Friday, December 14, 2012

Appearing UFO Lights Over Lake.

Assuming this video was taken from Lake Erie :
Poster is adamant these were not flares.

UFO News Report, Lubbock, Texas.

An older news report about UFO sightings over Lubbock, Texas.
The town has been a UFO hot-spot for about a decade.

Another UFO Report On The News?

No further information on this one - the poster advises this footage was removed from media circulation because of its content?
If anyone has further information on this video please advise.

Missile Or UFO? Cape Town, South Africa

Hundreds in Cape Town ,South Africa saw this incredible bright moving light in the clouds.
Some assume the timing links in with the North Korean missile launch, while others say it was the Orbital Test Vehicle (below)
Appreciate your comments and if you live in Cape town please reply with your eyewitness report;
Posters comments
Video footage now added of the bright flash and a rapidly moving cloud that was seen from most of the Western Cape around 20:40 (SAST) on 11 December 2012. Lots of people saw it, some thinking it to be a UFO or the doomsday object due to destroy the Earth on 21 December! But patiently waiting at his home, satellite hunter Greg Roberts were waiting for this, the third flight of OTV (Orbital Test Vehicle). And was he surprised to such a spectacular show when both the 2nd stage Centaur rocket and OTV-3 made retro-burns above the Cape Town skies. 

Eyewitness News - UFO Reported In Bakersfield, California: 11/12/ 2012 -

Eyewitness News - UFO reported in Bakersfield, California December 11, 2012.
I must say, the Mayan doomsday reference was not really appropriate for this news cast:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Strange Lights Above Meadows Airport, California

UFO lights over Northwest Bakersfield above Meadows Airport.

UFO Makes The News! San Francisco: 8/12/2012

Did you see the UFO lights over San Francisco, on the 8th of December? Well many in the area did, and the media has caught wind of this story, since the posting of that interesting December 8th  footage on Youtube:

“Looked like flame, you know, fireballs in the sky,” Barrios said in an interview with CBS 5. David Shelley took pictures as the lights hovered over him early Sunday Morning. “Kind of looked like a fiery, floaty thing,” he said. Witnesses said the lights flickered on and off, then took different shapes. “So in the beginning they looked like flying candles, and then afterwards they started making formations, triangular formations,” said Barrios. Source

Huge Flashing Fireball Caught On Video.

Please let me know if this is an old post, but I dont think we have covered this report.
A bright flash was caught from an in-car camera - can anyone provide a translation of this?

UFO Lights - Victoria, British Columbia: 08/08/2012

Posters comments:
Six unidentified flying objects moving in formation over the Ministry of Finance building in Victoria on the 8th of August 2010 at 23:38 PST. Note the two central craft moving upper right to lower left of

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lights? Lanterns? Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico: 01/12/2012

A major sighting occurred in Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico on December 1, 2012. This story even made the local news reports!
Many witnesses feel these lights weren't Chinese lanterns. We'll leave this to you to decide...
Our team would appreciate a translation of this video?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lights On San Francisco: 8/12/2012

Were they simply chinese lanterns or something else filmed over San Francisco December 8th 2012?

Crop Circles - Carl Sagan's Letter To U.K.'s MoD

Carl Sagan, a famous American astronomer and TV personality was long known for his skeptic stance towards UFOs in the public eye but over the years it has come out his personal beliefs on the topic were possibly quite the contrary.

 A few years ago, we covered a revealing post where Dr. Allen J. Hynek (from project Bluebook) apparently confided his revelations about Dr Sagan to his former associate Paolo Harris -   "I know UFOs are real, but I would not risk my research (College) funding, as you do, to talk openly about them in public.’

Linda Moulton Howe, investigative researcher from has uncovered a quote From March 6, 1996, letter by astronomer Carl Sagan to U. K. Ministry of Defence, in which he allegedly quotes that:

"evidence has been uncovered showing some farmers have been paid considerable sums of money to destroy the real crop circles when they appear, and groups encouraged to then make hoaxed replicas.”  

Coming from such a well respected man in the scientific community this is indeed a revealing revelation.

However it is not a shock to many, with the grandfather of crop circle research, Colin Andrews often explaining that crop circles were under deep surveillance from the 1980's and onwards with extensive CIA and UK military involvement in an active disinformation campaign to deter public attention and discredit researchers of the topic.

