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The Vancouver Lights - Ufos in canada

Very interesting case here from Unsolved mysteries - Strange diamond object over Vancouver.
Communication via lights if a common feature of interaction between Ufos and contactees
Would like to know if anyone else in vancouver had witnessed such objects over the years,

Phoenix Lights revisited Dr. Lynne Kitei of Coast to Coast

Dr. Lynne Kitei talks on coast to coast:

Remaning Parts

Nearly 13 years since the largest mass UFO sighting known as The Phoenix Lights, researcher Dr. Lynne Kitei shared her astonishing eyewitness testimony of the incident, as well as talked about similar sightings leading up to the March 1997 event. One such encounter occurred in 1995, when Kitei says three amber-colored orbs in a triangle formation hovered above her community in the desert. Kitei recalled an eerie silence falling over the neighborhood, the topmost orb slowly fading from view, and the feeling that an intelligent presence was watching her.

Kitei snapped photos of the orbs she saw that night and sent them (some years later) to be examined by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, a former U.S. Navy optical physicist. Noticing how the skyline lights changed in the pictures, Maccabee determined that at least an hour, if not more, had passed between the first and last shots. Kitei said she remembered the sighting taking only a few minutes and believes the photographs offer proof of 'missing time.'

Two years later, in January 1997, she had another sighting. Kitei described seeing six points of lights, equidistant from each other, moving together in a massive mile-wide configuration. Air traffic controllers at Sky Harbor International Airport also witnessed the event, Kitei continued, noting that they could offer no explanation for the phenomenon other than it was likely not caused by a conventional source.

The formation of lights returned again to the Arizona sky in March 1997 and this time thousands of people witnessed them. Kitei said area military bases initially claimed to have no idea what had caused the lights, but later suggested they were flares from an Air National Guard flight. Kitei expressed doubt about this theory, pointing out that the lights remained in a v-shape formation while traversing the state for several hours. The lights were reportedly seen detaching from the main object and then redocking with it as well, she added.

Some newer footage of the 1997 lights:

Orbs filmed over Chicago, Illinois on March 10, 2010.

Multiple UFOs / Orbs were recorded over Chicago, Illinois on March 10, 2010.

Reader submitted Ufo videos

I'm getting so many new ufo videos - here are new ones posted by our readers:
(also I have a few people saying the site is not loading ... please advis eif you have this problem)
UFO Ovni over Iquitos Peru

UFO / OVNI - Captado em praia do Rio Grande do Norte - Brasil. 12/03/2010.
Object captured on a beach in Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil. Information this is an alien probe.


Three ojects over a couple of days
Big Bright object lights up cloud two objects One Big and Bright filmed over Stirling golf course.
Second object seems two split and reform.
object num 3 seems two just sit there big and bright as car pass by.

Pilot Chased UFO, Saw It Crash, Visited Crash Site

Speaking recently on the Jeff Rense show, retired Colonel Robert B. Willingham admitted chasing a UFO across West Texas in his fighter jet, seeing it crash-land near Del Rio, Texas, and then visiting the crash site later that same day in 1955. The former pilot is convinced that the crashed object was extraterrestrial.

Hidden message in the BBC advert ?

You may have seen this advert if you over in the UK. This strange commercial on the BBC for their upcoming internet special reminds me of the tall humanoid being mentioned in my previous post. It may be unrelated, but could there be something behind the BBC commercial .. like some message? who knows... either way the advertisement has a sci-fi feel that is quiet appealing.

Strange lights / Ufo over Southern France

I have a feeling i have posted this footage back in 2009.
The lights are highly unusual .. can anyone confirm the date of this footage?

Russia - strange lights March 2010

Looks like lanterns to me - what do you think?

FAA tells all pilots to report Ufos to Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies

If there was ever an indication that the US government has outsourced and privatised Ufo research to bypass FOI requests then here it is:

It comes to no surprise amoung Ufologists that the FAA has requested all Ufo reports from pilots be sent to Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies. I have heard about this organisation before over the years - they often request details about Ufo sightings from all over the world with the front as being a private organisation and send investigators to areas like South America to document particular interesting Ufo sightings...

Because the US Airforce does not 'conveniently investigate Ufo sightings anymore'  it looks like they have developed a front or go-between private organisation to investigate for them.

