Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A long history of Ufos tracking AirPlanes - why the dangers? + Black Box Ufos

After all this new debate about my new post about the mysterious AirFrance Airbus Disappearance i have decided to post these 2 documentaries to help explain my concerns further and why i feel the 2 are connected. Ufos have been following our aircraft and monitoring our airports . Its a serious concern that needs investigating...
Black Box Ufos - A documentary on records of pilots that have witnessed UFO's in flight.
and the recent Ufo Hunters episode looks at the worrying trend of Ufos following passenger aircraft and attempts of Ufos to land at airports around the world.I have talked about this trend many times before
Also the video exposes the
FAA's coverup of the Ohare incident with irrefutable evidence from the airtraffic controllers tapes showing they were aware of the Ufo.
A UFO sighting above Chicago's largest airport leaves authorities scrambling for answers. On November 7th, 2006 (link), a strange object hovered for ten minutes over Gate C17 at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago before rapidly ascending into the sky. And on October 23rd of 2004, in Osaka, Japan a UFO was spotted tailing Japanese Airlines flight 1512 (link)as it came in for a landing. Are UFOs following our own commercial aircraft, and surveying our airports?
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Anonymous said...

Oh man! Did disclosure happen yet?! Wasn't something supposed to happen in late May??? Obama was supposed to disclose??? Oh man, why isn't everyone talking about it!!?? Dude, you gotta get some press releases up on your site showing that disclosure happened late May just like Stephen Basset said it would!!

I'm SO happy. Although, I'm not hearing much... I'm sure that doesn't mean he's not credible. After all, he's one of the most credible people in this whole UFO community, right? Uh huh?

Anonymous said...

What's Obama got to do with it? If he tries to disclose anything he will get told to shut up by the CIA, just like Clinton did, and if he tries to go behind the CIA's back he'll end up like the late J.F.Kennedy. I wonder how long it took Obama to work out that he's not the one in charge of the USA after he got elected???

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