Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Michael Schratt, a military aerospace historian talks about Ufos

Michael Schratt, a military aerospace historian, will be presenting a fully illustrated, well-documented lecture focusing on the most shocking UFO case files from the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) archives. Michael will be using technical engineering drawings and full-color visual aides. Cases which will be covered include: The 1976 Dana Point CA Fat Frisbee case, the 1972 Fiery Ellipse case over Venezuela, the 1968 Vent UFO case over Saskatchewan, the 1972 Long Island Flying Iron UFO case and the 1964 Cisco Grove, CA Bow and Arrow case, which included at least four possible EBEs, two of which were described as robotic aliens. We will also hear the details of the Conning Tower UFO case over Gresham, Oregon in 1988, the 1967 Ririe, Idaho multiple-occupant UFO case, the 2003 Flying Truss Bridge case over Helena, Montana and a 1966 encounter between a USAF B-52 and a mile-wide UFO over South Vietnam, where multiple occupants were visible in the in the upper dome of the craft. Rate this posting:

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Unknown said...

Excellent research and information from a superb aeronautical historian and researcher!
I recommend Michael Schratt highly, give him a listen!


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