Friday, February 19, 2010

UK MOD releasing even more files on UFOs

Big news - Uk is releasing even more Ufo files today .. is this disclosure in progress?

Super-fast spacecraft and a giant, humming triangle hovering above the house of Michael Howard, the former Home Secretary, feature in the latest release of UFO-related files at the Public Records Office.

Almost 6,000 pages of declassified files are released online today, the majority covering 1994 to 2000. Many sightings contained crude drawings.

Among the most puzzling of reports listed was an object tracked moving at more than 1,000 knots by Prestwick airport in 1999. Equally mystifying were UFO sightings by police over the North Sea near Lincolnshire, and a British Airways 737 that reported a near-miss with a mysterious object in January 1995, while there were more than 600 reported sightings of unexplained objects over what was dubbed the “Bonnybridge Triangle” in Scotland between 1995 and 1997.
Alongside reports of unexplained lights or mysterious craft, some witnesses claim to have had direct interaction with UFOs.

In one unexplained episode from 27th January 27, 1997, South Wales Police reported claims of a UFO encounter by a driver in Ebbw Vale. The man claimed that his car was enveloped in a “tube of light” which hovered over it for five minutes. During this time his radio and mobile phone ceased to work. The report said the man’s car was left covered in “dust and dirt”.
The report goes on: “He felt and was indeed sick later on. He is still feeling ill today [28/1/97] and has developed a skin condition. Advised to see doctor.”

In March 1997 a man in Kingstanding, Birmingham, reported a 200ft triangle over his back garden. The hovering object caused dogs to bark, he said, before accelerating into the sky. It left a “silky white substance” on garden trees which the man collected in a jam jar. What became of the jam jar’s contents is not reported.
Several people reported a triangular, “humming” UFO near Mr Howard’s home in Kent on March 8, 1997.

The incident provoked government correspondence, local newspaper reports and an RAF investigation. MoD correspondence concluded: “Although the MoD has received reports of an alleged ‘UFO’ sighting near Michael Howard’s home on March 8, 1997, MoD Air Defence staff have confirmed that there is no evidence to suggest any unauthorised incursion of the UK Air Defence Region on that date.

David Clarke, a consultant on the new files from Sheffield Hallam University, noted that UFOs had altered over time, from cigar-shaped objects to flying saucers to triangles reminiscent of The X-Files. He said: “I think either aliens are watching our telly and adapting their aircraft accordingly or people are seeing these things in popular culture and adapting them in their own imagination.”

Dr Clarke said that some UFO reports defied conventional explanation but suggested that they were more likely to be unknown natural phenomena than alien craft.
Amongst the files released yesterday are several references to camera footage shot by RAF fighters in the 1950s which shows strange balls of fire or plasma near aircraft that the Ministry of Defence and meteorological officials could not explain. However, the footage has since been mysteriously lost.

Article Source - times

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Mexico Feb 2010 - strange weather phenomenon or Ufo related ? - your comments apprecaited

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Hi All,

I literally destroyed my old notebook after it flew out of my bike the other day!

Anyways i am back with a new notebook and a  backlog of submitted Ufo news and
Videos to post for you.!!

Will keep updating shortly...

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Puzzling Ufo footage - Closeup - your comments

Ok this footage just keeps appearing on the web.
Its a super closeup of that footage from last year showing a triangle formation or lights orbiting the earth. I really need to know could there be any possibility this is some satellite or the international space station?

Enviado por tchikito. - Noticias em video na hora

Mexican aviation - several Airliner Ufo encounters in January alone

The mexican governnment doesn't punish its pilots like united and American airlines and most US airliners do . Infact unlike the secretive FAA ,  Mexican aviation comes forward with its aircraft Ufo encounters and they have over 10 confirmed events in January alone - many confirmed with radar sweeps!

Like this news one:

Reports of encounters between Mexican aviation and unidentified flying objects are far from over, as we can see from today's message from Prof. Ana Luisa Cid.

"According to a report from Alfonso Salazar, a commercial airliner encountered an unidentified flying object over the Gulf of Mexico.

"The TCAS radar detected it for five (5) minutes, alerting the airliner's crew to the presence of unidentified traffic nearby. It followed them and maneuvered above them.

"[The airliner] involved was Magni Flight 774, flying between Mexico City and Cancún, registration number XA-MAI (Boeing 737-300)

"There were several reports of encounters between UFOs and airliners in the skies over Mexico during the month of January."


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Mexico Ufo report

It just never stops in mexico ! Another starling Ufo report showing SPHERES and UFOs as seen by hundreds:

UFO Florence Ky 2/12/10 Mt. Zion Road

Posters comments:
This video is of what I think is a UFO spotted in Florence Ky on Mt. Zion Road. This was about 11:00 PM at night and very cold 19 degrees outside. Several people saw this and you had to look straight up to see it. In the video, it is very dark, but what you are looking for is 3 square lights about the center of the screen. The object in the video stayed stationary, the movement is from me holding the camera.
Category: Entertainment

Dr. Brooks Agnew on Veritas with Mel Fabregas

Doctor of Physics, Brooks Agnew discussed that HAARP can be used for weather manipulation and for causing earthquakes and even in the battlefield to subdue the enemy. He also discussed possible cataclysms that may occur around 2012, and offered an update on his planned North Pole Inner Earth Expedition. (For more - The vertias radio player is on the right of this site)

The sun is teaming with objects - UPDATE 15.02.2010

yet another update from today about those objects seen on the sun 15.02.2010

Original footage of the phoenix lights from march 3 1997

Apparently new footage of the phoenix lights from  march 3 1997 Location: Phoenix Arizona,USA 

Backlog of Ufo videos!

Hi All

I have received so many emails and ufo video submissions its taking my time at the moment to keep up with the posts ... Ufo activity worldwide is on the rise again ...

Tenha um ótimo carnaval brazillian meus amigos !

Keep your eyes to the skies!

Aliens and ufos - the new realufos mantra ! by Vanessa Amorosi

Love it, plus its catchy too! I thought this new song may be appropriate matra for real ufos - I am not afraid of aliens and ufos - its by my favourite Aussie singer Vanessa Amorosi - off her great new album Hazardous:

I am not afraid of aliens and ufo’s
no I am not afraid of aliens and ufo’s
I am sure that no one else in this universe
‘Caus I am not afraid of aliens and ufo’s, ufo’s!

 (get it on here - Vanessa Amorosi )

Michael Schratt, a military aerospace historian talks about Ufos

Michael Schratt, a military aerospace historian, will be presenting a fully illustrated, well-documented lecture focusing on the most shocking UFO case files from the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) archives. Michael will be using technical engineering drawings and full-color visual aides. Cases which will be covered include: The 1976 Dana Point CA Fat Frisbee case, the 1972 Fiery Ellipse case over Venezuela, the 1968 Vent UFO case over Saskatchewan, the 1972 Long Island Flying Iron UFO case and the 1964 Cisco Grove, CA Bow and Arrow case, which included at least four possible EBEs, two of which were described as robotic aliens. We will also hear the details of the Conning Tower UFO case over Gresham, Oregon in 1988, the 1967 Ririe, Idaho multiple-occupant UFO case, the 2003 Flying Truss Bridge case over Helena, Montana and a 1966 encounter between a USAF B-52 and a mile-wide UFO over South Vietnam, where multiple occupants were visible in the in the upper dome of the craft.

UFO Over Volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico - 13 February 2010

Ufos always seem to fly over volcanoes - something to do with the earth energies or are they monitoring something? Volcano Popocatepetl, Mexico - 13th February 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Save Australia's Internet

I am running this campaign on the bottom of this site to help gather awareness about the devastasing Australian internet filter
Please do your part and help sign this petition.
The Federal Government is going ahead with plans to force all Australian servers to filter internet traffic and block any material the Government deems ‘inappropriate’. Under the plan, the Government can add any ‘unwanted’ site to a secret blacklist.

Testing has been released on systems that will slow our internet by up to 87%, make it more expensive, miss the vast majority of inappropriate content and accidentally block up to 1 in 12 legitimate sites. Our children deserve better protection - and that won't be achieved by wasting millions on this deeply flawed system.

Update - More on those objects on the sun 11th Feb 2010

Objects on the sun continue to be caught by SOHO, this time they can be seen moving - not stationary.  These objects were captured by NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). . The objects observed seem to appear and move in different positions around the Sun and seemed to be as large as our planet Earth:

MUFON Submission - Honiton, UK

MUFON is the mutal Ufo Network - where all Ufo sightings should first be reported.
Here's a submission from  Honiton, UK - February 10, 2010 :

"Since there has been a few reports in the Honiton area recently and as i live near by i thought I'd go check out the area and see if i could see or capture anything after an hour in the area nothing i took some photos up the roundball and caught something unexplainable. It was a 2 discs i saw them briefly with my naked eye zoom across the sky."

