idea? shows fleet of ufos in the daylight in the city

from the archives -Shin Kong Tower Taiwan on January 2004

Interesting old ufo - Shin Kong Tower Taiwan on January 2004

UFO Over Atlanta GA 6/30/09 9:55PM

UFO Over Atlanta GA Notice FLash Of Lights In the BackGround - Dual Flashes of light Unexplained

Farmer captures ET on cellphone - Mexico

Another wacky one out of mexico.. why do these things always keep happening there!

Orange ball of light ufo over Indiana July 6

Jul 06 2009 Orange ball of light ufo spotted over Indiana

Update on the Military Censorship of all new Meteor & fireball data

Below is an extract from about the new puzzling moves by the US military to make all new Meteor fireball data sensitive and classified. Previously this data was free for use by astronomers and the public but now this is not the case... Would like to know your opinions of this interesting development as well...


In a new exclusive interview with, U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Robert Rego, who is in charge of the policy guidance behind the data release, said the Air Force Space Command is "circling the wagons" to close some loopholes in the dissemination of potentially sensitive information.

U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said he's monitoring the situation and expects a solution that favors the needs of scientists

.For decades, these spacecraft have picked up incoming invaders in our air space. And over time, the scientific community has been given selected, declassified blasts of bolide (meteor) data from those satellites. It's all valuable information for space rock hounds who would go search for meteorites, and it's also useful to astronomers who aim to gauge the Near Earth Object (NEO) impact hazard posed by larger and less frequent asteroids.

But then the word from scientists was that the space rock data sharing was being short-circuited by the U.S. military. The initial story about that controversial decision has touched off talk within civilian and military circles and in Congress.

The angst of researchers was apparently sparked by a March 16 memo from Brigadier General Rego, the mobilization assistant to the Director of Air, Space and Nuclear Operations at the headquarters of the Air Force Space Command, Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado.


This looks like some footage i have seen before but apparently its new...
if anyone has further info on this sighting near GOREBRIDGE please respond to this post.

ufos real proof
UFOS INTERCEPT AIRLINER AT GOREBRIDGE MIDLOTHIAN, 21st may 2009 10.30 pm approach to edinburgh international airport over gorebridge 2 ufos filmed by jackie gillies appear to rise from the gorebridge locality to intercept a passenger airliner from above and below - forming an acrobatic crossover across the length of the port wing and around the structure of the tail section ... david morley airtraffic control has referred the matter to the MoD for comment.
Jackie Gillies filled in a phone call UFO report form with david morley airtraffic comtrol who said that it would go to MOD.
Airport denies report of UFO Date: 08 June 2009

Keep your eyes to the sky .. Ufo sightings significantly increase in 2009

Ufo experts have advised the public to keep a watchful eye on the sky as reports are meant to increase after a rash of amazing sightings recently:
(this is going to make me even busier!)

NAVY OFFICERS spot a Ufo Cluster

Interesting one from the archives...

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Actors Mimicking Astronauts ?

As you may know NASA will release later this month the high quality version of the lunar landings from the 'missing NASA tapes'- people say NASA is trying to dispell myths about the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing being a fake.. but how easy could it be to stage a fake landing on the moon - well CBS actors re-created in the studio it with some stunning similarities

A closer look at the Jaime Maussan footage

A zoom in of the previous video ...this one is causing a stirr online - Jamie says its UFO Fleet Release by Mothership - what do you think?

Mexican television Ufo

What are your thoughts on this Ufo recently aired on mexican television. I feel it may be a fake ... what do you think?

Government agencies and Ufo Investigations

Governments don't like to admit that they often investigate ufos - because they feel if the public finds out they do then it means there's something to it:

UFO 4 july 2009 Denbosch Rompertsebaan

These 2 near Amsterdam in July

similar one

posters comments
For 23.15 you suddenly we saw an orb-like something high in the air. It was orange and bright and moving speed of aviation away from us, and a little up. It was windless. The object made no noise and had no wings. It was during filming on the screen to see several items, while the big orange ball with the naked eye was.

Between 15 and 21 seconds you see the bottom of the original a couple of nice red and white buttons ejection. If you look very well you now but the quality is not purely on youtube. Therefore, you can free download the original:

BIG UFO FLYING LOW over Dundee Scotland 3rd july 2009

Dundee Scotland filmed 3rd July 2009, 02:23:06
This ufo was spotted to the west and lost him at the east of dundee

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Ufos Santiago City (chile) 2003

from the archives an impressive one:

Crop circles JULY 5 2009

I am not really for these Mayan 2012 crop circles ! - i believe some current new crop circles are man made and this dilutes the genuine ones.. what are your thoughts these?:

Jaime Maussan on the Moving Spheres

Jaime Maussan always comes out with some crazy stuff, sometimes it find his credbility questionable but sometime she does have good finds. Go too around the 4:30 mark - are we looking at a string of ballon or something really legit.

and some more Jaime stuff, this first sts 84 ufo is interesting .. not sure about the rest

The Ufo over Michigan City, - Indiana highway July 1 2009

Do you live in Michigan City and did you recently see a Ufo earlier this month ?- real ufos wants to know so please respond to this post.

