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Ufo over Sao Paulo, Brazil - 12-28-09

In Brazil it never ceases to surprise me how many people see Ufos!. So many people have told me about their sightings there and it seems like there may be some vortex (like near mexico city) that attracts the objects. (please reply  if you have had  sighting there) Here is a new report from Sao Paulo:

This photo was taken in Campinas - SP, on 12/28/09 at approximately 1:15 AM, was by me 3 more people (my wife and a couple of friends) on the road from Campinas, Jaguariuna, when we saw a very bright light right in front (like a plane), and shortly after we entered the Alphaville condominium and climbed high on the neighborhood where the light started to blink.

The object seemed to stand still for about 3 minutes. I took this photograph with my Iphone, and the most intriguing thing is that we saw all a red border, but only the white light shows up because I imagine that the distance that the object was of us was up 3 km away.

After the photos, we went home still seeing some strange things happening in the sky until late at night (also recorded with the Iphone 2 Minutes and 5 seconds of video.
Author of Images: Robert P Filho - Source

New Sunspots Could Trigger Large Solar Flares & damage earth

Following my post on the sun a reader submitted this important article:

Astronomers announce the discovery of a new, active group of sunspots on the surface of our star, after a period of a couple of years in which the celestial body has been unusually quiet. The Sun usually functions in 11-year-long cycles, but it would appear that the last one has yet to pick up in speed and intensity, as expected. Now, the sunspot group 1045 is apparently capable of producing M-class solar flares, which are relatively harmless to our planet. But experts warn that the more dangerous X-class emissions could be on their way too.

X-class solar flares are extremely dangerous for our planet. They can pierce through the magnetosphere – the layer of our atmosphere that usually protects us from such effects – and reach the surface of the planet. Once through the atmosphere, they can easily fry electrical generators and power grids, essentially leaving us in the dark. In addition, they can also destroy satellites in the Earth's orbit, and can pose a significant threat to the health of astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS), who are flying above the magnetosphere. Therefore, knowing in advance that this type of solar flares may form could help save lives, and avoid losing billions of dollars, Space reports.

According to Space, sunspots can be likened to soda bottle caps. They represent areas that are cooler than their surrounding, but that also experience a more intense magnetic activity. When the underlying layers are stirred sufficiently enough, the cap is blown, and a solar flare occurs. Often, this display of energy is associated with the emission of clouds of charged particles, called a coronal mass ejection. Sunspots of the intensity seen in 1045 usually produce M-class solar flares, but scientists at the US Space Weather Prediction Center warn that the X-class type – the most powerful ever observed – is also possible from this configuration.

article source - continue reading

Strange background flashes during NASA Sts 130 mission

Camera glitch or something UnKnown ? Nasa's Sts 130 mission captures weird flashes in spacde sts130 strange flashes Video

21 January 2010 Weird ovni in Mexico

Mexico is a never ending source of Ufo videos ..
Alfredo Rubio captures what looks like a daytime ufo over Mexico - filmed 21 January 2010

The sun and solar storms - keep an eye on this issue

From strange objects seen near the sun recently, to the 2012 solar storms and NASA
launching the Solar observatory yesterday, I am asking everyone to keep a very close eye on any news about the sun over the coming year... (please keep me updated if you have any news updates) .....there is more happening here than what we are being told.

You may remember early last year and even back in 2008 i did a post about the webbot predictions  forecasting alot of trouble with the sun as we approach 2012..well its only recently that alot of fuss is happening with the sun.

NASA revised their predictions that the peak of these solar storms will occur mid 2013 now. However NASA has failed to revise its warning that the coming solar storms will be the most powerful ever. During last year there was hardly any sun spot activity which is rare and unusual - many scientists believe it was' a calm before the storm'.

Keeping an eye on M+class and X+ Class solar flares is extremely important over the coming years .. and I am  assuming the new solar lab launched by NASA will assist in further studying these flares.. The earths magnetosphere or 'shield' is another cause for concern and I haven't heard much from NASA about what the consequences will be if this fails during the peak of the solar storms ...

Some posters have even commented that those objects seen near the sun recently may be trying to influence the sun so it doesn't negatively effect earth ... strange idea but who knows...

Keep your eyes to the skies (and news about Sun ) !


The Robert Hall abduction case - New video

This full length documentary follows the amazing story of Robert Hall who was abducted by aliens in 1940 in Gateshead. Richard D. Hall (no relation) searches for answers and evidence in this incredible case.