Cigar UFO - filmed above Somerset coastline by holidaymakers

Cigar type Ufo - This clip shows so happy campers that spot a cigar tube type UFO coming thru and flying about above their holiday camp.

Caravaners were left baffled when the mysterious cylinder hovered over a busy campsite in Brean, Somerset. They claimed the unidentified black metal object stands out clearly against the blue sky, where it can be seen darting up and down for more than 10 minutes.
Local police reported no unusual activity, but witnesses were left convinced they had seen an extra-terrestrial spectacle.
It took place on a sunny afternoon last July when tourists staying at an unidentified holiday park spotted the object. One grabbed his video camera and managed to capture its strange, erratic movements in the sky. The video was shot at the height of the tourist season and stopped hundreds of holidaymakers in their tracks. But it only emerged yesterday after it was sent anonymously to local news website.
UFO expert Malcolm Robinson said the object was "totally consistent" with other sightings. Mr Robinson, who runs UFO group Strange Phenomena Investigations, said: "This video of a UFO is clearly very exciting. "While UFOs are commonly thought to be spherical in shape, we receive dozens of calls from people who have spotted similar cylinder-shaped objects.
"There is, of course, an argument that this could be a weather balloon or some other common object."
"But my research has shown that it is totally consistent with other UFO sightings, none of which have been hoaxes or naturally-occurring phenomenon."
Source Article

UFO's in Leicester UK - 13/02/2010

Leicester UK 2 lights filmed - was it a UFO?

Posters comments:
I was walking back from my mates house and as soon as I got onto my Dad's street I seen these two huge lights in the sky standing still. I decided to get my camera out as I was filming my friend doing hilarious drunk things earlier on in the day and they started moving. They flew over my Dad's house and then I tried looking out my window to see them but they had gone.

That object seen over irleand

Nick pope and that ufo seen over ireland MSNBC News: UFO in Ireland Video

Soviet MiGs and Ufos

Most of you may have seen this, i would like to know what documentary this is from as its one of my fav Ufo videos:

Brazil Ufo shows up during live newscast

Another new one from Brazil .. translation anyone?

Some object seen from an airplane

Object seen from an airplane - an experimental / military jet? Awesome UFO Video From A Plane. Video
Mufon Report# 244161
Long Description of MUFON Sighting Report
This video was shot out the window of a passenger jet flying from Washington state back to California.
The camera was aimed at a cloud formation,
When you see an object fly by at the top of the screen,
It was noticed only later while watching the video.
I didnt take this video my coworker did and he never noticed this until I pointed it out to him.
Another Jet? Missile? Rocket? In either case it looks like its moving pretty good notice that after he pans back with the camera the object and its trail is totally gone.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reader submitted new UFO videos

A few new ufo videos submitted by out readers - I can't keep up!

UFo. February 14 Valentine's Day 2009
Enviado por ovnis_et_fantomes. - Noticias sobre a tecnologia e a ciência em vídeo

Lightship UFO in early January 2010
Enviado por justa4t. - Aprende mais da ciência e da tecnologia com nossos videos

Unknown Object Videotaped over Wolds, UK 2009
Enviado por noibegmiy. - Aprende mais da ciência e da tecnologia com nossos videos

Ufo 10/11/09 at 10:37pm in SE Michigan - Repost with description

with that new footage of that amazing triangle over denver this week I decided to revist the
UFO Sighting Triangle Formation on 10/11/09 at 10:37pm in SE Michigan. This this time the poster explains the video was captured with and IR camera.

UFOS (Triangle Formation) Michigan 11th oct 2009
Enviado por noibegmiy. - Videos das ultimas descobertas cientificais.
Poster comments:

In this video, I captured 3 flying objects flying in a formation diagonally across the sky. I was even lucky to capture an airplane below them. Then they all suddendly disappeared at 2min 37 sec. I tried to see them with my eyes, but they where only detectable in the IR spectrum.
They began disappearing in this order ...
1.) Lead object.
2.) Rear object
3.) Middle object.

More Ufos flying past the sun The sun - moving this time!

11th Feb 2010 = this time those objects are seen in real time exposure moving across the sun - not just stationary!

Huge UFOs Orbiting & Flying Around The Sun
Enviado por thealienproject. - Veja outros filmes e emissoras de televisão em video
11th feb 2010 - more images MORE SOHO Objects Near Sun Feb 11 2010 Video