Thursday, March 15, 2012

UFO Video still Baffles Chilean Government

At the 2012 International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona, retired Chilean .
General Ricardo Bermudez discussed the results of a remarkable multiple-witness
UFO case. The UFO was spotted on the morning of November 4, 2010, during an air
parade at the Air Force Academy in El Bosque, Santiago. Although no one noticed
anything unusual during the parade, seven witnesses came forward afterward with
different videos all showing a strange metallic object moving at extremely high
speeds. The parade was part of a ceremony that takes place every four years to
celebrate the changing of the Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Air Force. The
president, the heads of the all of the Chilean armed forces, and many other
officials were present. During the parade a group of Chilean Air Force aerobatic
flyers, called the Halcones, a group of F5s, and a formation of F16s flew over
the spectators. The videos show different stages of these various flybys.
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The presented Photos from the Chilean Government on the incident:

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Glen Martin said...

I saw this clip as part of a talk by Jaime Maussan at the recent International UFO Congress in Phoenix. I thought it was a spectacular case. Thanks for posting it to your blog!

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