Saturday, March 05, 2011

RAF tornado crew spotted UFO over North Sea

A highly interesting report in from a Uk newspaper, not sure if this is a recent sighting or taken from this weeks new Ufo Mod file release.
'An RAF Tornado crew was so stunned when a UFO appeared in front of them they failed to lock radar on to it. Without warning the UFO - as big as a C130 Hercules plane - appeared and they had 'never seen anything like it

The crew were returning from a ''low level'' mission in the UK to RAF Laarbruch in Germany when they were flying through Dutch airspace over the North Sea.
Without warning the UFO - as big as a C130 Hercules plane - appeared and they had ''never seen anything like it''.

In written answers about the incident the pilot said: ''I did not lock the UFO on radar. My navigator and I were so surprised we did not think to do so.

''Indeed, for the majority of the sighting, the UFO was out to one side of my aircraft which would have required me to manoeuvre the aircraft to place within the radar field of view.
''Of more interest, despite repeated radio calls to Dutch Military Radar, the controller insisted that he could not see the UFO.

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Moscow March 3rd 2011 - Helicopters inspect bright Ufo?

This looks like 2 bright lights but im thinking one is a helicopter checking the bright light out.
You thoughts on this one appreciated. Normally planes or helicopters never fly this close together.
Also if you live in Moscow and saw Ufos recently (or this sighting) please respond to this post.

Bill Birnes on the BBC about the latest March 2011 UK Mod files release

Bill Birnes from the series Ufo Hunters talks on the BBC about the March 2011 UK Mod files release.
He brings up the important case of Rendlesham and its important to know that some of these files were destroyed or removed for some reason (more below about this).
I highly recommend you read the files here yourself from the UK national archives and start with the  the highlights quide. I would like to hear your comments and feedback if you have gone through these files on any particular cases of interest.

The mystery deepens - its likely the rendlesham forest incident from 1980 was so top secret that they had to destroy the files:

BBC correspondent Neil Henderson noted, "The missing files relate to a report of mysterious lights from U.S. servicemen at RAF [Royal Air Force] Woodbridge in Suffolk in 1980. The disappearance came to light with the release of 8,000 previously classified documents on UFOs. Officials found a 'huge' gap where defense intelligence files relating to the case should be, the papers show."

David Clarke, the author of "The UFO Files: The Inside Story of Real-Life Sightings" (The National Archives, 2009) who has been working with Britain's National Archives since 2008 to release the information, clarified the issue. "It is not the case that files on Rendlesham have been destroyed. What has been lost or destroyed are a series of Defence Intelligence UFO files covering the years 1980 through 1982,"

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UFOs the Secret History - The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

An Interesting Ufo documentary:

This ground breaking series of bonus interviews comes from the DVD release of the film UFOs The Secret History and traces the history of the UFO phenomenon, from the dawn of the modern era all the way up to present day. Includes an examination of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis -- the notion that some UFO reports are probably explained by extraterrestrial visitation and why visitation might not include contact or how an advanced culture might strategize contact with an emerging civilization.

Nick Pope speaks on the Government and UFOs

Nick Pope, Former Uk MOd officer who talks about the government, rendlesham forest incident and current Ufo disclosure:

Friday, March 04, 2011

More Uk Mod British UFO files released - 3rd March 2011

National archives in the Uk released more Ufo files today are part of a timed release of the nationals Ufo records.  Click here to go over the new files yourself.
Files released in March 2011 The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents, drawings, letters and parliamentary questions covering the years 2000-2005.
Nick Pope former Uk Mod Officer talks about the latest file release:

LONDON // Britain released its X files on Thursday - more than 8,000 pages of reports of UFO sightings and international concerns over the possibility of a close encounter of the third kind.

Ranging from the inexplicable to the absurd, the extra-terrestrial files released by the UK's National Archives illustrate how incidents were discussed at the highest level of government and by security services worldwide, including at the UN and CIA.

The previously classified reports show, for instance, that in 2003, governments internationally discussed a sighting in south-east England when a family captured on film red and white lights zigzagging their way across the sky.

Several police officers, including a helicopter crew, also saw the lights although radar checks revealed nothing unusual in the area.

"A policeman sent to investigate confirmed the sighting," the report reads. "Objects were moving faster than any man-made aircraft."

The files also show that, in 1967, Britain went on a "War of the Worlds" footing for several hours after a half-dozen, beeping and apparently seamless silver saucers were found in a perfect line across southern England.

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

UK Mod Files on the Rendlesham incident missing !

With yet another release today of the Uk Mod's Ufo files from the national archives some interesting revelations have surfaced regards missing files on the famous 1980 Rendlesham incident:

Intelligence papers on a reported UFO sighting known as the "Rendlesham incident" have gone missing, files from the National Archives reveal.

The missing files relate to a report of mysterious lights from US servicemen at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk in 1980. The disappearance came to light with the release of 8,000 previously classified documents on UFOs.

Officials found a "huge" gap where defence intelligence files relating to the case should be, the papers show.The documents are the latest MoD files on UFOs released into the National Archives which will be free to access on its website for a month. There is nothing to convince Her Majesty's government that there has ever been a single visit by an alien spacecraft”

Among the documents is testimony from an airline pilot and his son who say they spent five minutes watching an object made up of three circles fly past their garden in Hellingly, East Sussex.

The pilot reported it to Air Traffic Control in West Drayton, and an official labelled his sighting as one by "a credible witness". 
But another defence official later wrote a memo saying the report "contains nothing of air defence significance".
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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The mystery of the 1977 Flora UFO Sightings - mississippi

Below is a report on the lesser well known ufo event that occurred over Flora in mississippi in 1977. What makes this sighting exceptional was that it was witnessed by up to 24 policemen. If you know more about this interesting sighting, or were even a witness then please respond to this post - its important people know went on here.