According to the last order by Federal Aviation Administration—issued on December 10
to its air traffic control organization,  air traffic controllers are to tell anyone wanting to report Ufos to contact Bigelow:

Persons wanting to report UFO/unexplained phenomena activity should contact a UFO/ unex plained phenomena reporting data collection center, such as Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) (voice: 1-877-979-7444 or e-mail: [email protected])

Top on the list is Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), a "new organization that is devoted to exploration of extremely advanced aerospace technology, including the so-called unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) or unidentified flying object (UFO) topics", says the FAA in the update.

Between 2001 and 2004, controllers were told suggest the reports be sent to another Bigelow venture, the National Institute for Discovery Sciences (NIDS). The FAA says NIDS was the "go-to" organization for the "reporting by pilots and air traffic control of UFOs in the United States".

Keeping an eye out for Bigelow - Just who are they?:
Bigelow is no joke -  back engineering Ufos is their aim in an attempt to create advanced spacecraft.. here is an excert from their website:
Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), a sister company to Bigelow Aerospace, is a newly formed research organization that focuses on the identification, evaluation, and acquisition of novel and emerging future technologies worldwide as they specifically relate to spacecraft. BAASS is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are seeking experienced scientists to join our research teams. If you are an inquisitive outside of the circle thinker, who is detail oriented and who is looking for a challenge, this is a unique and exciting opportunity to advance your career and to be a part of cutting edge research.

The cosmic heart of the United Kingdom - why here?

Following up from my previous post i thought i would provide a map showing the location of Winchester to Wilshire.

If you have been following Ufo and crop circle reports for a while you will know that the below Map of the Uk is where they all happen - but  i would  to know what makes this part of the UK so special? -  this is where the majority of all crop circles appear in the world as well as many ancient UK landmarks such as  stonehenge, golden ball hill and those huge white horses on the hills.

There's something major going on here, some type of energy vortex and its been happening for thousands of years as the druids and older civilisations left relics and landmarks such as stonehenge  nearby - why did they know that we aren't picking up on?

There are so many Ufo sightings in this area as well  its not funny .. you may have heard of these places - Wilshire, Salisbury, stonehenge,  .. Avebury,  Silbury Hill, golden ball hill (why'd they call it golden ball?) - for those who don't know they are all in close vacinity strangely:
I have personally seen these sights following my recent trip to these areas and if you make it to the UK and want to see these ancient sights and crop circles you simply must to the private restricted tour of stone henge with Pat also the ancient england day tour from London is great.

Note: To see the crop circles the best time to come between July and August - i was too early and didn't see any this year!
Here are the sights from the areas mentioned in the above map:
Crop circle near the Giant white horse:

Councillor Hicks admits he saw an ET in Winchester

Ok so you may remember a few months ago a post about Police in the UK seeing chasing 3 blonde humanoid tall beings from a crop circle in Wiltshire (crop circle central in the UK).. Well in nearby Winchester in the UK a Councillor  came forward  to say he saw a similar beings (as well did many others) walking through a busy shopping centre . With such a credible and respected witness coming forward many people have been taken back and so the media in the UK didn't want to touch the story.

RealUfos would like to hear from anyone in the UK especially in areas from the map on my next post - Winchester or Wiltshire who may have also seen these humanoid type beings - if so please respond to this post.

Below is a report on his account of seeing the being and his revealing video interview:

Councillor Hicks, member of Winchester city council in Hampshire,England, recently went on public record as having witnessed an alien humanoid in a busy shopping centre in Winchester five years ago. Hicks is appealing to authorities in the United States and the United Kingdom to release what they know about UFOs.

Cllr Hicks, an orthopaedic technician in the department at the Royal Hampshire CountyHospital for some 35 years, said he saw the creature at about 1.30pm on a Saturday in late January or early February 2004. For five years he remained silent about his experience because he did not want it to jeopardise his chances of election to the city council.

Now, two years after securing a place for the Liberal Democrats covering the St John and AllSaints ward of Highcliffe, St Giles Hill, Bar End and Winnall, he says he is willing to risk ridicule as he tells of the encounter for the first time.

Councillor Hicks feels strongly about the UFO issue and the fact that a UFO base is located near his city and that the public are not being given what the government knows about the issue .

He now has a website detailing his experience to try and raise awareness amoung the public..

The “walk-through” is the third video produced on behalf of Councillor Hicks. The video is a short film of Councillor Adrian Hicks following us through Winchester High Street and identifying the areas as to where he saw this “being” and his whereabouts that day. The video is designed to give you an up close “point of view” shot as to what Councillor Adrian Hicks saw.

