Thursday, December 13, 2012

UFO Lights - Victoria, British Columbia: 08/08/2012

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Six unidentified flying objects moving in formation over the Ministry of Finance building in Victoria on the 8th of August 2010 at 23:38 PST. Note the two central craft moving upper right to lower left of
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Anonymous said...

It is spectacular, so why do they stop filming. Always makes it suspect to me.

Diamond Fingers said...

Looks like they are moving toward the Sidney airport. I live on Vancouver Island near Victoria. This is downtown Victoria. I'm not saying this is fake but I've seen much more spectacular things here then this video. In the summer I found is when we get a lot of action and something like this is a every day sighting, it's hard to say what it is because its downtown and the city is lite up with light but why fly in pairs do close to the airport and downtown ? Seems kind of risky at night. When you get out of the city where there is less light around here you see more strange things out toward the pacific. I've seen many strange objects here, things that would blow your mind and would look like nothing much on camera because the move so fast. Not every day just once in awhile, this has fascinated me since I was a child and I'm sure I'm not the only one around here. My theory is that there is some kind of path like a highway these objects use around here which accounts for the reason we see them so frequently and they are always in pairs. Yet again I cannot stress how much cameras downplay these sightings and they are much more different seen in person. Perhaps UFo enthusiasts should start to consider this when they review so called evidence and camera distribution. Cameras do see what we can.

Anyhow nice to see something local getting out, thanks for posting.

Diamond Fingers said...

I had to correct my last comment regarding cameras, my spell checker on my computer tends to say its own thing and I just wanted to clarify .. " cameras see what we see " ..., ment to say cameras cannot see what we see. I think some things can only be proven with the eyes despite the worldwide distribution of cameras. Ufo credibility has been questioned since we have so many cameras around but yet a fast moving object at night refined to the eye still looks like a blur on a typical camera. Hope that made better sense.

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