Monday, October 01, 2007

Italian researchers observe ufo on the moon changing trajectory

During routine observations of the cosmos in April 2007, Italian astronomers have recently spotted and tracked on video several Unidentified Flying Objects and now heres the video of it - although this looks like some debris wait until you see it change direction !
Both Google video links and links to the observatory have been pulled of this video so I do feel that this video may be removed soon

clearer version

April 29,2007
Unidentified Object tracked while adjustingthe focus ofthe scope
location: Busto Arsizio, Italy 45.600 degrees N, 8.852 degrees E
Elevation: 214 m
Time: Tracking beginning:10.52pm Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Wow ?! I wonder how large was that Ufo?

Awesome site btw

Anonymous said...

It looks like an ant was walking across the lens of the telescope ...

Anonymous said...

A Ant?


You debunkers always have to come up with something.

Jarrett said...

That's so cool..

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty amazed with this one !

Anonymous said...

not to be a debunker or whatever, rather just a speculative and questioning human, but if this ISN'T a shadow, where's this ufo's shadow? and also, if this face of the moon is illuminated, why isn't this face of the ufo illuminated? it's a shadow... a shadow of what? hell if i know.

Anonymous said...

Re-post the video. This time, don't use Youtube.

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