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RealUfos site Update


Hope your all doing well,

Firstly, just like to thank all our  readers for your continued support, comments and news and video submissions over the years! Without your submissions and help i would not be able to keep this site updated as often as it it with the latest Ufo news out there. As you may know Ufo sightings just keep increasing every year and the volume of videos and news coming in now is non-stop.

Now by the way ..RealUfos finally has its own facebook page which you are invited to join and post discussion comments on!

And I am happy to announce that RealUfos is currently ranked the No1 top paranomal site at the moment on the internet! and we would appreciate your rating and review of the site if you have time.

Yes sadly our forum is down at the moment while we are revamping it.
And .... we have added the Veritas Ufo radio show player back on the site (lower right) after people requested (and missed) it. I also do love the Veritas radio Show by Mel and appreciate the great work he is doing to help broadcast voices from the Ufo community!


Keep your eyes to the Skies!

Strange things in Columbia

No clear on what they are staying but they are looking at some weird object in the sky here seen in Columbia - something like the foo fighters... anyone who can translate this appreciated

Reflecting on the Crop circle season of 2009

Real or not the crop circle season from 2009 revealed some interesting designs..
As we wait for the 2010 season to start (active between April - August ) here's 2009 in review:

Mount Adams Washington America's Ufo Hotpost - James Gilliland's story

Other than Niagara falls, Mount Adams is another active Ufo hotspot in the US at the moment.
Its one place i wish to visit  as people say you can see Ufos near the mountains most nights now (check out some the previous Ufo posts from there) .
Mr Gilliland's ranch there is now a major stay for people who wish to see the Ufos there.
This is his story:

Triangle Ufo Oyster Bend Sully Uk 24th March

Looks like a triangle Ufo

Posters comments:
sighting of UFO`s seen at Oyster Bend Sully witnessed by the Richards family at 8.30 in the evening of the 24th of March There was actually 5 large orange lights with no sound but we only managed to film and take photo`s of three, the first was seperate and left, then the 5th one came a few minutes behind the other three.

Reader submitted Ufo videos

Here's some strange videos of the week submitted by realUfos readers - Your comments apprecaited on these videos
Rancho Cucamonga, California - 24th March 2010 - Tr-3b?

Cigar Ufo over

2010/2009 and the flying Pyramids - real of fake - please comment

Strange lights over BAGHERIA ITALY MARCH 2010 ovni

Ufo spotted over  BAGHERIA ITALY MARCH 2010

Are we Alone ? - European Space agency spurs debate with new Video

What is the European Space agency trying to tell us with  this new video released this week?

Well .. they explain the French take Ufos seriously - their space agency CNES (The French version of NASA) even has department called GEIPAN which researches all UFO sightings :

Flying saucers, aliens and UFOs are just science fiction to most people, but to some they are real. What's the scientific explanation of these unexplained sightings in the sky? Is there life in space? Euronews Space magazine looks at both sides of the debate.

CNN - Obama and Ufo disclosure

CNN attempts a look at the Ufo disclosure progress under the Obama Adminstration , esepcially with Podesta's influence as he is pro Ufos.

Awesome Disc Shaped UFO Mahmutlar, Turkey - 3/23/2010

Here's a great new ufo video from Mahmutlar, Turkey filmed 23rd of March 2010.
RealUfos would liek to hear from anyone in turkey who may have also have seen this.

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2 linked UFOs over Waitsfield, Vermont 20 March 2010

Waitsfield, Vermont - these strange lights appeared March 20th - did anyone else in Vermont see them? please reply if you did.

Bright V-shaped UFO filmed over Sacramento, California 20 March 2010

Object filmed in Sacramento foothills, California - 20th March 2010
If anyone from Sacramento is reading this please comment if you know any more about this sighting

SACRAMENTO, CA- Are UFO's taking a closer look at Sacramento? 

Local groups that track possible UFO sightings said there have been several interesting local sightings lately. According to Ben Stoecker, the contact person for the Sacramento chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, there's definitely something going on.

"There's a phenomenon, or perhaps several phenomena, that we don't even begin to understand," Stoecker said. "Maybe they are Pleidians, or whatever, from another planet, or from Mars, even."
Stoecker looked at a video of a possible unidentified flying object sighting in the foothills and said there are many possible explanations for some of the more unusual sightings.
"Maybe they're objects built right here by some group on Earth or by our own govenment," he suggests.

Sacramento City College astronomer, Liam McDaid, said he finds it difficult to understand why so many sightings are assumed to be from aliens from elsewhere in space.
"It's probably not an alien species that's traveled x-number of light years to come here and harass us, without doing anything obvious, or overt, like landing on the White House lawn, having a beer with Obama," McDaid said.

Per Stoecker, the idea of UFO's is not that difficult to imagine. He believes there may be advanced technologies, beyond human imagination, on Earth.
"We might be dealing with paranormal phenomena - a challenge to our very notion of reality," Stoecker said. "Or with some bizarre life form. We don't know."
Astronomer McDaid would like to see some hard proof.

"I need to see some actual alien hardware, technology, metal, (an) ash tray with Alpha Centauri Hilton on it, something that will make it clear to me that it does not come from our planet," said McDaid.

Ufo lights seen near Las Vegas ? 10th March 2010

RealUfos would like to hear from anyone else in vegas who may have also seen these lights early in March - please reply to this post.

Posters comments: March 10 2010. We were in front of luxor hotel when 4 lights appeared in an arched position and stayed there for about 1 hour. They were blinking slightly and did not move from that location.They were low to the ground.

zoomed in

 There was also a weird cloud formation in the sky 10 min prior to the lights showing up not sure if that is related ?

Credit to ang for this phot

Another interview with Sydney woman about Ufo sighting

More on the Sydney Ufo report - Fiona Hartigan who is certain she took photographs of UFOs - speaks to Neil Mitchell about her close encounter in Sydney.
RealUfos would like to hear from others in Sydney who may have also seen any strange objects recently.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

UFO sighting over Sydney, Australia - March 24, 2010

Here's a new Ufo report from my favorite place Australia. We don't get that many Ufo reports from there so when this one made the news many people emailed me about it.

It occured in Sydney yesterday. However, upon looking at the images (below) closer it looks like some object on the windscreen filmed from within the car .. but the lady insist the object was filmed from outside the car and was captured on her iphone.
Would like your comments on the object and images below.

TV Interview with the lady on the Morning Show:

IT EMERGED from a blazing light in the clouds, descending on a busy street before zipping off silently into the sunset.

Just what - or who - propelled the strange flying disc across Sydney's skyline may never be known.

But while the close encounter was over in seconds, it was enough to convince mother-of-two Fiona Hartigan that she'd just seen a UFO.

And she has the photos to prove it.

Ms Hartigan yesterday said she had just got out of her car on Sunday evening to snap a few sunset photos when the amazing events began.

"As I was about to take the picture this black object appeared and then it started to move," she said.

"It started off about 800m away but it came closer - to about 400m - and then two other little round things appeared from this bright orange light above.

"There was no noise. It was calm and peaceful but it was very weird."

Ms Hartigan said the main UFO then shot off above Governor Macquarie Drive at Chipping Norton, with the smaller UFOs zipping away in the opposite direction.

"I don't know how to explain it - I'm still totally bewildered," she said.

To the sceptic, Ms Hartigan's photo might show a speck of dust on the lens or something small floating in the air close to the camera. But ....

keep reading at Source Telegraph -

VERITAS talks with US airline pilot Don Daniels about UFOs.

Airline pilots always make the most credible Ufo witnesses because they know more than the public about our skies. So when pilots in the US come forward we should listen especially as United, American and many other US airlines have a "say nothing otherwise get fired policy" when it comes to their pilots reporting about Ufos.
Mel Fabregas from VERITAS talks with US airline pilot Don Daniels about UFOs at the 2010 International UFO Congress. Don was a 2001 Disclosure Project witness as well.

Reader submitted Ufo videos for March 2010

2 linked UFOs over Waitsfield, Vermont 20 March 2010

Quebec - strange object March 2010

Connecting the dots

Is it no co-incidence that the most active Ufo hotspots of 2010 - Lake Erie, Niagara Falls and Pennsylvania are all within close proximity of each other?...
Whats the connection - something to do with  the water, nearby military bases or power plants?
Any ideas or comments on this appreciated.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Strange craft Altoona, PA March 20.2010

Bizzare craft spotted above Altoona - i am assuming this is experimental military craft or was it a triangle Ufo?

Posters comments:
It was like a triangle and then looked like a wing, it looked like it was flying straight up and down then flipped over! This thing circled over my house 2 times and was so low I thought it was gonna land on the roof! a friend just left my house and saw it too and was so startled they pulled over to look at it as well

America's new Ufo Hotspot - Niagara Falls - the giant triangle is back! March 21

Going to Niagara Falls ? - take your video cameras with you and try and stay there till late -your likely to see a large triangle Ufo ...

