Saturday, October 18, 2008

Strange little thing on BBC news Oct, 14 200

This object was filmed behind the live broadcast of BBC news..
I ignored this video until someone took the time to zoom in on the object, thought it was a bird but doesn't look like it now.. any thoughts?
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N said...

I think it's Rods.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone told Rod he may be looking for it ;-)


They are every where in London


Anonymous said...

Can we please stop grasping at straws?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rods (Skyfish)

Semvhu said...

Birds flying close to the camera and significantly stretched / blurred due to non-high-speed framerate.

Dr Reason said...

Seagulls, pigeons or a couple of swallows - tons of 'em around Canary Warf, especially swallows.

I must say, this blog is getting ridiculous - almost any pixel moving is considered a "UFO". I'm close to giving up as the signal to noise ratio is getting very poor!

Dr Reason said...

as for Rods - they DO NOT EXIST. Interlaced video cameras artefacts - you can even get this effect on a home video camera with insects:

"The History Channel series Monster Quest season 1, episode 111, first aired on January 9, 2008, includes footage where a "rod" is captured simultaneously by a traditional video camera and a high-speed camera. While the video recorded by the traditional camera showed a brightly-illuminated "rod" with multiple undulating wings, the high-speed video clearly showed a common moth flying across its field of view."


[Whilst not the be all and end all of internet wisdom, its better than some of the crazy postings here! :-)]

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