Wednesday, October 03, 2007

UFOs: A Scientific Study Of Alien Implants 2005

Although this topic is highly controversial after watching the first video i was quite impressesed, there alot of scientific evidence and infact the surgeries look very thorough. The video, 'A Scientific Study Of Alien Implants' , is interesting , its from 2005 and its very long but keeps you up to date with Dr Leir and his work - he removes 'implants' from people who may have been abducted
Part 1

Part 2
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Anonymous said...

I don't understand how this man can have the kind of proof he does and the acknowledgment of at least some of the scientific community and not be a media sensation.

l2 said...

I didn't understand that too, until I found out the thing called 'NWO' is pretty much real. That's the short answer... for the long answer, you really need to do some researching yourself.

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