Saturday, October 18, 2008

LUFKIN,TX U.F.O. shows up near HOUSTON,TX

This is a great closeup of a ufo filmed in LUFKIN,Texas on a cell phone and the latest taken near HOUSTON,TX OCT 15, 2008:

Strange little thing on BBC news Oct, 14 200

This object was filmed behind the live broadcast of BBC news..
I ignored this video until someone took the time to zoom in on the object, thought it was a bird but doesn't look like it now.. any thoughts?

Ufos in Brazil and Argentina

Guys just been in argentina and now Brazil atm, as i said i saw a ufo in Brazil and its buzying with ufo activity here guys

More Ufos around October

UFO In Pasay, Philippines

AN Interesting Ufo video for you guys

filmed back in 04 this little orb goes under a plane:

Friday, October 17, 2008

ufo over san antonio oct 7

As the title says

UFO over Slovenia in TV, October 14th 2008 + translation

"It goes something like this:
He reports of some 3 places where the event took place. People supposedly heard strange noise and they saw a UFO.

At the same time there were supposed to be electricity blackouts. Cell phones were also dead. This is at least what a viewer told the media and handed them a footage.

We could not confirm this, he says and mentions full moon as perhaps influencing the events. "

New York City October 15 Ufo

Guys the ufo reports around October 14 keep rolling in. Where people just more aware due to the prediction or was there something more going on?

Jaime Maussan UFO Footage and Analyzations

Jaime Maussan the famous ufo reporter from mexico at his most famous conference on ufos

remaining parts

Triangle Ufo October 15

Guys an enormous amount of ufo footage is coming in from around october the 14, if the light ship didn't come then is that what happens when people actually look up to the sky - then how many ufos are we missing! or was october 14 actually a special day? discuss..

poster I took this video that after noon before the one that night by the moon

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blossum Explains why no lightship ufo arrived on October 14

Ok Guys, Blossum explains herself and why her prediction didn't eventuate, i think this will be the last i post about this:

Is this the October 14 lightship ? - Large Triangle over Gravado

Guys people are saying that this new video is infact the October 14 lightship, this large flashing triangular object was seen over Gravado,not sure where that is .. an interesting video as you can clearly see the big triangle ..any comments guys?

little UFOs over Battersea & Hamilton

Just some random little ufo videos for you guys:
Battle Sea Ufo October 14 2008

UFO over Hamilton Canada on Oct. 14, 2008 at 10pm

Simple advice - keep your eyes on the skies

I was thinking about my first recent Ufo sighting on the plane in Brazil and it made me think that the key to seeing a Ufo is just that - being aware and nothing more. In our modern society we are lead to think that many things we see in the sky can be easily explained as something man made and so we have become so complacent that we often overlook ufo sightings even when they are under our nose!. As you know science is very discouraging of the ufo phenomenon and so of course you would never be taught at school to 'keep an eye out for the unknown' - if you had who knows how many ufos you may have seen by now!. Infact, the Uk ministry of defence states that of all ufo sightings reported 20% can not be explained by science. So all it takes is an open mind and questioning what you see above you.

It doesn't take a trained eye , infrared cameras or special equipment, from my experience anyone can see a ufo if they simply pay attention to the skies. Of course it helps if you have a cell phone camera or recording device near-bye but most importantly you should simply look up and be aware of your environment. As you know Ufo sightings can occur anywhere, in your suburb, down the street or even when your on the plane. So all i ask is that next time you go out , keep your eyes to the skies and you may be surprised!

Goodbye Blossum Goodchild ?

