Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ufos near the sun make Chinese news

Images captures from NASA's SOHO program photographing the sun often capture strange objects nearby.

Man explains what these objects are:

Ancient Aliens Season 3 - Aliens and Deadly Cults

One of the final episodes for season three:
Mass suicides. Human sacrifices. Unholy rituals. Throughout history, people have claimed to have otherworldly knowledge, and have led followers to commit horrific acts of violence. Are they con men? Are they insane? Or might the voices in their heads really be of an extraterrestrial origin? And if so, did they simply misinterpret the messages they received? Or might there be extraterrestrials with a sinister

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ufo ovni lights over Madrid 13-10-11 ?

Lights, lanterns or aircraft?.
Footage filmed over Madrid spain on 13-10-11.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tailless Ufo life stealth probe launched by US Navy - X-47B

Its Triangular, tail-less, unmanned and can hover - not its not a Ufo but the Navy's new X-47B stealth probe:

The U.S. Navy reached a new milestone for a futuristic new stealth drone when it successfully retracted its landing gear and flew in cruise configuration for the first time, engineers announced Tuesday.
Developed by Northrop Grumman, the X-47B is a tailless, strike fighter-sized unmanned aircraft designed to take off from and land on moving aircraft carriers at sea. New images released today depict a futuristic, almost UFO-like vehicle.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Triangle ufo again over St. Louis Missouri 2011-10-08

Everyone seems to be filming this triangle ufo over Missouri recently.
Here is further video of the object filmed over St. Louis Missouri 2011-10-08:

Mufon report:
Me and my girlfriend were about 28 miles out of St. Louis on our way downtown. A couple miles after we got on I44 East we noticed some strange lights in the sky and at first I thought they were helicopters until we got closer and I told my GF to grab her phone and start filming. we noticed that there were about 10 to 12 craft hovering near the intersection of I44 and I270, around Fenton/Sunset Hills MO. They were coming straight up over the trees/horizon line from the south then started moving north north/west. There were three lights in the front, they were a white/yellow/red color, they formed a triangle and seemed to pause in the sky. another light from behind moved faster and caught up to the triangle and seemed to merge with the light at the top of the triangle. These lights then took off north and I focused on the rest that were still there. The next three to follow were in a straight line yet the closer we got to being directly below them they were in a slight triangle. The three behind that also changed orientation from a straight line to triangle like patterns, the only light that changed orientation was the center one and the two on the outside stayed parallel to the horizon as they slowly moved north north/west. After I noticed these I focused on some that seemed to be coming up over a hill close by and following a similar path. I then drove directly below them and was observing them in my mirrors. My GF turned around in her seat to continue watching as they took off into the sky at a slight angle. We were able to capture some of the phenomenon on film yet it was shaky. During this sighting we were cussing trying to figure out what these lights possibly could be. This gave us the chills and was a lot to take in.

Ufo over Cleveland Heights Ohio ? 10-6-2011

Numerous people reported seeing a Ufo recently over Ohio from the emails we received.
Then we stumbled across this submitted video - filmed at 9:52pm over Cleveland Heights Ohio 10-6-2011. Was it a plane with unusual navigational lights, an experimental craft or something else? Comments appreciated.

UFOs over Missouri again - 10/8/11

Missouri is non stop with week with Ufo reports. This new footage submitted on the 10/8/11 . Note we would like to hear from people in the area - is this video exactly what you saw?. Please let us know.

Posters comments:
Saint Louis last night (OCT 8, 2011) around 8PM. There were about 10-12 craft flying together over Highway 44 at the intersection of 270. They moved at random speeds formed straight lines and triangles as if interacting with one another. In the video we were driving so its a little shaky, but you can clearly make out about 8 craft. The video shows that they were low enough to drive under as they pass straight above us about 600 feet above. I have enhanced the brightness and contrast of the video, if you wish to see the original ask, but i am going to video respond with the enhanced one because you can make out more craft.

Triangle Shaped UFO Above Mauna Kea Hawaii ?

Not sure what to make of this footage really. Appreciate your feedback.

Camera LINK

Video of triangle shaped ufo object recorded with Canada-France-Hawaii telescope, a world-class, 3.6 meter optical/infrared telescope. The CFH observatory is located atop the summit of Mauna Kea, a 4200 meter, dormant volcano located on the island of Hawaii.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Strange burning Ufo seen over Australia ?

Strange burning object seen over Australia October 2011.
Some believe these burnign objects are the burning of fuel reflecting in the sun

Ufo like cloud raises alarm in far east Russia

Russians near Mount Klyuchevskaya Sopka recently were freaked when they looked up to see a huge cone shaped ufo like cloud surrounding the mountain (I would be to!).
Apparently, the cloud was the result of a rare weather event.
The amazing picture was captured by photographer Ivan Dementievskiy, 35.

He said: 'I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this cloud - it was so special and the people who live near it said they have never seen it before.
'The sky suddenly seemed to open up and this UFO shape appeared. I have been a photographer for more than ten years and it's one of the few times I have been completely amazed.

