Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ufo during Fiesta Texas in San Antonio

Strange firey object seen over SanAntonio Texas. Did anyone else in the region see this object?
Mufon posters comments:
We were at Feista Texas in SanAntonio Texas, when my daughter said look up, and there it was!
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Anonymous said...

Thats a meteor not a ufo ....

Bathtub said...

That's an aircraft and contrail not a meteor...

Anonymous said...

OR!...Could it be:) a ufo coming through our atmosphere after a battle up there!...Remember? ED Grimsley videos??

Think about it!? for every alleged
ufo crash,that we have heard about over the past years, could have come through our atmosphere, just like what you see in this video, yes!?.....but yeah, who knows!?

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