Everyone is saying how upset they are with Blossum Goodchild for deceiving them with her ufo prediction, so if nothing happens today i will have to stop posting about her as it has mislead many of my readers as well. It is true we did have quite a few interesting ufo sightings yesterday but nothing as dramatic as predicted. Even the ATS forum is now trying to cull any posting relating to the predictions as it is bringing humiliation and disgrace upon the ufo phenomenon

So this is the last straw - some are saying that infact the October 14 event was meant to occur today the 15th because it was mentioned in her 11 channeling:

Dearest Blossom. All that we choose to say to you is to let go of your fears. We WILL do as we say and before the 15th Oct has come to pass in all corners of your globe this event shall have come to fruition for all to glory in. We shall surprise many in how this all comes about. We say this to you people of earth who are in anticipation of the greatest vibration …

So it is not the end of the 14th that we need to wait for it to pass at all corners of the globe, it is actually the 15th of October that we must wait for.

New Live Chat Feature on realUfos

Hey Guys,
Now you can Interact and have your opinions live with the new RealUfos Live Chat.
You can either bookmark this link to the chat or use the chat box under the Ufo News column on the right.

Enjoy and keep your eyes to the skies!

Could this be the October 14 Ufo ?

Stop the press guys... Many people are reporting to Mufon reports about a rainbow star or some object with many coloured lights blinking. So could the below video be the object ? - this Ufo filmed yesterday looks similar to the one filmed in belgium yesterday as well, so could this have been a small version of the apparent October 14 light ship circling the earth? Who knows, but they both are blinking and kind of circular. Also back on October the 13th i reported my own amazing ufo sighting i saw upon descent to Brasilia (captial of Brazil) from the plane i was in. Videos filmed by some other people have now surfaced of Ufos filmed on the 14th of October over the city again, (although they looked different to what i saw).

An Interesting ufo video from 1991

No Lightship on october the 14th! - the repercussions

Hey guys,
Like me you've probably been up for 24hrs waiting for the promised light ship (2000 mile long craft) as predicted by Blossum Goodchild to land.
Well sadly it didn't happen but we did have quite a few other smaller sightings as i have posted below. The repercussions however of the predictions not coming to fruition however are quite damaging to the publics view of the ufo phenomemon.
Many people had high hopes about the predictions and
Stanton friedman is discussing this today on coast to coast and is trying to do some major damage control to maintain the publics confidence in the ufo community

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More October 14 Ufo videos coming in from all over the world

Guys although we haven't seen the big ship as promised many smaller ufo sightings are coming in from around the world.Below are 4 new videos from different parts of the world
This nice one was just filmed in germany on October the 14 th:

and this one in Filnad hämeenlinna 14.10.2008

melbourne australia


Brazil october 14th UFO sighting

Hey guys,
AS i told you all i am in Brazil and actually saw a large ufo myself during the planes descent trip into Brasillia yesterday. Although it does not look like the below footage this new video below may be either just a ballon or a real ufo:

Istanbul Turkey August 2007 amazing Ufo video

Just to entertain you while you are chatting below on the live update of the October 14 Ufo event you may want ot check this great video out- filmed over the sea near Istanbul Turkyin 2007 shows a large craft with powerful lights - and no its not a 747. Could the predicted craft we are meant to see today look like this? any comments?

Posters comments:
In July-August 2007, a number of nation-wide UFO sightings were reported while some of them were filmed and aired. Within the same period, the objects witnessed by the residents of Kumburgaz/Yeni Kent Compound, caught on video by a night guard named Yalcin Yalman and the footage were considered as the closest and the most significant images ever filmed in Turkey and around the world.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 14 Ufo Live chat & update as it occurs

I added this live chat so you could discuss in real time the latest on the October 14 Ufo event as it occurs. However as it isn't being used seriously i have made a new thread on the forum. So I recommend if you want to discuss this further, with updated news check the forum instead.

Keep your eyes to he skies and on to the live cam links (below chat box)Note use of the chat is only for ufo events, not general talk!

