Friday, October 17, 2008

Jaime Maussan UFO Footage and Analyzations

Jaime Maussan the famous ufo reporter from mexico at his most famous conference on ufos

remaining parts
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l2 said...

nice video. (get a rope, junior ;p)

as for 14october, it clearly did not happen the way it was said.

as for the increase in 'regular' ufo clips, like this one, I tend to think it's more of a coincidence.

anyway,... I think it's about time this UFO subject gets blown open for everyone to see... getting pretty much tired of the cover-ups, rediculization and disinfo on the subject.

On the last note, I think the off-worlders would need some major cohones to land on our planet. What with all our secret technology and no (inter)national law protecting these folks (off-worlders have literally less rights on our planet than a lab-animal. Go find the piece of legislation that says ANYTHING about rights from people born on another planet, I dare you. And just look how we treat 'illegals' in our own countries).

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