Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ufo formation over São Paulo Brazil 07/03/2012 ovnis

Ufo video in from Brazil:

Possible sighting of a UFO in the shape of inverted V in the skies of São Paulo, on 07/03/2012, at approximately 22:15 . Recorded by phone.

Ufo during Fiesta Texas in San Antonio

Strange firey object seen over SanAntonio Texas. Did anyone else in the region see this object?
Mufon posters comments:
We were at Feista Texas in SanAntonio Texas, when my daughter said look up, and there it was!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ufo near Edwards Air base 9th March 2012

Photo taken at 2am 3/09/12 near Edwards Air base:
Did anyone else see this ufo and does anyone have any further idea what the object could have been?

Ufo craft Wellington Ontario Canada

A new ufo report in front Canada

Posters comments:
On 14/03/2012 in Wellington Ontario Canada at 8:45 pm while I was in my backyard, filming how close Jupiter and Venus were, my wife notice some
strange lights to the north, that seem to be coming towards us. These strange lights then proceeded to fly in a southern direction directly over our neighborhood. As it got closer you could start to tell that it was a craft of some sort but as you will hear in the video, this craft made absolutely no noise. I was lucky enough to still have my camera attached to my Tripod so I was able to capture this craft (strange lights) as they passed over the neighborhood. I called this a UFO because unlike any plane that I've see at night the lights didn't flash. And there was no noise. Please share I would love to know what this could be.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Phoenix Flash of Light Mystery Solved

Seems like that big flash of light was a breaker on an electrical line:

Many of our viewers saw the flash of light live on Arizona Morning last week during one of Andrea Robinson’s traffic reports. Thousands more viewed it again online.

Arizona Public Services has confirmed a breaker on an electrical line opened, causing a big flash and power outage.

The flash was caused by an electrical breaker. All day long, we made dozens of calls trying to figure out what lit up the sky.

UFO Video still Baffles Chilean Government

At the 2012 International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona, retired Chilean .
General Ricardo Bermudez discussed the results of a remarkable multiple-witness
UFO case. The UFO was spotted on the morning of November 4, 2010, during an air
parade at the Air Force Academy in El Bosque, Santiago. Although no one noticed
anything unusual during the parade, seven witnesses came forward afterward with
different videos all showing a strange metallic object moving at extremely high
speeds. The parade was part of a ceremony that takes place every four years to
celebrate the changing of the Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Air Force. The
president, the heads of the all of the Chilean armed forces, and many other
officials were present. During the parade a group of Chilean Air Force aerobatic
flyers, called the Halcones, a group of F5s, and a formation of F16s flew over
the spectators. The videos show different stages of these various flybys.
Read more

The presented Photos from the Chilean Government on the incident:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Russia plans a Mars landing & a Manned moon landing

Russian probes will visit Mars, Jupiter and Venus, while Russian cosmonauts will set foot on the surface of the Moon -- all by 2030. At least according to the plans of the country's space agency.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ovni UFO dropping Light Balls over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. March 11, 2012

Filmed over municipality of Cabo Frio, RJ,Brazil, March 11, 2012 at 10.30 pm

Strange Ufo lights over Morrison Colorado 2/20/12

Morrison Colorado:

Sighting comments:
Sighting location: Morrison, Colorado (spotted over Denver)
Date: 2/20/12 at 5:45 p.m.
It was twilight while I was hiking in the foothills of Morrison, Colorado (on President's Day), when I saw three lights in the southeast sky hovering over Denver. I ran to my truck, grabbed my camera, and by the time I started filming, only two lights remained, they were amber-colored, they glowed UNlike commercial aircraft, and they stayed still. Then, one of them began to move: it split into two, raced across the sky underneath the other one, and then split into three objects.

Did you see the Low flying fireball Ufo over Melbourne ?

A low flying ufo over melbourne Australia has been making news since last night. We would like to hear from anyone who actually saw the object, if they have further photos and if they think the object was a meteor or not.

A fiery low-flying object that lit up the Melbourne skyline last night has created a buzz among locals wondering about the origins of the dazzling object. The spherical object flew from west to east about 8.40pm AEDT.

"It was very low in the sky, going from west to east, it had a large burning ball at the front with a thin trail behind it," Yvonne Greig said.

"I was looking out towards the city and I saw a comet, it was white in colour, had a very big trail behind it — I was waiting for it to hit earth, it seemed to be that close," Paul Zuegn said. Read more source

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ufo lights over Grodno Belarus 11th March 20112

Strange lights filmed over Grodno Belarus :

11/03/2012, 9.30 p.m., Hrodna, Belarus
I was observing these two lights for about an hour. They were soaring and moving very slowly. One of them was fainter and disapeared from time to time while the other was rather bright. The lights were on the same line as if located on both sides of a stick.

Huge Sphere tornado in Sun's Corona

Bizare happening on the Sun's corona. Strange tornado rembles the umbilical cord attached to the sphere:

Ancient Aliens the NASA conection

Researchers probe NASA-related information in the search for proof of alien contact in the recent and ancient past.