Friday, May 21, 2010

UFO's over Cregagh Road, East Belfast

Posters comments:

Footage of three UFO's over the Cregagh Road in East Belfast on the night of Friday 14th May 2010. The footage was taken near the Bellsbridge Roundabout. Please note that the object(s) in question are the three lights formed in a triangle to the upper-central part of the screen. The lights at the bottom left-hand corner are buildings and street lights on the ground. ~ A witness saw what appeared to be an aircraft out of control and crashing to the ground with a trail of fire behind it. When he went outside to look, he noticed that there was no sound from the plummeting object and the triangular shaped object (or three seperate objects) appeared. Other witnesses saw these lights disappearing and then return over the period of approximately 40 minutes. Sirens can be heard 26 seconds into the footage...could witnesses have called the Fire Brigade believing an aircraft had crashed??

News Article on the report

AN east Belfast man has told of his "wonderment" at witnessing a mysterious flying object over the city's night sky. Richard Barr was at his mother Elaine's Cregagh Road home last Friday watching television when a "huge orange light" attracted their attention.
Stunned by what they saw, both went into the back garden to investigate, only to discover further strange lights hovering above.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ancient Aliens: Close Encounters 2010

New from History - Ancient Aliens: Close Encounters

Tuesday, May 18, 2010, 8PM - Episode IV: Closer Encounters
Reports of encounters with strange beings and sightings of mysterious objects in the sky have occurred throughout history. A 13th century historical book, Otia Imperialia, includes an account of a creature descending from a flying craft over Bristol, England. The log from Christopher Columbus' first voyage to America contains a report of strange lights in the sky. Medieval art pieces depict disc-shaped objects floating in the heavens. Sightings of flying cigar-shaped crafts were reported during the Black Plague. And there were even discussions of extraterrestrial life among America's Founding Fathers. Could these sightings, coming from every part of the world, from biblical times to present day, be evidence that aliens have been with us all along?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Did you see that flying V UFO over LA ?

I have received numerous videos of a V-triangular shaped object over LA recently. Please advise if you also spotted this object

Witness reports from MUFON:

"Watching American idol when LOUD jet noise was heard directly over my house. Ran outside to see quick moving aircraft heading south-southeast towards a bright shining light in the sky, almost like a satellite burning up in the atmosphere. Within seconds the bright light disappeared and the military jet cut its engines. The jet headed towards the south.
10 minutes later the jet returned. FULL afterburners on, I could see the red-hot cone of a jet engine, very distinctive, no other running lights. It banked s-sw and then cut it's engines once again.
Soon after I saw something high in the sky, a string of red pulsing lights shaped in a V. Moving slowly, no sound whatsoever. It lumbered overhead for several minutes before fading out of sight

I didn't see the jet or anything else that night. Several hundred people called into the local sheriffs office to report it. "

Crop circle appears in Brescia Italy 2nd May 2010

Hi to everyone in Italy, a new circle appeared there this month over a Barley field in Brescia.
Would like to hear from anyone in the area who may have seen it directly.

Posters comments:
large concentric circles in a barley field discovered the other Sunday morning by a boy who told the story to friends, spreading gradually throughout the entry area.
So much so that within hours, taking advantage of the feast day, there was a true pilgrimage of people to admire the work

Strange plane or Ufo ? - Lloydminster Alberta Canada May 11 2010

Would be good to hear from anyone else in Alberta Canada who may have also seen this weird Ufo recently. I can't seem t work out what it is, comments appreciated. At first it does look like a plane but the second piece of footage Im not sure.

UFO Follows Plane video taped at Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, May 11, 2010. I watched this small Plane fly over the city 12 times and got some strange object on video following

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Renewed hope for Gary Mckinnon under new UK government + voice your support

No one wants to see Gary Mckinnon extradited to the US - not even the new coalition government in the UK. The overall Public concensus in the UK is that he should be tried in the Uk not in the US.

There now is also overwhelming support politically for this and its time for Gary's case to be decided on. The legacy of the bush administrations fear based campaign to 'get Gary' has gone on far too long, and it has become a ridiculous and embarrasing situation for both the Obama and Uk government.

I have been posting about Gary Mckinnon's case since 2006, thats 4 years already ...enough is enough!Read why the US governments case against Gary is non-existant and the real reason why they are placing unprecedented measures to extradite him to the US.

We need your support - Read below how to voice your complaint to the US and UK Govenment's about Gary's case.

London Tonight Interview with Janis Sharp Gary McKinnon's Mum about the new Coalition Government and how it will affect Gary:

Tom Bradby mentions that the new coalition government has to decide on Gary soon:

In the uk? 
Write to your Member of Parliament via WriteToThem If your Member of Parliament has not already done so, then please ask them to sign Early Day Motion 2388 sponsored by David Burrowes MP

(Previously, EDM 241 sponsored by the then Conservative MP and now Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, also gathered a large number of MP's signatures opposed to the unfair Extradition Act 2003 and the Extradition Treaty with the USA).

You can also write an email to Theresa May who is now the 6th Home Secretary who has had the responsibility for Gary McKinnon's extradition case: 

You can send an email [email protected]or a letter to:
Home Secretary
Rt Hon. Theresa May MP
c/o Direct Communications Unit
Home Office
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF
Home Office Contact Us page

In the US?
Write to US President Barack Obama - the official website of the President of the Umited States of America, Barack Obama.

"President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history. To send questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the President or his staff, please use the form below:"
Contact the White House web message form.

Please use this form to remind them just how counterproductive, and damaging to US national interests, especially to their supposedly changed international reputation, putting Gary McKinnon on trial in the USA would be.

UFO Report From Yorkshire in the UK.

Poster comments:
UFO investigator Russ Kellett, who is based in Filey on the Yorkshire coast, is compiling a list of sites where strange lights and mysterious shapes have been spotted in the skies above.
Up to 50 sightings have been reported annually between Scarborough and Filey alone, and North Yorkshire is now considered by many as the UFO spotting capital of Britain.

North Yorkshire's lack of light pollution and the clear skies along the East Coast make it an ideal hunting ground for UFOs.

Mr Kellett maintained that the county can rival the Mecca for investigators Roswell in America, where a UFO was supposedly found in New Mexico in July 1947.

New Ufo seen near NASA STS 132 + transmission is cut

Strange triangular like lights and object were seen moving past NASA most recent transmission from STS 132 on the 14th of May 2010. It looked like the objects would collide and at one point the live stream was cut for some time (see second video)
The strange objects passing by the shuttle Atlantis :

NASA filming the object - cutting the live feed  STS 132 - UFO - then transmission is cutcutcut. Video
NASA Planned 'Debris Avoidance Manoeuvre' - but was it debris?  NASA Planned Debris Avoidance Manoeuvre! - STS 132 Video

Triangle Ufo hovering over Cregagh Road Belfast Ireland - Friday, 14th May

Triangle UFO filmed in the sky over Cregagh Road in East Belfast, Ireland Friday, 14th May 2010. RealUfos would like to hear from anyone in belfast who may have seen this sighting - please reply if you saw it.