Source - read more

Strange Cigar UFO reports in from Brazil and UK

Two Cigar UFO videos submitted around the same day which is unusual.
It may be some type of ballon and i would like to hear your comments on what you think the object was:
Filmed over Uk

and Brazil 28th Spetember:

Pilots Spot UFO Burning Over Moscow - October 6, 2011

Report in From RTL about Russian Pilots spotting a burning object at high altitude:

"The crews of six passenger jets have reported seeing a UFO in the skies above Moscow. The incident occurred at around 7.30 pm last night.
Pilots say they saw on object that looked like a burning artillery shell at an altitude of 10,000 metres. Witnesses say they also heard a sound accompany the flash.

The Defense Ministry says it did not register anything unusual in local airspace.
RTL Source

Monday, October 10, 2011

Strange, Dark Ufoover Phoenix Valley - Sept. 30th, 2011

Ufo reports in from Phoenix Valley .
Please respond to this post if you also spotted these objects:

A strange sight was seen over the valley sky Friday night and it was caught on video. The video was posted on YouTube by Jerry Mickenson from Scottsdale.

Josh Watson also shot some video near 15th Avenue and Dunlap. He said "When I started filming, it started flying towards me. When it was over me, I could see it was just a dark mass, It was very eerie he said.

I saw these lights over the valley on September 30th, 2011. They were heading southwest. Does anyone know what this is?

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Forgotten Sarcophagus reveals alien skull child ?

An Abnormally large skull discovered on child in a recently re-discovered Sarcophagus.
This story was sent in by a reader you are welcome to read more about this one here.
Would like to know your thoughts on why the child had such an unusual head?

I remember on Ancient aliens they did said egyptions had a history of 'wrapping' the skull to make it elongated to look of a higher class. However a large skull on a child is not possible from bandage wrapping as it takes time for the skull to elongate. He was likely born this way.
Some assume that many of the egyption royalty had infact a genetic trait like Acromegaly (giant syndrome) as many had unusually large skulls - like the head of Pharaoh Akhenate:

Sunday, October 09, 2011

ufo filmed over Missouri October 2011-10-04

Snother triangular formation ufo filmed over Missouri:

Poster comments:
I was driving in a car heading home. I saw the object in the air heading away from us diagonally. It then turned in the direction that we were headed. As we went down a winding road we saw it hovering over a small field. I was very excited when I saw it. We turned around and it flew overhead then we lost track of it.

Flood of Ufo reports in from kansas city Missouri October 2011 - the triangle

Just thought i would show you a short snippet from the Mufon database revealing the crazy amount of ufo sightings there over the past week from Missouri:
Date of Event Short Description Location of Event Attachments
2011-10-05 6 lights or so in sky hovering above the high way then got a closer look and it was a trangular shape MO, US
2011-10-04 Ring of blueish lights 100 feet in diameter rapidly descended from western sky at 90% angle, suddenly stopped, leveled, hovered 100 feet over store roof, turned, flew north just above trees MO, US
2011-10-04 It flew quickly, then turned, then hovered. There was then a bright light and appeared to be another ufo but with red lights MO, US UFO10.4.11.MOV
2011-10-04 Huge triangular gray object with blue and white lights hovered over highway MO, US
2011-10-05 40-60 ft Orange fireball hovered over my car MO, US
2011-10-04 Large Bright Object Flying Slowly and Very Low Near Raytown MO MO, US
2011-10-04 multiple sightings MO, US
2011-10-04 multiple kansas city ufo sightings MO, US
2011-10-03 ufo hovering over houses. very low but to low to be airplane or helicopter. Lots of flashing light such blue,green,yellow,red,white. MO, US
2011-10-04 Huge Triangle UFO with 15-20 multi-colored lights on bottom flew directly over head MO, US
2011-10-03 ufo sighting in lees summit mo MO, US
2011-10-04 I-70 and Manchester Trafficway MO, US
2011-10-04 UFO Observed Over Blue Springs, Lee's Summit, and Missouri MO, US
2011-10-04 link to video of ufo over Missouri October 4, 2011 MO, US
2011-10-04 The Size Of A Football Field! Silent! MO, US
2011-10-03 Large craft moved away then back right over our vehicle MO, US
2011-10-04 Very large triangular craft over Lee's Summit, Missouri MO, US
2011-10-04 Gigantic low-flying craft on its side over Lee's Summit, MO MO, US
2011-10-04 Kansas City/Raytown/Independence MO UFO Sighting MO, US
2011-10-04 saw an object in the sky on october 4th over lees summit MO, US
2011-10-04 Very intriguing unidentified flying object (perhaps objects) MO, US
2011-10-04 Tight formation of small planes MO, US
2011-10-04 Family of 4 witnessed large stealth shaped object at 470 and 40 hwy MO, US
2011-10-04 Undescribable UFO KANSAS CITY 8/4/11 MO, US
2011-10-04 The UFO hovered then flew away. MO, US
2011-10-04 UFO flying over busy I-70 interstate for a long time. MO, US ufo.jpg
2011-10-04 Unidentified object sighted while driving on 50 HWY E in Lee's Summit at 470 interchange. MO, US
2011-10-03 Huge object with white and green lights - flying at around 3,000-5,000 feet - much larger than a commercial plane MO, US
2011-10-03 flashed diffrent colors, was in sky for a couple of hours MO, US 011.JPG
2011-10-03 On the way home going on 435North almost to kansas city exit and saw a formation of lights in the distance MO, US
2011-10-03 Fireball object over missouri