Friday, July 10, 2009

Lunar and NASA secrets - richard c hoagland & new moon anomalies:

George noory interview richard c hoagland on coast to coast am / 7th july 09 about Lunar and NASA moon secrets:

And and some more new moon anomalies::

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Anonymous said...

you know i like things like this but that dam stupid ass music just ruins it! you cant hear what is being said which is a waste of time to even post it!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous raises an excellent point.

I am here because of my great interest in the archived information and latest UFO related news.I want to see the videos sharp and hear the narrator’s voice clearly.

Special video effects: wipes, fades, flashing transitions, and
five minute video lead-ins with star wars effects are a
monumental waste of server space and band width.

Musical background scores are just as
bad for all the same reasons and then some.

I have watched hundreds of UFO videos and the best ones have
only the video, the narrators
voice and nothing else.

99.95% of the people producing these videos are not pro level videographers and certainly not pro level at mixing a musical sound track into the background.

So please turn off the special effects and forget the music
because it ruins the integrity of the subject.

These are short informational documentaries and clean delivery of the content is the ultimate goal. “Content is king”.

Thanks, GalaxyDrifter.

Anonymous said...

Good ol' Richard C Hoaxland. That guy can see anything in a photo. He's been spouting this very same crap for 20 years-- without a shred of evidence.

M C Walton said...

I agree with these guys...the music and the damned intro titles. Once these folks get a grasp on these silly little effects, they just wear them out! I've seen too many videos where the intro is twice as long as the actual footage. The music thing has bothered me for a long time... I wish these people would stop trying to convert me to their favorite crap piece of music!!

lenny len said...

i just shake my head in dissapointment, i suppose if you look long and hard enough you can think anything is a ufo, where are the vids that have that WOW factor, its all getting a little tedious, snore grunt snore.

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