Saturday, May 18, 2013

Eyewitness Testimony! 1952 Washington DC UFO Incident.

Sent in by a reader:
At 3.45 in this video an insert of an eyewitness testimony, on the incident.
 In July of 1952, exactly five years after the UFO wave of 1947 and the Roswell "incident", some of the original group returned once again to make a more visible statement. However now, sixty one years later, the government is still lying and trying to deny the truth...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fireball Meteor Or Morphing UFO? : Mexico

Look closely at this very interesting footage, especially at 1.11.
Watch in full screen and you will see that this meteor seems to transform into some type of craft, or beside it, are two objects...

UFO Footage - Hialeah, Florida: 12/05/2013

Strange set of red triangular lights descending over the town of Hialeah, Florida: 12/05/2013

UFO On Camera - Hull, UK: 12/05/2013

A strange and bright UFO craft with different coloured lights, filmed over Hull in the UK. Does anyone have any idea what this craft could be?

Filmers comments: caught this crazy footage from my garden on the 12th may at 1.20am onwards facing east ,the strange craft was silent and hovered around the same area for about 15 minutes ,i have cut the video down to 7mins 30secs and it is 100% real footage but of what i do not know

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

UFO Downunder! Tannum Sands, QLD Australia

Interesting UFO news from downunder. This UFO was filmed over Tannum Sands, in Queensland Australia:

 NEW video footage of a strange light over Gladstone and Tannum Sands on Saturday shows the light flaring orange before returning to white. Peter Harbrown shot the footage with his mobile phone. He said he saw the light at 8.30pm, and "it definitely looked odd". A reader who also saw the light said he and his friends all tried to take pictures with their phones, but when the lights were overhead "all of our stuff just shut right off. It was bizarre to say the least!" Source read more

UFO Orbs Above Ferreira, Portugal: 12/05/2013

Further video of the dancing UFO orbs over Ferreira in  Portugal.  This time on the 12th of May 2013:

UFOs In Christchurch New Zealand: May 2013

Were these sky lanterns over Christchurch, in New Zealand this month?
If you live in the area we would like to hear from you, if you saw these lights:
The release of "wish lanterns" at a birthday celebration for a Christchurch cancer sufferer may explain "strange" lights seen in the skies last night. The lanterns were released in Fendalton at a gathering for Danelle Wakefield. Wakefield has been diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma cancer, which is a rare cancer normally found in children, and not adults.Despite aggressive chemotherapy on a tumour in her shoulder, Wakefield has been told she has between two months and two years to live. 
At a birthday party held for Wakefield last night, her family let off some "wish lanterns".
A poster on the event's Facebook page said it was "a beautiful moment" and that attendees joked that someone would "think they are aliens as they floated around the sky". Wakefield has two children and is step-mother to a third.A woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she and her husband she saw "strange lights" over Bryndwr at 8pm last night. "My husband and I were leaving our property on Aorangi Road at 8pm when my husband checked for traffic looking south. 
"He saw strange lights in the sky. When I first looked they appeared to be fireworks, however they were not as they remained bright orange in colour and in a formation of approximately 12 lights moving at the same rate," she said. 
The pair saw the lights head north in two groups. "We turned the car engine off and stood on the road looking at them and there was no sound at all of aeroplane engines, they moved slowly, steadily and silently.
Nathan Hanna said the lights appeared to travel northwards direction, against the easterly breeze. One even appeared to move independently in an opposite direction at one point. 
"I can't say what the UFOs were, but can safely say they weren't lanterns," he said. Source read more

Monday, May 13, 2013

Washington D.C UFO: 12/05/2013

Triangle UFO video filmed above Washington D.C on 12th May 2013.
Note: Please view in FULL screen to see the craft better:

Filmers comments: We were walking through the woods at night. we were just looking in the sky and our friend pointed it out, out of nowhere. we thought it was an alien UFO ship or something. it was a black triangle shaped object and in the corner of all three edges of the triangle was a bright white light and it appeared literally out of nowhere and then drifted to the side before it stopped in mid flight and started to hover. Then its three triangular lights changed to one single bright white light then the one light disappeared. we were so scarred because we were in the middle of the woods and we started freaking out and yelling, it was terrifying. it just disappeared right in front of us!
 Source MUFON

Floating Orbs Above New York? May 2013

UFO lights or lanterns over New York?  Filmed this week:

A woman from a New York state records a cluster of white UFO's that travel East on 64, She and other residence in the street are clueless at what they are, flying in a steady formation with some hovering in stable possitions while others pass scrubbing out floating objects, the footage is in superb quality, So what are they? Have you witnessed any events on the same day?

Flying Disc Over Vancouver

Looking closely at this object, one can see it is infact, round and quite strange - what could it be?

Strange & Bright Hovering Lights On Russia

Russia - In the Strakhan region. Seen at 08,15pm. Harabali Pos, Silitrennoe.
You can see unidentified flying object, In single-frame playback you can see dark shapes, elongated shapes, appearing in hundredths .Ne tampering done on video, You can is its clear.

UFO Above Tseun Wan, Hong Kong?

A new UFO video reveals what looks like disc shaped craft over Hong Kong.
The video is short but you can almost make out the outlines of a flying craft.  The question is, what is it? Would like to hear your thoughts: