Saturday, December 15, 2007

Best Proof That Flying Saucers Really Do Exist

Here are two distinct Flying Saucers filmed separately, By separate individuals. The top filmed in Tallahassee Florida on Sept 5, 2005; the bottom in Deline N.W.T. on Nov 2, 2007. There is no doubt about the authenticity of these videos.

This video was filmed on Nov 2 2007 in Deline N.W.T. The Image was centered zoomed stabilzed

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Weird bright, moving Light over central Florida 12/11/2007

Weird bright, moving Light over central Florida 12/11/2007

Comments from replies to this post : "Something happened over Nova Scotia or the eastern seaboard the evening of Dec. 10-07. First reports were that a spy
satellite/booster launched by NASA failed and burnt up upon re-
entry into the atmosphere. The fact that it launched into a
northerly direction supports the spy-satellite scenario.
The Rescue Co-Ordination Center [RCC] in Halifax first confirmed
this report then recinded it. I learned that they first thought
the rocket had completely failed but then changed that to just
the booster burning up as it came back in. They received many
calls about glowing stuff in the sky, flares and burning type
debris as far west as Ontario with a photo of the thing."

July 1991 Mexican Eclipse UFOs

Multiple videos of the same object in multiple cities shown of the Mexican Eclipse UFOs

Monday, December 10, 2007

Florida UFO Image Stabilized And Centered (from Tallahassee USA )

Revisited yet again the Image us Zoomed And Stabilized of the Tallahassee Florida UFO Sept, 5 2005

Shocking abduction story

This guy seems very genuine and if true this is a very Shocking abduction story

ufo captured on mobile phone spanish news report

Interesting, ufo footage of UFO captured on a cell phone camera. Not sure how real it looks to you guys but i was a bit suspicious of this one.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Trout Lake UFOs At Mt Adams From Eceti 2001 revisited

This is place where the word flying saucer was coined.
The Yakima Indian Tribe that has lived in this area at the base of Mt. adams in Washington State U.S.A, have been seeing UFOs for countless generations. You can tell by this video that James Gilliland has seen UFOs there many many times. more see

Ufo black box secrets

Most of you may have seen this before if not its a good documentary Ufo black box secrets

Ufos uncovered - good documentary

One of the better UFO documentaries to be shown on TV. Originally recorded in 2000, but was rebroadcast later with new commentary and some interesting edits Topics covered include the Belgium UFO wave of 1989-1990, Soviet UFO's, Greifswald Lights, Chilean UFO study, astronaut and airline pilot sightings. There are numerous interviews with the principals involved, as well as scientists, military pilots, air traffic controllers, and a couple of SETI sceptics for balance.