The UFO & The Noise - Warwick, Rhode Island: 3/12/2012

This occurred on December the 3rd. A strange, long 'hum' was heard by hundreds of residents in Warwick Rhode island apparently just after a strange UFO like object was seen in the sky.
If you heard it we want to know more - please reply to this post.
On Monday, December 3, 2012, first near 6:15 PM Eastern in Warwick, Rhode Island, an eyewitness saw a “dark sky blue circle with a black dot at the middle” suddenly appear near the horizon facing east toward Conimicut Point on the Providence River. 
Then there was a loud explosion, a rumbling, and a flash of light, is what residents in Warwick and Barrington repeatedly described to officers as calls flooded the police station last night. Denise Burrows described what happened," We heard a huge boom, just assumed it was an explosion in the local area, and then realized it was a little further away after hearing some of the reports and came out to see what it was." "It sounded like a really loud motorcycle," said Lauren Burrows. Crews searched the area through the night. The Coast Guard scanning the waters. Police say it appears the noise came from the Bay near Conimicut Point. The search has since been called off for now. Source
Read more at Earthfiles

UFO Lights On Omak, Washington: 7/12/2012

For some strange reason once uploaded to Youtube, this UFO video lost the quality needed to see the second orb below the bright one which made it impressive.
The best you can do is view in HD 1080dpi in fullscreen and you might be able to see it.
Please note anyone in the nearby Omak area, please reply to this post if you have also seen strange lights like these recently.

Mufon Eyewitness comment:
 It was dark outside. I observed what appeared to be a jet flying from the south to the northeast. it went in a straight line slowly but then it stopped and hovered close to 20 miles or so south of my location. it then moved in an arching pattern from the southeast sky to the northwest sky. it came to hover over Omak downtown. it hovered there from around 10pm until 1am. I did not see it depart 
I called my nephew outside and he was terribly startled and ran back into the house. he also told me to come inside. I then asked him to get a camera/video equipment and take photos. we did capture the object in several pictures and some video.

3D Triangle UFO Ovni - Bugarach, France: 8/12/2012

A rather strange UFO video here...not sure what to make of it?
Any comments people very much appreciated. It's strange how the 3D triangle like shape rotates and changes
Filmed Hovering over Bugarach in France December the 8th.

Bright Hovering UFO - Texas, USA: 5/12/2012

UFO video sent in by a reader:

.This morning at 5 am i went outside to look for the freaks that come out at night instead i saw 3 very large star-like objects in the sky one west another north and south .they where big bright and 2 of them was coming down and the other one was going straight video clips of them recorded till light out side.sorry alot of shakiness trying to show u all 3 of them.enjoy and be safe.

Monday, December 10, 2012

UFO Lights On Chigwell UK: 7/12/2012

Filmers comments: 22:50 when my dad tells me that something was going on outside, I take my camera and my impression was great to see those lights as they flew and they were so close together and formed something scared me enough and started recording, moves the pile and more keep coming. As extra information in Concepción two large blue lights and lightning were also seen in the sky????

Meteors Take A Shower In Texas - Or UFO?: 07/12/2012

A recent bright flash seen across the sky in Texas has raised UFO reported across the area.
See on December 7, 2012, some assume this was the Geminids meteor shower, however, others aren't so sure. If you saw these lights please reply to this post:

Eyewitnesses from Dallas to Houston, as far west as Austin and as far east as Louisiana described the light, which occurred sometime before 7 a.m., alternately as "a burst of green" or "a bright blue flash followed by a tail of smoke" that "looked similar to lightning flash" and even sounded to some like a "sonic boom." It's most likely an object from the Geminids meteor shower, speculated a meteorologist for KHOU. It's most likely an object from the Geminids meteor shower, a meteorologist speculated for KHOU.
Read more source

Sunday, December 09, 2012

UFOs In Europe - Government Investigates

Nat Geo's "Untold Stories  -UFOs in Europe". A great new documentary for this weekend..
An interesting overview of European Governments' investigations into UFOs over the past few decades:

UFO Pics Just In: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire: 3/12/2012

Interesting UFO photos sent in from a reader in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire on December 3rd.
I had to crop the original image (here) to fit it on the site. There are houses in the foreground and top left in the sky, is a UFO - possibly in triangle formation?
We'd love to hear as a reply from others in Yorkshire, if anyone else saw these lights:
Eyewitness comments:
Bright lights in the sky 2 bright white one slightly off colour, there was four at one point 3 bright one dull. stationary in the sky, didnt move. they were South from denby dale, got some SLR shots and some RAW files, no tripod though decent shots though. they were taken with a telephoto lense. went down stairs to put the camera back, after about 5 mins of looking at them in the same position then they vanished as i was away from the window. looks similar to the video recording over the hawai video you have on the site. dont know what it was but i thought i would share.

Multiple UFOs Sighted! Grand Blanc, Michigan: 4/12/2012

Calling all folks from Michigan.
UFOs reported by many over Grand Blanc area on the 4th December.
If you saw any strange lights like these below please reply to this post with your eyewitness account. It seems many in the area saw the lights and called the police to report them.

News report:
GRAND BLANC TWP., MI -- Jeff Holko doesn't know exactly what he captured on video Tuesday, but the 23-year-old township man is open to suggestions for something he can't otherwise explain. 
"I'm not saying it's aliens from another planet," said Holko, who grabbed his cellular phone and started recording the sky above Heatherwood Apartments on Grand Blanc Road after spotting a bright, flickering object hovering about 500 feet off the ground. Genesee County has been flooded with reports of unidentified flying objects since The Flint Journal reported on the claim of Denzel Washington, a 19-year-old, who reported seeing some type of craft in the sky above Rave theaters in Flint Township on Nov. 11.