I would like all my readers to tell friends and anyone you know who may be going to the falls to try and stay there till late and check the sky out  A note if you go there -  the Ufo appears only during times of cloud cover as it tries to mask it appearance.  I have posted numerous times since mid 2009 about many people filming a very large metallic triangular object , with blue reflective lights.  Apparently now the Military knows this craft is coming back as jets have been seen in the area afterwoods.  MUFON is also taking the recent sightings seriously with investigators looking into the new reports from the area.

With multiple people have filming the same giant triangle Ufo on repeated occasions the area is quickly becoming a Ufo hot spot - and it keeps coming back.!
Why Niagara folks ? - I have no idea - is there a hydro power plant there?

If you live in the Niagara region please keep a watchful eye out area near the falls and report any new sightings you see.

Here is the most recent sighting:

My fourth sighting, third video of this. Bottom Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls. Mr. Whatdidyousee, several new witnesses, and some other people stop when they notice me filming and explain the sighting they have just had less than 2km away from here. Large lights are visible on each side of flash. Object rises, falls, disappears and reappears. Windy but object seems rock solid. I was in 2 locations for over 2 1/2 hours. It SUDDENLY disappears and is GONE approx 11;40...Not the greatest camera, of the two I used, this was best. Two airplanes are seen flying BELOW object. Their size is tiny in comparison. Would love to know what was seen by them (lightning flash to them, possibly?)

And from a different person that night as well:

and on March 20

Dr. Karla Turner - a serious look at abductions

I've been getting emails for years from people talking about their abduction experiences. At first i discounted these as lunatics but when multiple people recount the same experiences time and time again (see bottom of post)  it brings the topic under question again for me - especially when well respected professionals like Dr. Karla Turner  below detail their experience. Many people have their reputations and careers on the line and don't speak out , but when they do we should listen.

Well educated and spoken Dr. Karla Turner was widely respected in the UFO community for her research on alien abduction. A scholar and professional educator, she earned a Ph.D. in Old English studies and taught at the university level in Texas for more than ten years. But in 1988, she and her husband and son endured a shocking series of experiences and recollections that forced them to recognize that they were all abductees.
She died of cancer on January 10, 1996, after being threatened for her work. (A strange co-incidence as DR Steven Greer from the disclosure project got the same type of unusual cancer) She was just 48. Since then, several other people involved in UFO investigation have also experienced threats followed by highly unusual cancer.


remaining parts

Had an abduction experience - ?
There are common traits that people email me with  - bright lights trying to communicate with them at first, loss of time, lapse in memory, repeated ufo encounters (always), strange objects under the skin with no entry marks, recurring sleep, headaches, paralysis during sleep,PTSD of no origin and increased psychic / mental  abilities.

Communion the movie - the abduction experience

The famous Communion book writen by Whitley Strieber in the late 80's was famous for the common day understanding of the "grey" alien.  The disturbing thing about the top selling book was that it based on Strieber's own alleged experiences with non-human, possibly extraterrestrial entities.

Here is the 1989 movie starring Christopher Walken as  Whitley gives a chilling account of the abduction experience:

Part 2

remaining parts

Also a note for realUfos readers - you can now own a part of the movie :

North Hollywood, California –  the original ‘Blue Alien Wardrobe Costumes’ from the 1989 Sci-Fi movie ‘Communion’, starring Christopher Walken was just listed on ebay . Christopher Walken can be seen kissing the blue extraterrestrial by clicking the embedded YouTube auction video. This auction will run 10 days and ends Wednesday, March 30, 2010 at 8:15 PST.

 Christopher Walken’s compelling performance as Strieber evokes questions of curiosity and an eerie sense of truth about alien abduction.

Anyone interested in movie memorabilia, aliens or UFOs is invited to visit this auction by clicking  here.

Michael Schratt on top secret aircraft

Michael Schratt, an aerospace historian regarding top secret craft that he has investigated and documented. As a top notch researcher, he has met with and interviewed many NASA and defense department individuals regarding these classified projects as well as civilians.
This impromtu interview reveals important evidence and as well as anecdotes that will fascinate even those who are not wild over cool planes and unidentified craft in our skies today. --Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

Monday, March 22, 2010

UK MOD's top level probe into diamond shaped Ufo over scotland from the 90's

Credit to the Telegraph in the UK for this new article looking at a high level Ufo case from newly released MOD Ufo Files:

(RealUfos would also like to hear from anyone in scotland who may have also witnessed any similar  Ufos sightings from the early 90's - please respond to this post.)

Declassified government files have revealed how Ministry of Defence (MoD) officials launched a top-level probe into a diamond shaped aircraft seen hovering above a Scottish village.

Officials were so alarmed by the object, which was captured on camera, that they broke with established procedures and referred the sighting to ministers.

Illustration from witness from the MOD Files:

They also overrode rules prohibiting investigations into UFO sightings not considered an immediate threat to national security, and spent more than a year trying to crack the still unexplained mystery.

Former Armed Forces head wanted probe into UFO sighting, newly released files show
The disclosure about the incident is contained in more than 1,000 pages of official documentation, detailing hundreds of UFO sightings between 1987 and 1993, which has been made available publicly at the National Archives in Kew for the first time today.

Their release comes at a time of increased reports of UFO activity in Britain.

Figures obtained by The Sunday Telegraph show that sightings for the first two months of 2009 have been higher than for any year for which records are publicly available, and are three times higher than the normal monthly average.

Most of the UFO "sightings" contained in the national archives were ultimately explained away. But the Scottish event still remains a mystery.

According to the files, the Ministry of Defence first became aware of the existence of the craft when the Daily Record newspaper presented it with six colour photographs of the object. The UFO seen by two men, one of whom captured it on camera, as it hovered in daylight near the A9, at Calvine, north of Pitlochry, on August 4, 1990.

The witnesses said it hovered for about 10 minutes – during which time military aircraft were also seen making a series of low-level passes – before moving upwards, out of sight, at great speed.

The files show that officials established from the photographs that the military craft were Harrier jets even though, intriguingly, none were operational in the area at the time.

An MoD minute prepared for the then Armed Forces Minister, Sir Archie Hamilton, and dated September 14, 1990 states: "Under Secretary of State (Armed Forces) may wish to be aware that the Scottish Daily Record may run a story regarding an alleged sighting of a UFO near Pitlochrie [sic] in early August. Such stories are not normally drawn to the attention of Ministers and the MoD press office invariably responds to questions along well-established lines emphasising our limited interest in the UFO phenomenon and explaining that we therefore do not have the resources to undertake any in-depth investigations into particular sightings.

"They [the photographs] show a large stationary, diamond-shaped object past which, it appears, a small jet aircraft is flying. The negatives have been considered by the relevant staff who have established that the jet aircraft is a Harrier (and also identified a barely visible second aircraft, again probably a Harrier) but have reached no definite conclusion regarding the large object."

Lights over Dunfermline, Scotland MArch 2010

Filmed 20 MARCH 2010 AROUND 7PM some strange red lights in almost a triangle formation were seen over Dunfermline, Scotland - did anyone else see these lights in Scotland?  if so please reply  to this post.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Amazing new closeup of the triangle Ufo over Niagara Falls from 2009

Late 2009 there were numerous multiple witness accounts and videos of some large triangular craft over Niagara Falls. Since this time and even till up until recently many people have seen strange lights over the falls and surrounding area.
Many people who saw the object said they saw a blue and white lights and even some large reflective metal craft  in the sky.Previous footage which i posted about was sketchy but if genuine this newly released video is meant to be the most clearest of the object so far. I would like your comments on this footage and would like it verified by anyone who has seen these objects in Niagara:
RealUfos would also like to hear as well from anyone who has seen any lights in the Niagara region which may have not been reported recently - we would like to know the details of your sighting if you have any specifics.
Note: Strong language in this video.

Posters comments:
Taken outside the Wild Mushroom on Ferry Street in Niagara Falls this video shows most clearly what I and others have seen many times, what l captured ( though not as clearly ) the lights being CUT OFF by an object, but this video not only shows that, but shows a triangular shape, and in 1 frame what looks like a PYRAMID but it's not clear enough to tell that part.

The blue flash seems to be close to the TIP of the triangle shape and the rest of the lights seem to be from the Propulsion system.
This craft has no lights at all which make me wonder of it's origin!

There are many theories, but all are only guesses, the only thing that is sure is it is a SHIP of some kind, VERY large, black, completely light absorband and at least partially triangular

Ufos over Mexico 1992

Very interesting footage from Mexico from 1992.. if anyone can provide a translation of this it would be appreciated:

Large triangle Ufo filmed over Italy this week

I have been getting many emails of Ufo reports coming in from Italy this week.
Would like to hear from people in Italy who may have seen strange lights recently - please reply to this post. His a video of a large triangle Ufo seen over Italy this last week :

More footage of lights seen over Italy recently