Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Strange Ufo lights over Morrison Colorado 2/20/12

Morrison Colorado:

Sighting comments:
Sighting location: Morrison, Colorado (spotted over Denver)
Date: 2/20/12 at 5:45 p.m.
It was twilight while I was hiking in the foothills of Morrison, Colorado (on President's Day), when I saw three lights in the southeast sky hovering over Denver. I ran to my truck, grabbed my camera, and by the time I started filming, only two lights remained, they were amber-colored, they glowed UNlike commercial aircraft, and they stayed still. Then, one of them began to move: it split into two, raced across the sky underneath the other one, and then split into three objects.
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[email protected] said...

Very interesting, upon closeup observation objects appear to be spinning very rapidly.

anon4455 said...

Isn't that Jupiter and Venus.

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I were on the porch about 30 minutes ago and saw what looking like a fireball moving slowly upward away from the earth. That was here in arvada co. It floated away slowly and looked to be spinning off axis. Crazy stuff

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