Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crop Circles - Carl Sagan's Letter To U.K.'s MoD

Carl Sagan, a famous American astronomer and TV personality was long known for his skeptic stance towards UFOs in the public eye but over the years it has come out his personal beliefs on the topic were possibly quite the contrary.

 A few years ago, we covered a revealing post where Dr. Allen J. Hynek (from project Bluebook) apparently confided his revelations about Dr Sagan to his former associate Paolo Harris -   "I know UFOs are real, but I would not risk my research (College) funding, as you do, to talk openly about them in public.’

Linda Moulton Howe, investigative researcher from Earthfiles.com has uncovered a quote From March 6, 1996, letter by astronomer Carl Sagan to U. K. Ministry of Defence, in which he allegedly quotes that:

"evidence has been uncovered showing some farmers have been paid considerable sums of money to destroy the real crop circles when they appear, and groups encouraged to then make hoaxed replicas.”  

Coming from such a well respected man in the scientific community this is indeed a revealing revelation.

However it is not a shock to many, with the grandfather of crop circle research, Colin Andrews often explaining that crop circles were under deep surveillance from the 1980's and onwards with extensive CIA and UK military involvement in an active disinformation campaign to deter public attention and discredit researchers of the topic.
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Anonymous said...

I believe people do c them cause I did sensed one one time wen I was ten.i was afraid to tel someone cause they would of take me! miss victoria felder

Guy said...

And the Sagan letter in full says:

One Colin Andrews, self-described as "England's foremost crop circle expert" claims that "The British government...has sanctioned the Ministry of Defence to say that the circles are real. Evidence has been uncovered showing some farmers have been paid considerable sums of money to destroy the real crops circles when they appear, and groups encouraged to then make hoaxed replicas." Could I trouble you to tell me the Ministry of Defence's view of this statement?

So, the source of the text is not Sagan but Colin Andrews, which of course reduces its credibility by about seven orders of magnitude.

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