- Statue of Liberty, New York (USA) 
- Cairo, Pyramids (Egypt) 
- Berlin, Skyline
- San Francisco
- Rome Vatican (Italy) 
- Paris, Eiffel Tower (France) 
- Jesusalem Panorama, (Israel) 
- Moscow (Russia) 
- Washington, Capitol (USA) 
- Tokyo skyline(Japan) 
- Sedona, Arizona (USA) 
- Mexico City (Mexico) 
- Cape Town, Table Mountain (South Africa) 
- London (England) 
- Cusco, Peru 
- Sydney  Harbor (Australia) 

If you have any new footage please reply to this post.

Here come the October 14 Ufo video reports

Ok guys,
Today is judgement day for Blossum Goodchild's October 14 Ufo prediction.
Her predictions have gained so much attention that in faction there's a 1 million (pound) prize bet going against the prediction!.

Suddenly i am now being flooded with people emailing me with new ufo videos all filmed today so something may be happening . In addition the MUFON case reporting system is seeing a large increase in reports today (remember to post any ufo reports you may have direct to MUFON).(And even i saw a Ufo today on my flight to Brasillia)! - will keep you updated on all the latest breaking Ufo reports for October the 14th in this post (so come back for updates and post any new sightings in your reply ):

Belgium Amazing Ufo 14 October:

This I just saw through my bedroom window. It was not moving or anything, it just...hang there for about 2 minutes. The movement you see, is me all shaken up. No kidding. Man, it's really happening!!!

another report- Australia Melbourne -a webcam of the sky line shows there are three red lights in a V formation (although the image shows only one object at the moment):
Then late on 13th October (not quite the 14th)  in Japan, Object seen near residential tower...

Keep up to date with what happening in your skies by checking out the live cams below:
Adelaide-Skyline, (Australia)
Melbourne-Skyline (Australia)

Tokyo-Skyline (Japan)


London-Skyline(United Kingdom)

Alabama-Montgomery-Skyline(United State)

Washington, D.C.-Skyline(United State)
Cincinnati-Skyline-(United States)
Colorado-Skyline(United State)
San Francisco-Skyline(United States)

Large Ufo over Brasillia Brasil 13 October 2008

Guys you wouldn't believe it.
I am actually travelling at the moment and I have just flown into Brasil right now.
I have decided to keep my eyes on the skies as we are practically in October the 14th now.
At 8.30 pm (october 13th) brasil time our plane was desecending towards Brasilia when myself and a friend spotted what looked like a large meteor or something coming through the atmosphere. It was pretty high up and was above the clouds so could only be spotted from air.

This is footage filmed today in Brasil - note its not mine, its not very good but it may have been the same thing, except what i saw looked more like a meteor and was redder:

It was glowing bright red and had a long trail and most strangely it didn't move at all. We continued to watch the object during the descent of the plane and it remained in its position and didn't move. (I went to take some photos on my iphone but was stopped by the damn stewardess for using a phone!). If anyone else in brasil saw something weird like this please respond to this post. I have seen similar things on youtube like when an object re-enters the atmosphere but they usually don't just stay there. Anyways, this may be my first real ufo sighting!
Just goes to show you you guys - it really does pay to keep your eyes on the skies!

UFO Fleet over Seoul October 12 2008

Below video was taken by Seoul News Paper, on October 12th 2008 in Seoul,South Korea. Report says they spotted over 20 UFO's. The man who took this photo keeps saying to next person "hold my hand, hold my hand" ...."what are those?"
"It's UFO, there are too many of them...."

Monday, October 13, 2008

Congrats to our readers who won UFo Hunters

Hey Guys,

This is a quick note that i actually ran the draw for the UFO Hunters DVD sets today and three of our readers are the lucky winners !
They will receive the complete season 1 of Ufo Hunters on DVD,
I was meant to do the draw tomorrow but i forsee a busy day with posting on October 14 tomorrow.

Also i have a feeling that season 2 of Ufo hunters starts on 29 th October, (please correct me if i am wrong)


Most Interesting Ufo Videos

Guys here's a nice summary of some of the most interrsting Ufo Videos: