Friday, July 01, 2011

London Ufo video a fake?

I was suspect of this footage when i came across this a week ago and it looks like my suspicions have been confirmed as usual.So many people sent us the footage but we refused to post it - realUfos is simply about that not RealCGI's!.

It was simply a PR stunt for a special effects company. We have seen this strategy used before and its an effective one - post a video let it go viral - I mean why not? it show's off their work and is major free publicity.

The footage was filmed near the BBC Radio 1 building in Great Portland Street, and shows specks of white light flying at high altitude over the capital.

The footage is believed to have been shot from inside the offices of a visual effects company called The Mill. The firm creates special effects for the film industry. enough said - Period!

ufo lights over São Vicente, Cape Verde, 2011-06-05

Cape Verde an island of the coast of south Africa - Few strange Ufo type lights spotted there:

Meteorite Mexico 29 June 2011

A few meteors spotted recently , the first one over Mexico 29 June 2011.
Strangely it looks like the one seen over Germany spotted a few months ago (below)

Meteor Germany 11/2/2011

Strange ufo lights over Russia ?

Not sure if i posted this one recently. Not sure if its a Ufo but they are a strange bundle of lights up in the sky - apparently filmed over Russia. Anyone have further ideas on what the lights could be?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Argentina Creates New UFO Commission

On May 26, 2011, Argentina officially launched the Commission for the Study of Aerospace Phenomena under the direction of Captain Mariano Mohaupt. Their goal is to contribute in the search for a scientific and technical explanation of those aerospace phenomena which have not been identified.

Strange Double orb June 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alien encounters within the next 20 years says scientists

A reader sent me this highly interesting article which may explain why governments worldwide are preparing people with gradual disclosure:

A top Russian astronomer say he expects humans to encounter extraterrestrial civilisations within the next two decades:

Russian scientists expect humanity to encounter alien civilisations within the next two decades, a top Russian astronomer said on Monday.

"The genesis of life is as inevitable as the formation of atoms ... Life exists on other planets and we will find it within 20 years," said Andrei Finkelstein, director of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Applied Astronomy Institute, according to the Interfax news agency.

Speaking at an international forum dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial life, Finkelstein said 10% of the known planets circling suns in the galaxy resemble Earth.

If water can be found there, then so can life, he said, adding that aliens would most likely resemble humans with two arms, two legs and a head.

"They may have different colour skin, but even we have that," he said.

Finkelstein's institute runs a programme launched in the 1960s at the height of the cold war space race to watch for and beam out radio signals to outer space.

"The whole time we have been searching for extraterrestrial civilisations, we have mainly been waiting for messages from space and not the other way," he said.

Spiral ufo Sighting In Vytegra Russia June 22 2011

Vytegra Russia - large spiral ufo filmed - again likely a missile launch test?

Spiral UFO filmed over Mongolia june 2011

Spiral ufo Filmed over Mongolia june 2011, likely a missile test launch:

Ufo spotted during fireworks Russia

Close up triangle ufo formation over Russia June 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Crop circle at honeystreet Alton Barnes wiltshire 26.06.2011

New crop circle Alton Barnes wiltshire.
Many people have asked me not to post crop circles anymore because most believe the modern new ones are clever fakes, more complex designed achieved by people using GPS.
Would like your opinions and thoughts on if i can keep posting.

Ghost Town Mirage city Appears over River in China ?

Ok this story is not Ufo related but as you may know many weird happenings have been occuring over China over the last year, from spiral missiles other major Ufo sightings. A reader just sent me in this story about a city that "simply appeared"- most likely a mirage but still intriguing:

Residents in the eastern Chinese city of Huanshan thought they were seeing things when an enormous mirage appeared on the skyline like a second ‘ghost city’.

The mirage occurred earlier in the month following heavy rainfall and humid conditions along in the Xin’an River.

The mirage created the illusion that buildings, tall trees and mountains were rising into the sky, in a location where there is usually nothing visible on the horizon except open sky.

Some locals have speculated that the mysterious city on the skyline could be a ‘vortex’ to a lost civilisation. Read more at article source

Airplane followed by a Ufo 24th June 2011 ?

Sent in bya reader- the question is was it a Ufo or satellite?

Poster says not a satellite:
These both filmed from the exact same position using Yukon Ranger Nightscope. Not the ISS as ISS does not fly over my house or even over my country as we are too far north.


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