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New UFO Hunters - Aliens at the Airport

New Ufo Hunters episode looks at the worrying trend of Ufos following passanger aircraft and attempts of Ufos to land at airports around the world.I have talked about this trend many times before
Also the video exposes the FAA's coverup of the Ohare incident with unrefutable evidence from the airtraffic controllers tapes showing they were aware of the Ufo. Discuss further in the forum here

A UFO sighting above Chicago's largest airport leaves authorities scrambling for answers. On November 7th, 2006 (link), a strange object hovered for ten minutes over Gate C17 at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago before rapidly ascending into the sky. And on October 23rd of 2004, in Osaka, Japan a UFO was spotted tailing Japanese Airlines flight 1512 (link)as it came in for a landing. Are UFOs following our own commercial aircraft, and surveying our airports?

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Discuss this further in the forum here

Crashed Ufo filmed within Wright Patterson AFB Hanger 18 ?

Could this be real footage of a Ufo filmed from within the famous Wright Patterson airforce base? - comments guys..
(famously known as the base where the crashed craft from Roswell was meant to be flown to 1947)

Right-Patterson AFB has become very well-known among UFO researchers and theorists due to its connection with the Roswell incident of July 1947. This is one of the locations, alongside the Groom Lake/Area51 installation in Nevada, where wreckage of a crashed UFO as well as alien bodies were shipped. Wreckage of the craft was shipped directly to Ohio aboard a B-29 after the mysterious crash and placed in the infamous Hangar 18.

The crash of a 100ft in diameter saucer with 16 dead aliens aboard near Aztec, New Mexico in 1948, had its remains sent to Wright-Patterson AFB shortly thereafter.

From 1947 to 1969, the Air Force investigated Unidentified Flying Objects under Project Blue Book. The project, headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, was terminated 17 December 1969. Of a total of 12,618 sightings reported to Project Blue Book, 701 remained "unidentified."

Some believe Wright-Patterson to be a top-secret UFO monitoring and research station, which considering its past programs, doesn't seem unreasonable at all.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ufos and the Moon

Here's 2 Ufo videos - both with objects passing by themoon

Have posted this one before - but its such an interesting video , any comments people on what these objects could be?
poster calls them "UFO with pulsed light bursts"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Upcoming Ufo Hunters Preview

Ufo hunters look at some of the first Ufo reports from 2009 
- Are these strange lights over Morristown, NJ the first UFO sightings of 2009?

 I have now added to the calendar when all the new Ufo Hunters episodes are to air on the history channel so you can keep track:

area 51

October 26th, 1994, the U.S. government made their first official acknowledgement of Area 51. Six months later, nearly 4,000 acres of previously public land surrounding the base were closed. Now, over a decade later, satellite photos reveal new buildings, towers, and runways finishing construction. Secret flights with blacked-out windows bring passengers from Las Vegas. And security surrounding the perimeter of the base is tighter than ever. The team heads to the epicenter of UFO and military conspiracy theories to visit new vantage points, speak with former base employees, and search the skies above America's most top-secret facility

Puzzling Video - UFO Makes Clouds ?

you may have seen this video before ..but i always find it puzzling .. can a cloud really form this fast in front of your eyes? Your opinions on this one apprecaited

Police witnesses UFO Over Illinois documentary

UFO Over Illinois - including credible police witnesses:

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Ufo Event Calender

Hi all,

Just wanted to update you on the new Ufo event news Calender feature we have on the Forum. - Stay up to date with upcoming UFO events with the Realufos calender. Keep up to date with ufo events you should look out for such as TV shows, conferences etc..

Also if you have got the time i encourage you to add events to our ever expanding calender. We actually need alot of events added into the calender at the moment... Note - only Registered members of the forum can add UFO events to the calender.

Check out the new Calender

UFO Over South Hampton UK.

Great orb filmed by this person by Infra Red camera Over South Hampton in the UK.

Posters comments;
I've examined loads of frames from this footage and have tried to find a still to show a plane which I normally have no problem zooming in on, especially at this hight. I can't so I've posted it as a UFO.

Sorry about the shakyness, I had one hand on IR lens in two minds to whip it off to see if it was still there plus walking around the garden trying to get a better view.

