Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shocking Ufo Closeup - Istanbul 2007

Guys all i can say is that if this is real you a seeing the best close-up ufo footage i have ever posted!. Some people have said this is a blimp but i don't think so. Would really like your comments on this one, its bound to cause a stir:

posters comments:
This extraordinary incident took place in a compound in Kumburgaz/Istanbul was witnessed by many residents and filmed by the same night guard Yalcin Yalman as it was in 2007,)

The images captured are expected to have a tremendous impact throughout the world and be listed as "the most important UFO/extraterrestrial images ever filmed in the all World"

During the 4months, between May and September 2008, many nationwide UFO sightings were reported from different parts of Turkey, while some of them were filmed and photographed and aired. Within the same period of time, these objects also witnessed by the residents of Kumburgaz/Yeni Kent Compound, caught on video several times by a night guard named Yalcin Yalman and these footages are considered as the closest and the most significant images ever filmed around the world.

Spacecraft Explodes Like Fireworks on Reentry

This is not a Ufo guys but an interesting video released Monday by NASA, the Jules Verne unmanned cargo ship put on a rare fireworks display as it burned up and exploded on September 29, 2008.

posters comments:
In the footage, the disposable spacecraft is seen reentering Earth's atmosphere at the end of its five-month resupply mission to the International Space Station.

Astronauts packed Jules Verne with 2.8 tons of trash before sending it off to burn in a controlled plunge over the South Pacific. Two research aircraft captured data on the spectacle, including this video, to refine models of reentry.

"When Mir reentered, the Russians did not release a lot of information," ESA spokesperson Franco Bonacina said in reference to the Russian space lab that fell to Earth in 2001. "So every time that we can gain knowledge on reentry is certainly an advantage."

October 14 Ufo Update again - Interview with Blossum Goodchild

As requested i am keeping you guys up to date on the popular October 14 Ufo prediction. Many people are talking about this and its not just the public guys - I have noticed people from the military and government all checking the post on the event so this is far reaching. So its just 3 days to go to see if Blossum Goodchild's highly talked about prediction comes true (or not!)... Below is an interesting radio interview Blossum did yesterday (october the 10th) on what she has to say:

Blossom Goodchild Radio Interview October 10th 1/3
pt 2

Blossom Goodchild Radio Interview October 10th 2/3

pt 3

Blossom Goodchild Radio Interview October 10th 3/3

USO Submerges in Rio De La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ufo traveling towards the horizon which seems to become a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object) in the Rio De La Plata Atlantic Ocean near Buenos Aires, Argentina - September 15, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Project Blue Beam is it hype - any truth to it?

Some people are trying to explain away many ufo sighitngs as project Bluebeam (explained below). Whether this is all hype is beyond me. It seems like a far fectched idea.
 Whats your thoughts guys?

PROJECT BLUE BEAMThe Blue Beam Project will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of old. In principle, it will make use of the sky as a movie screen space-based, laser-generating satellites project simultaneous images to every part of the planet, in every language, in every dialect according to region. Specifically, the show will consist of laser projections of multiple holographic images to different parts of the world, each receiving different images according to predominating regional/national religious faiths. No area will be excluded. With computer animation and sound effects appearing to come from the depths of space, astonished followers of the various creeds will witness their own returned Messiah in spectacularly convincing lifelike realness.

Ufo caught at night

No details, but interesting video:

Britains Closest ufo Encounters Episode 1 and 2

A great recent 2008 Ufo documentary series examining the most astonishing and baffling UFO stories from around the UK.
This playlist has both the new episode 2 and 1

watch more

The Top 20 Ufo video posters on web Updated

Hi all

Need your input on this guys,

I am updating my 'top 20 Ufo video posters' that i recommended you guys to subscribe to.
As you know, recent events have lead to many of my current top 20 to be removed from youtube (like acebyran). So i'm looking for some fresh new Ufo stars to feature...

They don't necessarily have to be from youtube either...
To be included in the top 20, the posters must have videos of unique yet genuine ufo sightings and frequently updated content. If you can think of any please reply to this post and i will add them to the list.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Strange Clouds as we approach October 14

Guys as we approach October the 14 may people are reporting strange round clouds. Its it a coincidence, a natural phenomenon or are more people just looking up at the skies now? Also just a note... i am almost ready to draw the Ufo Hunters Contest (drawn October 14) to see the winners for the 3 DVD sets. Make sure you submit your email (draw details top right) if you haven't already.

