Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Further footage of that strange meteor from the 11/02/2011

Im quite sure i reported this earlier this month about some strange debris or something crashing to the earth on the 11/02/2011.Its interesting as it looks like it changes its direction at one point. This is further footage. The question is - just what was it?
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Michael said...

That's just some1 who has mastered The Buddhist palm, it's a great counter to the toad technique. Lol, no Kung Fu movie nerds? Any way, people were calling this a jet when the video was first showed up. How in the hell is this a jet?

Anonymous said...

We have been down this road before... airplane.

Anonymous said...

Yes,earlier Feb! but the question is what is it?...it looks like something burning up in the atmosphere,...could it be the nature of the burn out,that causes what ever it is, to ARC in its Trajectory, as it descends.
Hence, the slight turn! -OR-


Anonymous said...

Its two military aircraft the larger is refuelling a fighter jet.

the sun has set from the camera viewpoint but is still shining higher in the sky illuminating the contrail and the aircraft.

Anonymous said...

It's too slow to be a meteor. Not to mention that a meteor of that apparent size would have created debris unless it was a "kiss" meteor. I agree with the two jets theory

Anonymous said...

So where did it hit the ground, and why didn't the witness go see what it was?

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