UFOs Videotaped over Lancashire UK 7th Feb 2009

New reported sighting from Leyland, Preston near Lancashire (near where that windmill incident happened the other month):

Location of Sighting: Leyland, Preston
Date of Sighting: 7th February 2009
Time: 19.30
Witness: Martin Heald

Witness Statement: I went out into the back garden for a cigarette and saw 4 x extremely bright UFOs approaching and going over the houses in my street. They were at what I would estimate to be an extremely low altitude and flying in a staggered formation under definate intelligent control. These were definately not Chinese lanterns. There was absolutely no wind at all. I would stake my house on the fact that there will be plenty of witnesses in the general Leyland, Preston area to these objects. I managed to get them on film as well. The time was 19:30 and the sighting lasted around 4 minutes.

Cylinder UFO filmed above Somerset coastline 11 Feb 2009

New Cylinder Ufo Somerset UK:

Below extract from this article
Caravaners were left baffled when the mysterious cylinder hovered over a busy campsite in Brean, Somerset.
They claimed the unidentified black metal object stands out clearly against the blue sky, where it can be seen darting up and down for more than 10 minutes.
Local police reported no unusual activity, but witnesses were left convinced they had seen an extra-terrestrial spectacle.
It took place on a sunny afternoon last July when tourists staying at an unidentified holiday park spotted the object.
One grabbed his video camera and managed to capture its strange, erratic movements in the sky.
The video was shot at the height of the tourist season and stopped hundreds of holidaymakers in their tracks.

Read more .. Source

Kecksburg UFO Crash - What Really Happened ?

With the next Ufo hunters episode "Crashes" airing on the 18th of Feb - its good to take a recap on one of the featured crashes discussed in the upcoming episode: Kecksburg - On December 9 1965, hundreds of witnesses in southern Canada, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania observed a UFO crash from the sky.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ufos & Propulsion technologies

This a good but old audio documentary - The Pentagon maintains that UFOs are adverse optical phenomena .. so why all the coverup?

Ufo over wichitakansas 9th feb

News report of a new Ufo sighting over wichitakansas 9th feb :

Below extract from this article:

It flew fast like a jet, made a whirling sound and left an odd glow.

That's how an amateur photographer described a flying machine he spotted in the skies near Rose Hill on Friday. The UFO world is now paying attention to his photograph.

On Monday, the photo appeared under the headline "Weird Object in Wichita," on UFO Digest, a Canadian Web site.

The object looks like some kind of new-technology fighter jet, possibly a prototype, said UFO Digest editor and publisher Dirk Vander Ploeg.

Jarrod Bartlett, spokesman for Boeing Integrated Defense Systems-Wichita, said in an e-mail that he checked with flight operations staff "and they were not able to identify the aircraft. We do not often get calls regarding unidentified aircraft."

McConnell Air Force Base declined to comment.

read more at source

Cheesefoot Head Crop Circle Incident

Here's the latest from Colin Andrews Website exposing the truth after 20 years about what happened at Cheesefoot Head:

What happened to Pat Delgado, Colin Andrews and a team of crop circle researchers at Cheesefoot Head, England, on 18 June 1989, reached the highest levels of the British government.  

Everyone present experienced or saw something unusual:

* Pat - "I Levitated and was pulled backwards by an invisible Force. I was terrified".
* Colin - "I had a real job to break Pat free from the force".
* Rita - "I saw the head of a small ET".
* Busty - "I observed Colin and Pat moving backwards, Pat at an angle".
* George - "I asked the sound to make a crop circle. One formed nearby that night ".
* Terence - "The barometric pressure and temperature dramatically dropped".
* Ron - "I saw the dark outline of an entity in the sky over the group".
* Ken - "Mike and I heard this strange sound from the highway".
* Steve - "The sound was clearly interacting".
* Don - Became unwell and left before events unfolded.

Operation White Crow was the first organized crop circle surveillance operation.   It was planned and conducted by Pat Delgado, and Busty Taylor in June of 1989.  We decided to muster this project to see if we could strike lucky and film a crop circle being formed. Aspects of the events that unfolded have been written about in journals and books and told in lectures and interviews. However, this is the 
first comprehensive account.

