Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year From RealUfos!

Hi All,

Wishing all our RealUfos readers an amazing new Year!
We hope to keep you updated with all the latest ufo reports into 2011, especially as the pace of sightings increase and disclosure draws closer every year.!
Just a note .. sadly my MacBook died on my current holiday trip so it will be a week before Im able to do another post at this stage. :-(

PPS.. I experienced first hand letting off a Chinese lantern here in asia yesterday and i can say that yes they indeed resemble Ufos when you have quite a few let off together. Im asking people to have this in mind when they film objects at night over the new year as the majority may be lanterns during this period.

Keep your eyes on the Skies

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Did anyone else see the Ufo over Victoria Australia?

A new report in from the state of Victoria in Australia.
If you live in the region and spotted something unusual please respond to this post.

Note: the next Month is Chinese Lantern season many people will be lighting the lanterns celebrating new year and into Chinese new year in mid January and many people confuse these with Ufos.

VICTORIAN residents reported seeing strange lights in the sky last night.
 A man in East Keilor reported seeing orange lights that formed a diamond and moved in a synchronised pattern to the west of Melbourne Airport at about 10.15pm.
 A woman in Warburton had a similar experience 45 minutes later.
 David Bekesi, 52, said he had just stepped out for a cigarette when he saw the series of orange lights.
 Mr Bekesi has seen all kinds of aircraft fly over his house heading to nearby Melbourne Airport, but said this was like nothing he had ever seen before.
 He said the lights stayed in the sky for number of minutes before moving higher up and disappearing.
 “They all grouped in one area and then went straight up into the sky,” he said.

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