Saturday, January 11, 2014

Australian UFO Sighting!: 09/01/2014

New UFO video report, from Australia:

Recorded in Western Australia, a strange object of which the likes I have never seen before. It traveled vertically from my perspective, I was previously following a satellite that was heading past the constellation of Canis Major. Recorded time 8:47pm Direction: East Location: Lynwood, Western Australia

New UFO Footage - Joliet, Illinois USA: 01/01/2014

New UFO report from Joliet, Illinois USA:

Joliet, Illinois - 01-05-14 - I'm  I'm a freelance reporter for the Southtown Star. 
I'm looking into a claim from two snowplow drivers who think they might have seen a UFO on Sunday evening. They were plowing lots around the Joliet Mall. 

The object appears to hover for five minutes over near Caton Farm Road in the Joliet Mall area. In the final minute of the video, the object moves eastward and overhead.

It looks cross-shaped with lights on each end. Would someone please examine the video and tell me what they think it is? To me, it looks like it might be a drone.

UFO Close Call At Heathrow Airport - Pilot Reports!

Close Call- UFO Above Heathrow Airport:

An airline pilot has reported a near miss with a "rugby ball-shaped" UFO that passed within metres of his passenger jet near Heathrow airport. He told aviation authorities investigating the incident last July that he was certain the object was going to crash into his aircraft and that he ducked as it headed towards him.
 They have been unable to establish the identity of the mysterious craft, which apparently approached the airliner at great speed. The incident occurred while the Airbus A320 was cruising at 34,000ft, approx 32km west of the airport.
The investigators' report states: "He was under the apprehension that they were on collision course with no time to react.
His immediate reaction was to duck to the right and reach over to alert the FO [First Officer]; there was no time to talk to alert him." It adds: "The captain was fully expecting to experience some kind of impact with a conflicting aircraft." He told investigators the object passed "within a few feet" of the top of the jet and that it was "cigar/rugby ball-like" in shape, bright silver and "metallic" in construction. The episode was examined by the UK Airprox Board, which studies "near misses" involving aircraft in British airspace. It checked data recordings to establish what aircraft were in the area but eliminated them all, along with meteorological balloons. Military radar operators were also unable to trace the reported object.

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Readers UFO Sightings: Dec 2013-Jan 2014

Report in from RealUFOs reader Stafford UK:

Near Stafford UK, Morning 24/12/2013 -- Exact time 09:34;44:30 -- Nikon D3200 lens 10 - 24mm f/3.5- 4.5 -- focal length 12mm -- focus mode AF-S -- Aperture f/10 -- Shutter Speed 1/125s -- exp + aperture priority -- exp comp -1.0EV -- Matrix Metering -- ISO 400 -- Auto White Balance ---- Not seen through lens, if I had of done then maybe the shot would have been missed - definately something rapid - look at tree - no blur evident ?? I can provide the NEF original although a handsome size.. and also one photo taken 4 seconds prior to this at 90 deg opposed but enough background to show nothing around.. any guesses anyone ?

Ps, facing east when photo taken... sun was to right hande side .. well out the way of this shot..
I did a quick calculation based on the shutter speed and the total length of the object and contrail.. to traverse the available sky on the trajectory shown it would take approx 21/125s ....
I have included the original NEF (direct from Camera) a NEF converted to JPEG a crop, and an enhanced crop.. I think Your I.T. people should be able to manipulate the NEF file well enough to get somewhere near to the image I have been able to enhance.
I would greatly appreciate Your thoughts on this issue.

UFO ovni video Sent in from a reader : 
Prat de Llobregat, Spain
Filmers comments:
It was about 19:00 when they realized that the object "out of nowhere" and started to burn immediately.

San Diego 30th Dec 2013 
I was driving home on 12/30 and saw these three bright orange lights in the sky. I pulled over and got on the hood of my car to get a better view. They seemed to move horizontally as well as disappear and reappear in different locations. Does anyone know what these lights were? They were bright orange but unfortunately my phone shows them as being lighter in color.

UFO Review December 2013 - January 2014

Darin looks at UFO sightings over Italy; Birmingham, Alabama, USA; Salinas Valley Crop Circle; Alien removed from the Sea in Spain; Alicante, Spain; Durham UK; Vista, California Beach and the UFO over Hopetoun, Australia

Friday, January 10, 2014

UFO - Bremen Airport, Germany: 07/01/2014

A UFO has hovered for 3 hours and holted air traffic in Bremen (Germany). The object has been spotted about 300 meters above the stage of Werder Bremen, and emitted light was captured by the airport radar.
RealUFOs would like to hear from anyone who may have witnessed this UFO as a reply to this post.

Note: VIDEO was deleted.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

UFO Sighted! Virginia, Illinois USA: 07/01/2013

Did anyone else see this interesting UFO over Virginia, Illinois?

Source: Mufon
At 8:30 pm my wife and I were traving down morgan st when I turned my head to the left and 3 large sets of strange redish orange lights in the westren part of the sky twards beardstown. they were spread out in a triagle formation. the light would apear and would last about 3 seconds before they would disappear. as that light would go out at the same time next to it another light would begin to appear. this went on for a short while then as if there was nothin there they disapperd. I did manage to get sum video but it didnt turn out very well

Monday, January 06, 2014

UFO Reports - Oregon, Florida and Virginia USA.

UFO sightings were reported all across the country on New Year's Eve. Bright orbs of light, often in a triangle formation, were seen in California, Florida, Virginia, and Oregon:


UFO Witnessed In San Diego, California: 12/30/2013

New UFO video in from San Diego. If anyone else in the vicinity also saw this object, please reply to this post.

Filmers comments: We were driving down the 15 south in san diego on the 30th of dec and caught this footage of some strange lights in the sk

Close Up's Of Triangle UFO Over California 30/12/2013

New UFO video:

Filmers comments:
Man catches low flying triangle UFO on high tech camera! This amazing footage sent to show a perfectly caught craft which was sitting in the skies above startled witness who says the craft was "NOT" flying but sitting over a few thousand feet above his yard and motionlessly dulles down its lighting before moving like a satellite in the sky! The pics are awesome!