The location we choose was Cheesefoot Head, near Winchester in Hampshire, England. Cheesefoot Head is a natural amphitheatre where we had been finding crop circles for years. In fact, a previous farmer stated in a letter to me that circles had been occurring on this land since 1922.  This field was personally significant to us as it hosted the first circles that Pat saw in 1981 and the first circles I saw, a set of five in a cross formation, in 1983.  

source - read more from Colin Andrews website

here's a documentary of what happened:

Ufo reported in Taunton UK

Recent Ufo sighting in Taunton Uk - strange thing drops something...

Below Extract from this article:

MORE people have come forward this week claiming to have seen an unidentified flying object in the Taunton area.

Fiona Ferguson from Bishops Lydeard said she saw a UFO while driving home from Glastonbury with her son last week.

She said: “We saw a strange red orange ball with two orange lights below it in the sky, flying steadily across the Monkton Heathfield area.

“We watched it as it continued to fly over Taunton towards the Wellington area and beyond.

“As we got back into the car I noticed another UFO in the sky. This time it was there for about three minutes then, as if someone switched its lights off, it was gone.”

And Jane Merchant from Taunton said she was relieved after reading other people's reports of a UFO sighting and claims she saw a similar flickering light “moving briskly and quietly across the sky”.

“Every time I've mentioned my experience no one's taken me seriously,” she added

Read more -article source

Fighter jets track UFO that followed London-bound plane over Athens in 2007 !

The media have now picked up on the huge ufo story about the leak from the Greek Airforce (and the botched coverup attempt -below) which confirmed a ufo followed a passanger air craft back in November 2007.
Infact Over the years many such reports (including those with radar data) have come in showing that Ufos have followed aircraft on many occasions and this poses a huge risk to air security and the safety of all modern passanger aircraft.

Realufos recommends that international travellers to keep their eyes peeled to the skies and cameras ready upon you next international flight - you may not be the only ones up in the air!.

We have now got the secret documents previously mentioned translated below this article:

Below extract from this telegraph article

The object was spotted by the pilot of Olympic Airways flight 266 from Athens, and the sighting was corroborated by staff at Athens Airport and a nearby Greek air force base. Pilots of two other passenger jets also reported seeing the body.

The eyewitnesses described it as looking like a large star, although it was moving erratically and constantly changing shape.

Two fighter jets were sent to investigate the sighting over the Greek capital in November 2007 but the object shot up into the sky and vanished before they could get a clear view.
The incident was kept secret by the Greek authorities for more than a year, but is now generating huge interest after official documents and recordings of the conversation between the pilot and control tower were released.

An Olympic Airlines spokeswoman said: "I can confirm the incident. It is the first of its kind involving our pilots."

Translation of Greek Official Airforce documents:

This conversation happened 04.20 AM -07.41 AM commercial pilot and traffic controller.

04.20 - contacted the Center of the GEA,Services involved already are enabled to confirm or interpretation of the testimony of the pilot.The first confirmation came from the Control Tower of, whose staff said that the flying object continues to appear in the region of Karystos, while asking agoniodos what about the Air Force.

06.02 - The system monitoring the progress of the case, added another piece of information archielegktis the radar unit at the top of Parnitha (2nd ADS) informed the GEA «sees that he and other colleagues of a bright object like a large star, which shines and is strongly undetermined height and shape .Indeed advised that members of staff of the plane are taken with the camera, but something does not seem clear.

06.23-unknown at what level-off the two F-16 fighters from the base of New Anchialos (111 Combat Wing) which was on standby (Scramble).

6.28 - The F-16 code Lightning 2 off region of Attica, Marathon, Karystos. The observers continued to monitor ground

06.45-There is a new report from the observer Parnitha, that the subject began to be removed and rapidly rising.

07.41 The patrol of two F-16 ended without pilots to identify anything.

SO why did the Greek airforce wipe out documents of the original FOI release ? (Below) ...

Well Air Defense Information Center in Athens censored the conversation that happened between 06.23-06.45 because it clearly disproves the Air Force's original statement that "Its just a Venus and that’s what we think it was " - because as everyone knows Venus does not climb altitude 'instantly'....