Here is the link to the news video on this report ( i Can't seem to add it into the site.).

On Feb. 10, 1977, nearly two dozen law enforcement officers witnessed a giant floating object above the tree line in a cotton field off a rural Madison County road near Flora. A former deputy who said he saw the UFO told his story to WAPT's Darren Dedo. The deputy wanted his identity to be protected, so for the story, Dedo called him Joe.

"I'll tell you what though, most of them around here, you don't realize how many people have had a close encounter with what this is," Joe said. "It was approximately 15 to 18 feet off the ground, blue in color, kind of metallic blue, portholes around the center of it, shaped like an old spinning top kids use to use."

Madison County sheriff's Deputy Kenny Creel was also there that night. His description of what happened made the Flora incident world-famous. Three decades later, his cousin, Michael Creel, said the deputy is tight lipped about it.

He didn't really talk about it anymore. He said if he knew it was going to cause such a ruckus, he would have never said anything about it," Michael Creel said.

Dedo spoke with Kenny Creel about the UFO he supposedly saw some 34 years ago. He didn't want to go on camera, but he did tell Dedo by phone that he actually made the whole thing up -- that it was some kind of a joke. But, others aren't so sure about that.

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Ufo lights over CHICAGO illinois 18 FEBRUARY 2011

Many Ufo lights reported in from CHICAGO illinois earlier this month. Here is yet another video filme din the area on the 18th of feb. I am quite sure these could be lanterns - what do you think?

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ufo fleets or ballons / lanterns ?

Jaime Maussan information on several videos of UFO fleets in different countries in Spain, Serbia, Britain, Vietnam, Moscow from 2010 into 2011

Further footage of that strange meteor from the 11/02/2011

Im quite sure i reported this earlier this month about some strange debris or something crashing to the earth on the 11/02/2011.Its interesting as it looks like it changes its direction at one point. This is further footage. The question is - just what was it?

The UFO Vigilantes - Real UFO Hunters

Stunning observations are being made in the skies over Mexico and the world. In Mexico a new group of UFO observers called "The Vigilantes" are equipped with high-tech video equipment and are now combing the skies for evidence with fantastic results.

Among the amazing videos collected is stunning evidence of a strange new unidentified object now referred to as Ebanis. According to UFO Investigators, the evidence of Ebanis suggests that they are gigantic biological structures that behave like a kind of aircraft carrier for UFOs. For the first time in this feature length program, you will see the most complete UFO report on the wave of UFO activity over Mexico that to many UFO researchers is believed to be a real contact point between Man and ET.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Spiral Ufo over Severodvinsk Russia 26.02.2001

Breaking news here - a large spiral was seen over Severodvinsk Russia on the 26th.
This seems to be a similar to the Norway Spiral. It is believed this is a Soyuz capsule being launched at dusk. RealUfos would like to hear from people in Russia who also spotted this sighting and would like to hear your comments on what you think this is.

Severodvinsk Russia

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Triangle UFO lights in Queens New York City - anyone else see them?

A new report in at RealUfos from Queens New York City. RealUfos would like to hear from anyone in the area who also spotted this interesting new sighting as a reply - just what were these strange lights over the city skyline?

Posters comments:
I was waiting for the 7 @ Queens borough Plaza, and I noticed 3 lights on the horizon. I thought it was weird, but also thought it wasn't a big deal. Looked up at the sky then I saw a plane and another light. The plane went on it's merry way, while the light kept going farther up in the sky, 'til it disappeared from my sight. Then my attention was once again drawn to the lights from before, and I noticed the farthest one to the left moved. That's when I began to record.

This is a two parter, the 2nd one is shorter. but shows the lights a little bit better. So far I've canceled out: the tram (the one that takes you to Roosevelt Island) , planes, and helicopters (you know those make a crap ton of noise).

I apologize for my yammering in the video-- I was both very excited and very exhausted, lol.

Report on the 2011 annual 20th International UFO Congress

A news report on the annual 20th International UFO Congress. If you visited the conference please let us know your thoughts and how you found it as a reply to this post.

One of the largest annual gatherings of UFO enthusiasts is taking place in the Valley this week, bringing together participants who claim to have had encounters with alien life, those who believe their stories and those who simply are curious.

"These people here, they jump on planes and drive cross-country to be here and they've been coming for 20 years," said Tim Crawford, president and chief executive officer of Los Angeles-based UFO-TV, who has been a regular vendor at the annual conference. "Clearly they come to the eye of the storm. This is where the researchers and speakers come."

This year's conference features a long list of experts along with individuals who claim to have had encounters with alien life-forms, among them Travis Walton, whose claim of a firsthand encounter with a UFO while working as a logger in Arizona in 1975 was made into a movie.

"You get to meet people that have similar experiences," said Rita Abrego, of San Antonio. "You get to keep in touch with these people."

Several of those interviewed suggested not all in attendance hold the same views.

Thursday's highlights included the unveiling of an "outer-space security and development treaty of 2011," according to Carol Rosin. The goal, Rosin said, was to ultimately have the treaty ratified by leaders of several countries and presented to the United Nations.
 "It all begins here," Rosin said. "I am very excited." 

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UFO sightings in Elkhart/Goshen, Indiana Febuary 19,2011

Ufos filmed in triangle formation over Elkhart, Indiana on Saturday, 19th February 2011.