Saturday, March 05, 2011

Nick Pope speaks on the Government and UFOs

Nick Pope, Former Uk MOd officer who talks about the government, rendlesham forest incident and current Ufo disclosure:
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Anonymous said...

Wasn't it good,to see Nick Pope again!? what a great speaker,a tidy mind full of information,a great orator! he looked as if he could go on & on, but I couldn't
help but think that someone was going to wear that glass of water he was holding in his right hand...but NO! he was even in control of that.I found my self
agreeing with a good deal of what he'd said, such a lot of topics that made sense...But just to make one comment; Nick had pointed out, that no one knows what these things are(ufo) I was thinking,
for at least some of the sightings,
what if; some of these craft were
"artificial intellegence" of the highest order, and where would THEY have come from??.....

Anonymous said...

thanx matt!!

Anonymous said...

Everytime when I see Nick Pope, I become alert. He's a former employee of the Ministry of Defence. Do you really believe that Mr. Pope wants true disclosure of the UFO files?
Keep dreaming! Mr. Pope just does what they tell him to do: feed the UFO hungry public with tiny bits of info so you have their full attention and keep than keep feeding them so they stay quiet and do not try to dive deeper into the matter.


Anonymous said...

Nick Pope is an ex con man employed by the British government to misinform and lie to ufologists after gaining there trust.
He used to con women out of there money prior to his new career.
Nick gets a real rush out of decieving Humanity and it makes him feel superior to everyone.
At the momment Nick is being used to try and further push the false flag alien invasion scenario after last years attempts failed due to whistle blowers on the projects globally standing up and shutting them down.
Nick is a compulsive liar and manipulator and you shouldn't trust a single word leaving this government grunts mouth because he is truly a traitor to Humanity.

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