If you can read Greek or know how to you will see what i mean - with the 2 versions of the official papers:...

the one given to the media and shown in the papers

and the full report uncovered
if you can read greek please provide a translation of it in reply to this post.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Mexico - The TOP SECRET State

What is the Government hiding inside places like Area 51 and Edwards airforce base. It may seem like old news but the new experimental craft and still being developed to this day...

UFO captured over Stephenville, January 2009

Interesting Ufo video over famous UFo hotspot Stephenville in Texas

Sun Reports on the Greek UFO Airforce Leak

Looks like the Sun Paper fromt he Uk is catching onto the recent Greek airforce Ufo leak..

Below Extract fromt this article:

Frantic radio chats were taped between the respected pilots – one bound for Britain – and airport control tower staff in the skies over Athens.

But the recordings were hushed up by the Greek authorities who claimed what the pilots saw was just the planet VENUS. The incident was seen by staff on board three jets more than a year ago.
The official aviation authority report – leaked to the Greek media – has only just been made public.
It refers to "Lightning 2" as it reveals the Greek air force amazingly scrambled two F-16 fighter planes to intercept the UFO on November 11, 2007, at around 3.20am.
The report says the captain of Olympic Airways flight 266 from Athens to London spotted an extremely unusual object moving erratically to the west of Athens.
The object was star-like in appearance however much brighter and larger with a constantly shifting shape.
Meanwhile the captains of Olympic Airways flights 730 to Kos and 700 to Rhodes reported theSAME THING.
The sighting was then confirmed by Athens Airport control tower, whose employees observed the object moving towards Karystos, a small town on the Greek island of Euboea.

At this point the Greek Air Force was contacted.
Air force chiefs confirmed they too were visually monitoring the object from their radar station at the top of Parintha Mountain near Athens. And staff there observed that it was travelling at incredible speed and did not fit the description of any terrestrial craft.
 Read More - Article Source 
2 versions of the report came out (In greek) ..(tranlation apprecaited) ...
the one given to the media and shown in the papers
and the full report uncovered
if you can read greek please provide a translation of it in reply to this post.

Don't Miss UFO CRASHES - Ufo Hunters Feb. 18, 2009

Next weeks coming UFO Hunters on Feb. 18, 2009 features a special on Ufo crashes and should be an interesting episode people - The TV series looks at the famous Kecksburg UFO crash , with Kecksburg crash investigator Stan Gordon . As you may know the Kecksburg crash has been the case of a recent ongoing lawsuit involving NASA who were forced by law to find 'missing files' on the incident .. read more

In 2008, a UFO crash in Needles, California becomes a modern-day Roswell...
In the early morning hours of May 14, 2008, witnesses in Needles, CA saw a turquoise glowing object in a rapid descent over the Colorado River. Soon after, military helicopters carried away an object that appeared to be glowing, and military personnel canvassed the town, intimidating witnesses and townspeople. But cover-ups of strange crashes are nothing new – from Flatwoods, West Virginia to Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, reports of UFO clean-ups are rampant. The team visits the site of the most current UFO crash in the world to search for signs of what the government keeps trying to hide.

Laterns , flares ? ... what was that

Is this a collection of lanterns or what? - any ideas guys.

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The Orion Conspiracy

Not to be confised with my recent post on the Orion project , this new movie the looks at evidence of the new world order - 'more than fifty years of disinformation and manipulation in the shadow of the media have divided and impoverished public opinion, so as to control it all the better':

pt 2

Ufos over nuclear base - minuteman missile facility

Another great Ufo article by The Ufo Chronicles:

It highlights to ongoing situation of Ufos flying over naval bases with nuclear silos and weapons & disabling them - as i have discussed many times before. Surely this is a major threat to National security:

In August of 1966 UFOs were spotted near minuteman missile launch facilities (3 separate silos) located at or near Carpio and Grano North Dakota, under the administration of the 862nd Combat Support Group (SAC) Minot AF.

Not only were the UFOs spotted by the personnel of the missile silos (e.g., Mike Flight), they were tracked by radar; Additionally, the UFOs, according to witnesses "affected radio transmissions," which became more severe when the UFOs were in closer proximity to the launch facilities (silos). During this incident one of the UFOs was reported to "land."

Immediately measures were taken: AN F-106 Interceptor was launched; additionally, an airborne KC-135 was diverted to scan the area. On the ground a strike team was dispatched to the area of the reported landing.