Ufo near HOUSTON in daylight

This footage taken in daylight shows a little ufo:

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Did you see Ufos at October 4th, 2008 Springsteen concert in Philadelphia?

One of our readers sent in some more great photos of the ufos seen in formation during daylight at the October 4th, (original videos of this here) Springsteen concert in Philadelphia. We would like to know if any of you guys were at the concert or have any photos of the objects. Apparently most people at the concert were watching the objects instead of the show...

The stunning irish triangle ufo video

This is the apparent Irish triangle Ufo i recently posted about. The footage was seen at the irish ufo conference and was filmed by senior garda pilot and witnessed by a Fianna Fail (irish) politician. If its a CGi its well done, if anyone knows anymore about the footage please reply to this post.

new recap article:
Filmed on a camera phone at 10.35pm on August 3 near Dunboyne was also played and replayed to over 70 delegates who attended the fifth Irish International UFO conference in Carrick-on-Shannon.

The triangular shaped image, with lights at each point, which appeared to send a red laser-type light towards earth, drew gasps of amazement from the 70 or so delegates who attended the world premiere of the footage.

A senior garda officer who was driving when he noticed the unusual light formation in the sky stopped to film it.

"There is no footage like this in the world. It is the most amazing and spectacular I have ever seen," said Carl Nally, co-founder of UFO and Paranormal Research Ireland and joint author of 'Conspiracy of Silence'.


An old ufo video from August 2001

This one is interesting, espcially the reactions of the witnesses

Classic Ufos you might have missed

Soem great ufos going back over the years...

Weird Clouds and the October 14 Ufo prediction again

Hey guys,
As we approach the hyped up October 14 date, who knows what will really happen. I have no guarantees myself guys and i ask each one of you approach the whole prediction thing with your own judgement and reasoning.
Many people have high hopes and expectations riding on this and i feel its best not to get too carried away yet. Remember the point of the realufos blog is to provide you guys with the best possible information, for you to then decide for yourself..

Anyways on that topic one strange coincidence i have noted as we approach the date is the number of videos reporting strange clouds and atmospheric anomalies filmed over the last month. Its likely just a coincidence, but some of these videos are quite interesting indeed. Would like to know your thoughts on these ..

Ufos and Thunderstorms whats the connection?

What is it that attracts Ufos to thunderstorms? Some people say the ufos seen during thunderstorms are a natural ball lightening phenomenon but i disagree as many of the objects are visible for long periods during the storms. One explanation is that the enormous high voltage energy created during the storms attracts the ufos to harness the energy, any opinions guys? Here's some interesting clips:

The Untold Story of the Disclosure Project

Posted this one before guys but its a good one to check out if you haven't seen before. By the way if you new to this site or to ufos in general Check out this must watch video here from the 2001 press conference of disclosure project. As you may know the disclosure project founded by Dr Steve Greer back in 2001 has accomplished alot since its inception in 1993.  Dr Greer over the years has become somewhat controversial but he is still well received in the Ufo community. Below he gives the untold story of the project and the problems he faced building up to his 2001 press conference:
pt 1

pt 2

remaining parts

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The web bots - the great depression of 2009 ?

As i have previously posted, the web bot predictions written over a year ago have accurately predicted the recent and progressive market crash of October 2008 down to the extact month. More conceringly, The web bot site also predicts we prepare for a global depression, which may be more severe than the one in the 1930's:

Now that we have arrived at the week which has been noted in the predictive linguistic work for a year (or arguably longer, if we count the 'death of the dollar' theme to play out in November which could be this one), it's time to pencil out what the process of actually living through a "Greater Depression" as my friend Jas Jain calls this one, will be. I won't kid you - it's likely to be every bit as bad as the 1930's - or even worse - since this is a Grand Super Cycle event of a greater degree; than the last Depression - that 1930's event. As I wrote on Saturday on the free site, I expect that European bank failures may be the 'triggering event' and just like clockwork, the combination of our rickety time machine and some pretty good sources informed us within a few hours that there'd not only be "No banks bailout fund for Europe" but by Sunday morning we had our first report of a "German bank at risk of collapse". Like my friend "The Bond Dude" explained: This whole CDS market (all $55-60-trillion worth) is like a fence with 10-million links. It only takes one of them to break and things could cascade from there..." 
Notes from the 2009 predictions:

Just What are the web bots?
great video

Great unaired Roswell ufo video documentary

You've probably seen heaps of documentary's on Roswell. This one on the 1947 Roswell crash never made it onto the tv, probably because the information was too sensitive. Its a great watch:

pt 2

pt 3

pt 5

Ufos Over over philadelphia October 4 2008 Obama concert

Daylight Ufos caught over philadelphia October 4

Out Of The Blue , Good Ufo Video Documentary

Most of you have probably seen this , but for the newbie's Out of the Blue is a must watch Ufo video documentary:

remaining parts

Monday, October 06, 2008

Michael Tellinger on lunar anomalies

Publisher and TV Producer Michael Tellinger discusses lunar anomalies (which i have posted about many times before guys) and a new archeological discovery in South Africa which could reveal secrets of early man:

Click here to play the remaining parts

Posters comments;
Tellinger talked about strange aspects of the moon which suggest that it is more than just a natural satellite revolving around the Earth. He cited a number of oddities, including how astronauts spoke in code about UFOs seen there, instruments which picked up water vapor despite mainstream science saying there was no atmosphere there, and longstanding observations of lights on the lunar surface. On what the moon may really be, Tellinger opined that it is "most likely being used as a base for extraterrestrial craft."

Later, he discussed a South African site dubbed "Adam's Calendar" which his research indicates is around 75,000 years old. "We have found something truly remarkable, truly unique, and most likely the oldest manmade structure on earth," Tellinger marveled. According to surveyors who have examined it, the site was "a circular structure, like Stonehenge" that featured rocks which aligned with "the cardinal geographical points of Earth" along with the solstices and equinoxes. He explained that the dating of the site was derived from the fact that it did not match up with the contemporary position of the Sun, thus via archaeoastronomy they determined the age of the monument.

Interesting UFO video filmed in Kunming China 1998

Famous Chinese Ufo video from 1998 if you haven't seen before

On Saturday, October 3, 1998, the Han family visited a mountainside cemetery on the outskirts of Kunming, a large city in China's Yunnan province, 1,050 kilometers (630 miles) southwest of Shanghai.

While they were paying their respects to their ancestors, "at about 11:50 a.m., Han took a look back into downtown Kunming and all of a sudden discovered an extremely dazzling object flying over the city. He tracked the flying object with his video camera and shot about three minutes of videotape of the UFO."

The object, which emitted "a dazzling light," first took "the shape of a blazing ball surrounded by two pieces of black rubber, and then five diamond- shaped objects flying in a diamond formation, said Han. This process continued for more than ten minutes." (See the newspaper Guangzhou Morning Post for October 16, 1998, "UFO over Kunming," by Alan Zhang. Many thanks to Stig Agermose for forwarding this newspaper article.)

In Addition: The whole process of its transformation and final disappearance lasted about two minutes.

The UFO could change color. At first it was silver, then became lighter, then turned orange. Strangely, about half a minute later, with a flash of light it changed shape from a cylinder to the disk shape usually associated with flying saucers.

After viewing Han's video, some Chinese scientists affirmed its research

UFOs in Hampshire

Witnesses describe UFO activity in the Hampshire area.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Shoot Them Down The real 1952 UFO Battle over washington

After the recent post about the recent and 1952 washington ufo sighting I came across this great new interview with Frank Freschino about his new book on the event: "Shoot Them Down, The Flying Saucer Wars of 1952".

pt 2

Shoot them Down more parts

Co-incidence ? NASA delays October 14 Atlantis launch for Hubble repair

Was it a co-incidence guys that this just happened...?

NASA has decided to delay the scheduled October 14 launch of the Atlantis space shuttle to repair the Hubble telescope. This is because 'scientists just found a glitch with the telescope on Saturday night'.

NASA says the data formatter on the Hubble space telescope has malfunctioned. The glitch will delay the launch of Atlantis. The problem occurred over the weekend when scientists tried to dump the payload computer memory.

NASA has delayed the October 14 launch of the Atlantis space shuttle, NASA news reports. National Aeronautics and Space Administration said the problem was first detected on Saturday.

"the problem was first detected after an initial attempt to reset the telescope's science data formatter. The process to dump the payload computer's memory was unsuccessful." The news article also mentioned that a team of scientists are trying to reconfigure the telescope this week.

"NASA's Hubble operations team does believe it will be ready to reconfigure the telescope this week. If the team is successful, the telescope could resume operating immediately. Atlantis could then be immediately re-scheduled."

Triangle UFO over North Road Islington UK April 22, 2004

The vidoe footage of the mysterious triangula of lights was just realeased not to long ago by the British Ministry of defence

Ufo 2008

No info on this one guys