Thursday, January 08, 2015

Central Italy: UFO Orb Night Sighting: 30-12-2014

Orb UFO Witnessed over Central Italy.

What could this be? A satellite or something from another world. Notice how it vanishes from the distant night sky. Would like to hear your thoughts!

Witness comments: "Spotted while trying to focus on and film stars. Object appears around the 30 second mark in video under moon, seems to linger for a few seconds then take off at greater speed away from observer. Date of event is Dec 30th, 2014: 19:02 local time, Central Italy." 

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

UFO Above Adelaide Australia Bush Fires 02-01-2015

UFO Witnessed Above Australian Bushfires. 
Viewer comments: "We noticed many orbs flashing in and fading out and the sun had set – the night was dark turning the moon blood orange from the Catastrophic bushfire in the Adelaide Hills. We where having a mini CE5 and sky spotting.
All activity sighted between 9pm and midnight the orbs moved towards the fire area. There was about 8 orbs in total over a few hours during the evening, moving west to east, toward and over the bushfire area.
We are immune to the excitement of spotting orbs, we calmly point out any phenomena we see so many.

I hurried out of the pool when we saw another orb, i got the video which isn’t night vision and videoed. We witnessed the orb eject another orb and both Orbs continued on the same trajectory.
The video shows 2 orbs, the first orbs ejected the second orb.
My house was in the way to continue filming.

The video is jumpy – i was talking and shivery." Event time 21:52.

Monday, January 05, 2015

What Could It Be? UFO Above Tysoe, Warwickshire UK: 29-12-14

Witnessed on the 29-12-14, this Triangular UFO was filmed as it hovered in the night sky, far above Warwickshire UK. 

Witness comments: "Caught this on my iphone last night could you please look at it for me and feedback."
Keen to hear our site readers opinions on this!