One of the witnesses, a site activation team member made of a drawing of the object which resembled a "classic flying saucer shape:

UFO Sighted Over Minuteman Missile Silo Carpio Grano North Dakota (D) 8-24-1966
UFO Sighted Over Minuteman Missile Silo Carpio Grano North Dakota (K) 8-24-1966
UFO Sighted Over Minuteman Missile Silo Carpio Grano North Dakota (I) 8-24-1966
By Department of The Air Force
Headquarters 862nd Combat Support Group (SAC)
Minot AFB, North Dakota

The Ufo Chronicles

UFO 28 January 2009 Dundee, Scotland

Ufo recently filme dover Dundee, Scotland

Beyond The Blue movie - coming soon?

Ok i got this wrong people,
Beyond the Blue the highly anticipated sequel to the Out of the Blue movie is still on the drawing board... After organising the major national press club event in 07 which had many key speakers to talk about Ufos nothing much else was heard about the movie till now ...
When James Fox the producer of the movie said the movie is 'being shopped' he meant he's still looking for funds (not canning it) or a studio to produce it with :
On december 2008 James Fox said:
Well the time has finally come; Beyond the Blue is being shopped. There is nothing available on our website until further notice. Please check back for updates with our new film. Thank you all for your continued support and keep your fingers crossed!
Very best,James Fox
I am not sure what he means by 'shopped', does that mean produced or shipped?......

More on the Greek Airforce UFO coverup

All news web is doing a great job in this article again covering the Greek airforce UFO coverup:

A captain of an Olympic Airways flight from Athens to London noticed a strange bright object following his plane-his sighting was then corroborated by the staff of two radar stations and observation towers on the ground, one being the control tower of the Athens Airport and the other being a Greek Air Force radar station in the mountains above Athens.
F-16 jets were scrambled to intercept the object.
The incident was kept secret for over a year until a number of Greek media outlets publicised the story based on leaked documents and testimony.
Now it can be revealed that the initial aviation authority report that documented this most interesting event and was brought to light by a number of Greek media outlets was mysteriously pulled off the web within days of being published and replaced by a heavily censored version!

read more - continued at source article

Airforce jets and Ufos video -

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More on the Orion Project

Hey Guys,
With the sad news that over 100 people died over the last 2 days due to unseasonal fires in Australia i want to bring to your attention again to the urgent topic of Climate Change.
The pressing needs for alternate energy sources are vital now as we are already facing the impacts of rising temperatures. 
Steven Greers Orion ambitious new project - the Orion project - looks at tackling these issues head on, with the goals of "transform the current energy, environmental and social crisis into a world of sustainability and Enlightened Abundance". I support his work and recommend you checkout their website.
Below are some more videos explaining the Orion Projects in further detail:
About the scientists

Goals of the project

Supression of technology

RealUfos Forum ready for 2009

Hey Guys,
I am proud to annouce the realufos forum page ready for 2009...
We have appointed new moderators who will be enforcing our strict no-spam policy.Its a great place to discuss and interact with others on the Ufo Topic. Talk about the latests sightings, check upcoming events , discuss and debate:

Four Ufos over a Pub in the UK

Latest Article from the SUN:
"BOOZERS rushed from their pub to see four UFOs overhead — and were then plunged into darkness when the power mysteriously cut out:

Landlord Keith Gelderd and his customers watched in amazement as the glowing, spherical shapes floated silently in the night sky. House alarms were set off and their entire village suffered a blackout. The only light was from the weird objects, which were caught on video. "
seen. They were an orange flame colour with an outer ring that glowed.

read more - source article

New Ufo Hunters - Giant Ufos

Pilots and passengers from different airlines have close encounters of enormous proportions... On January 28th 1994, an Air France pilot, his crew and passengers witnessed a brightly-glowing red and brown disc-shaped object while flying to London. Estimates of the disc's size were between 800 and 1,000 feet long...more than 3 times the size of a 747.
On April 25th 2007, the captain of a passenger plane crossing the English Channel observed two bright-yellow flat objects for more than 15 minutes. He is astounded by their size which he claims could have been as much as a mile wide. A pilot from a separate aircraft corroborated the story. The team takes to the skies to probe some of the largest UFO sightings ever recorded:

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

pt 5