A Michigan City, Indiana, couple driving along Highway 2 saw an unusual craft in the sky, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database:

July 1, 2009, going home (West) Hwy2, Michigan City, IN. Wife and husband about 8:30 p.m. (dusk) when suddenly on the outskirts of town we observed what i thought to be an ingenious 4th of July stunt.

As it became closer I realized we were seeing something truly unique.

Yes, a real UFO! The craft had a dark mass underneath and a bright orange/yellow bright light spuing out an aura of same. It continued at a steady speed approximately 70 mph at about 500 feet in height. I could not pull over so continued on as it passed directly over our vehicle. Wife put her head out of the window, looking straight up at the bottom of the craft, and saw what I have drawn, the bottom was flutted black/gray with indentations, with a round, bright light of orange/yellow in the middle and she probably got the best view of it. I then found a parking lot, pulled in, ran out and grabbed the binoculars.

The height of the craft had increased by this time to about 800 feet and I zeroed in on it. The bright, flaring light had dimmed to a ring of continuous light of the same vibrant red/orange color and distinctive black round disk-like rearend.

There was no noise. It gained in altitude to about 1500 feet and my wife said it made a slight curve (turn) but maintained speed. Just then another motorist pulled in beside us to ask- what the heck is that??!! He and his son saw it too. I watched as it disappeared out of sight, and gained more height.

There is no reasonable explanation for this sighting. It had no wings so that its slow speed would invariably send it stalling to the ground. No balloon I know of could have such a varied light show this displayed with such intensity. I am a recreational pilot, and have a good sense of height and size. The size was approximately 30 feet in diameter.
source - MUFON

Mysterious Circles Shock Locals in Russia

Mysterious Circles Shock Locals in Russia

Mysterious pictograms consisting of several circles have appeared on a wheat field in Southern Russia’s Krasnodar region. Was it someone’s joke or did aliens visit us?

Sky watchers in southern Russia are trying to explain the appearance of geometrically perfect crop circles in a field. The mystery has attracted dozens of UFO experts in search of extraterrestrial life.

From a bird’s eye view you can clearly see the perfect geometrical figures: giant circles and connecting lines drawn on a wheat field.

Who or what caused them to appear overnight remains a mystery.

The site is near the small village of Dinskaya in Russia’s southern Krasnodar region, right next to a busy highway. Nonetheless the circles usually appear at night and nobody saw the culprits.

Local reporters have already turned it into a landmark and families go to take photos.

UFO over Carlisle

This footage of a mysterious light in the sky was shot in Carlisle on Easter Sunday night.

Taken from Chertsey Grove looking back towards the city, the fireball-like object was spotted by a group of people at about 10pm. One said it moved in a straight line before suddenly changing direction. It was then spotted about five minutes later and did exactly the same before disappearing at speed. Source

Is this a UFO over Carlisle?

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2 Strange bright orbs in north east sky Qc 25/06/09

2 strange orbs filmed by this Guy in June - definitely not the moon and looks too large to be stars ? what your ideas on this people?

Also Once again thats to everyone efforts for filtering through the new ufo videos on youtube. Its really helping me post the latest and best ufo videos out there!
( If you have time to help us check this Youtube link daily for new ufo videos & submit 'hot' ones with the links for me to feature on the site)

Bright flashing ufo over Xian China - mass reports sighting July 2 2009

There seems to be a mass of ufo sightings all over china at the moment.
No doubt their state run media is trying to keep this under the wraps but some videos are making it out of the area
RealUfos would like to hear from you if you live in China and have seen the bright flashing ufo recently.RealUfos想听听你如果你住在中国,并看到了明亮的闪光飞碟最近。
Credit to allnews web for this
A bizarre Blue red UFO has been seen by millions of Chinese citizens in a number of cities across the nation over a period of a few days.
The last one was seen over Chengdu on July 2, near China's UFO anomalous zone.
Now it has come to light that the same UFO had stunned thousands of residents of the central Chinese city of Xi'an only the night before.The sighting has jammed news hot lines and created panic in the areas where it has appeared.