Monday, July 06, 2009

Crop circles JULY 5 2009

I am not really for these Mayan 2012 crop circles ! - i believe some current new crop circles are man made and this dilutes the genuine ones.. what are your thoughts these?:
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Anonymous said...

why is it over there all the time we grow crops in the u.s.a.too you rarely here of circles in the feilds of kansas.

Pilottage said...

becuase illeteracy and analphabetism is not a good ground for disclosure + your government is number one in covering up facts... so you are left out in the dark...

It is logical that Great Britain the most civilised country on earth is used to channel important information to us

""you rarely here of circles in the feilds of kansas""

You rarely EAR of circles in the FIELDS of Kansas, because your ears are not ready yet to listen. The lips of wisdom are closed exept to the ears of understanding.

Anonymous said...

I think it's impossible for a man do these!! the first in particular present a perfect simmetry and it's impossible raplace it, in the night, with something! it's only my impression!

Anonymous said...

i think it's impossible for a man do these....but i can be sure....anybody can! i belive that we aren't alone in the universe ....another one....every year, appeares a crop circles near silbury hill...and ever in the 3 summer months.....(end june - end august)....only a case!?!?!? i don't think!!!!

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