Friday, March 16, 2012

Ufo craft Wellington Ontario Canada

A new ufo report in front Canada

Posters comments:
On 14/03/2012 in Wellington Ontario Canada at 8:45 pm while I was in my backyard, filming how close Jupiter and Venus were, my wife notice some
strange lights to the north, that seem to be coming towards us. These strange lights then proceeded to fly in a southern direction directly over our neighborhood. As it got closer you could start to tell that it was a craft of some sort but as you will hear in the video, this craft made absolutely no noise. I was lucky enough to still have my camera attached to my Tripod so I was able to capture this craft (strange lights) as they passed over the neighborhood. I called this a UFO because unlike any plane that I've see at night the lights didn't flash. And there was no noise. Please share I would love to know what this could be.
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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, all night time pics of UFOs now are most likely the result of this:

Seems everyone and their brother are buying these and decorating them with LED lights. Watch the videos on youtube, you'll see what I'm getting at.

If ET is real, it's going to be a lot harder now to distinguish their flights from the fake.

Anonymous said...

See what you mean!

Well, we will just have to add this
to the long list of fake sighting.

Doesn't help though, does it?
when the real thing, could be in with all these fake sightings:)
It just goes to show us, that not all, that we see & hear is the genuine McCoy, as it were!?
but press on McDuff! because the real thing is out there somewhere!

5% of what is seen, can't be explained away:)

and 95% is explained away:(

Grim odds of seeing the real thing,
but when we DO...THAT will be my day!...Ooh brother! will that be my day!!!!

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