Saturday, October 06, 2007

China's Fantastic Roswell - The Dropa Stones

Legends from China tell of 716 mysterious stone discs, known as "The Dropa Stones". Some believe the stones hold secrets about ancient contact with extraterrestrials. Discovered in a cave in 1938, each 12" disc contains a double spiral of tiny hieroglyphs that are said to contain the historical record of an alien race called the Dropa that crash-landed in an isolated region of China 12,000 years ago.
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Ufo filmed over jet from new documentary In Harms Way 2007

Ufo filmed over jet from new 2007 History channel show:
Below is the a comment from the poster:
A short clip of an object filmed by an unknown photographer during the first Gulf war. The clip is in real time only about 2-3 seconds and is slowed down for more clarity. I have watched the clip many times and am still undecided as to it's validity as an actual flying object. Perhaps someone with photographic knowledge will look at the clip and give an expert assessment. The clip is from an episode of "In Harms Way", shown on the Discovery channel/History Channel, which will air again on 6 October 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Conspiracy files ufo Mystery at Roswell 2006

The latest 2006 documentary on roswell by the Conspiracy files. Mystery at Roswell revisits the Roswell case yet again. Now as we have passed the anniversary of Roswell it seems that it is ever important still that we keep the truth about this case out and not just forget about it as the government wishes. Unfortunately the witnesses are now getting too old or are now dead and even stanton friedman is aging .. lets keep the truth alive!

UFOs: A Scientific Study Of Alien Implants 2005

Although this topic is highly controversial after watching the first video i was quite impressesed, there alot of scientific evidence and infact the surgeries look very thorough. The video, 'A Scientific Study Of Alien Implants' , is interesting , its from 2005 and its very long but keeps you up to date with Dr Leir and his work - he removes 'implants' from people who may have been abducted
Part 1

Part 2

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Italian researchers observe ufo on the moon changing trajectory update

Hi guys,

This video is causing quite a stir,
links to the orginal file keep going down and new ones popping up
I managed to find a link to the original data file which has alot of detailed information provided by the observatory, obviously this is intended for scientific analysis as there is alot of data provided along with the videos.
Click here to check it out

Monday, October 01, 2007

Italian researchers observe ufo on the moon changing trajectory

During routine observations of the cosmos in April 2007, Italian astronomers have recently spotted and tracked on video several Unidentified Flying Objects and now heres the video of it - although this looks like some debris wait until you see it change direction !
Both Google video links and links to the observatory have been pulled of this video so I do feel that this video may be removed soon

clearer version

April 29,2007
Unidentified Object tracked while adjustingthe focus ofthe scope
location: Busto Arsizio, Italy 45.600 degrees N, 8.852 degrees E
Elevation: 214 m
Time: Tracking beginning:10.52pm

trianglular ufo in Salvador 1997 Mexico

The first and last clip in this series is possibly a weather ballon but i am not sure, However its the second clip at about 01.40-02.40 that is of interest, filmed in 1997 in Salvador Mexico this is one of the best footage of a triangluar craft that you will see, very interesting indeed

Sunday, September 30, 2007

the British ufo mysteries

Hi Guys,
Ok i finally worked out how to get the divx videos embed correctly - this ones about the british ufo mystery, :