Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Russia plans a Mars landing & a Manned moon landing

Russian probes will visit Mars, Jupiter and Venus, while Russian cosmonauts will set foot on the surface of the Moon -- all by 2030. At least according to the plans of the country's space agency.
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Anonymous said...

A little green man, on a red planet!?

Now thats a bit colorful for a news reporter,who is probably
more green on the subject, than he cares to give credit for:)lol
Who is the greenest?:)...ooooh!:/

Someone drop a brick on his foot,will you!...a green one!?

But the news WAS interesting!

Anonymous said...

at the end of the clip ! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Little green deed!?

Mirror,mirror, on the wall, who's the "greenest" of us all?

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know about all this green stuff, but can you imagine a
high tech; tin can, checking out the bases on the MOON & MARS, just
to discover the "American flag" blowing in a gentle breeze up there!

When you think about the: "SECRET SPACE PROGRAM" Who is kidding who with all this informative news!?

We're already out there!! aren't we?? SECRETLY!! I won't tell if you don't! :) What a laugh!

Another good reason why we need an official Government Disclosure!
because what can you believe?

[Project Camelot. - videos] ?

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