Wednesday, June 03, 2009

US Airways AirBus A330 Pilot Reports Ufo incident over Atlantic on route to Paris last summer - Airfrance 447 related ?

Thank-you for my countless sources around the world, without you this amazing find would not have been discovered:

If true this is a real scoop people and just shows you at what lengths companies like Airbus and the government may be going to prevent this serious information coming out. This leads us to seriously consider that a collision with a Ufo may b
e a real and valid possibly that should be taken into consideration by investigators of the mysterious Airbus flight 447 crash.

If Ufos were in the Atlantic vicinity before and were following a similar Airbus A330 aircraft in the past then they could have been involved with the current AirFrance 447 crash.

Note: I have been warned in advance that posting this piece will lead to realUfos site to have 'issues' (infact Twitter got so worried they censored it - see below ) ..

The pilot who apparently posted this on his twitter (see before) account got it suspended (and then after twitter censorship) and weird things are apparently happening to sites that forward this story on. I did consider that possibly someone hacked his twitter account and posted this as a false story but i am assured this is not the case - but take note when reading below that its not officially confirmed:

I do worry for the pilots identity being revealed but if he did post his story publicly and we don't reveal his name then people won't believe the account. I will leave it up to you guys to make your mind up on this one:

I published a true experience UFO story while flying the Airbus A330 over the Atlantic last summer

The UFO kept pace with our aircraft, an Airbus A330 widebody, for 6 minutes.
Then, all of a sudden, Boom.. it shot forward at an unbelievable speed, must have been at least 30 times the speed of sound.

Actually, I can't even begin to estimate the speed because it was faster than any known flying machine, it was otherworldly speed.

Then, once again, the UFO kept pace with our Airbus only this time at about one half mile directly ahead of us for another 10 more

Remember, I'm an airline pilot and we are in the cockpit of an Airbus A330 jet going 550 MPH. This was like nothing any of us had ever seen!
We landed in Paris four hours later and kept this observation pretty much to ourselves. That's typical of pilots. We keep this stuff quiet.

I do admit that we were less concerned once it zipped one half mile ahead of us. That was a relief!

After 10 more minutes, the thing just shot up off into the sky. It was really instantaneous, like a bullet fired from a gun

Then, to our relief, it was gone. We continued on with no site of the object again that night or since for that matter.

We landed in Paris four hours later and kept this observation pretty much to ourselves. That's typical of pilots. We keep this stuff quiet.

The experience was like nothing before or after & has made me a believer. What do you believe. Please retweet this story to your followers.

Look what happened to his twitter a/c

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Anonymous said...

I think it's important not too jump to any conclusions on this particular case. Flight accidents do happen for various reasons and, as a believer in UFOs myself, I think it will damage our credibility if we were to speculate further in this matter before aviation reports are made public.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, that doesn't sound like a pilot talking to me.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you not to jump to conclusions on this it is a very sensetive case at this point due to the many lives that has been lost.

HeeBGBz said...

C'mon. Twitter only has 140 characters per post. It would take 10 -15 posts to write all that.

Anonymous said...

fool did u read the post...?
thosr 15 lines were all seperate twitter posts put together...
Clcik on the cached version of his twitter account

Anonymous said...

Is the Twitter access DENIED page always an OWL? As in screen memory???

ed2261 said...

He is a real Pilot and does exist, i met him personally.Made me a believe there's something out there.

Anonymous said...

He is a real pilot, I met him personally.

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