Friday, March 16, 2012

Ufo near Edwards Air base 9th March 2012

Photo taken at 2am 3/09/12 near Edwards Air base:
Did anyone else see this ufo and does anyone have any further idea what the object could have been?
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Anonymous said...

A white illumination of energy, with a patch of yellow on the top right hand side!..."curious!" ?

Disc shaped, "as I see it!" ?

But could you call it a Flying Saucer, or ufo!?...I mean,can it be
identified as such,or as a unknown ufo?...Consider this!...A projection of light or energy, in the shape of a disc, doesn't make it a ufo. as we understand a ufo. to be! could be a "projection" of light or energy,in the shape of?

But! by what?...or from where!?

Its just a thought I share with you, because there is so many different ways of thinking, about these sightings!:) ?

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