3rd part

From the ufo history files CBS reports Ufo flap back in the 1970's

CBS reported a Ufo flap back in the united states during the early 1970's.
Thinking of the UFo & nuclear connection - was it no co-incidence that during that time in early 70's the United states constructed the majority of its nuclear power plants?

Ufo makes the news in Lima Peru

Ufo from plane flight Manchester (england) 30/01/10

This sighting is very interesting, strangely i saw the exact same V shaped object over beunos airies last year from an airplane. What is this craft - an experimental drone or something else? Any why the big V shaped exhaust?
This poster filmed the object enroute from Manchester (england) to Sofia (Bulgaria) om 30/01/10,

On a flight from Manchester (england) to Sofia (Bulgaria) om 30/01/10, my daughter was watching the sun set when she said to me "dad whats that black thing?" I looked out to see what looked like a strange small vapour shape, in an otherwise cloudless sky, that appeared to be moving in an opposite direction to us. As we watched, the shape suddenly did a 180 turn on its nose with its vapour trails arcing over to fall back behind its nose to continue travelling in the same direction as us.
It turned like I have seen no aircraft turn before, it did not sweep around it did an instant pivot on its nose. Its at this point, with hair standing on the back of my neck, that I grabed for my camera and tried to get some footage. the video may not seem very impressive but if I had caught the turn on video then you would understand that I feel I have finally seen my first UFO.

Lights over Denver, Colorado UFOs 12 14 2009.

Very interesting Triangle Ufo formation filmed over Denver, Colorado UFOs 12 14 2009.

Evidence of anti-gravity technology?

Evidence of antigravity UFO technology, recorded with night vision goggles ,aported by Ed grimsley and Gary Mackinnon

Friday, February 12, 2010

More Ufo footage from St Helens

At the start this films a helicopter but it gets more puzzling further on - filmed 10th Feb 2010

Breaking news - Australian government to filter all Youtube videos ! - mass censorship

Urgent call to Action for all Australians - tell your friends and family about this urgent issue now , please spread the word:

Something utterly terrible is happening in Australia right now and everyone worldwide needs to know about this -  We are seeing a democratic country essentially losing the right to free speech.

The Australian public doesn't understand how dangerous this new internet filter will be , please I'm asking all Australians to write letters to your federal ministers now  and join this facebook protest.. our country is going to turn out just like China with freedom of speech something of the past ... nothing on the web will be censor free .. and remember how I said they would extend this filter well I was right - now youtube will be fully filtered and videos will be censored by the government  - its the beginning of the end.. we must stop this now!.  

I mean it was only today that i heard on CNN that Iran manipulated the web using its internet filtering to stop its people hearing about protests  .. For state run countries like Iran and China i guess you would expect the governments to pull something like this but for a democratic country like Australia to roll this out its a  disgrace!.

Google was shocked and angrily rejected the Australian governments call to filter all videos on youtube, things like euthanasia,  graffiti and anything deemed illegal activities by the Australian government will no longer be allowed on youtube - i was shocked to hear this too.

Here's the response from Google:
GOOGLE has angrily rejected a call from the Australia government to filter YouTube videos, after the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, said if the search engine could censor material for China, it should do the same in Australia.

Google Australia head of policy Iarla Flynn said in a statement the company questions the government's proposal to block content that is refused classification.

"YouTube has clear policies about what content is not allowed, for example hate speech and [ornography and we enforce these, but we can't give any assurance that we would voluntarily remove all Refused Classification (RC) content from YouTube."

"The scope of RC is simply too broad and can raise genuine questions about restrictions on access to information. RC includes the grey realms of material instructing in any crime from graffiti to politically controversial crimes such as euthanasia and exposing these topics to public debate is vital for democracy."

 In an interview with the ABC's 
Hungry Beast show on Wednesday night, Senator Conroy said applying filters to high-traffic sites such as YouTube would slow down the internet, ''so we're currently in discussions with Google about … how we can work this through''.

''What we're saying is, well in Australia, these are our laws and we'd like you to apply our laws,'' he said. ''Google at the moment filters an enormous amount of material on behalf of the Chinese government; they filter an enormous amount of material on behalf of the Thai government.'' 

So why not apply China's filtering style for the Australian government - he is essentially getting at!  article source

Please note to all our US and UK friends if this law passes and filtering is successfuly passed
down under you can expect this coming your way.....

Why people worldwide should be concerned about this ?
Australia being a smaller first world nation has recently been a test case for many multinational and governments worldwide - essentially all eyes are on Australia at the moment . Recent cases include ebay testing its failed forced paypal only payment system,  the film companies packing together to sue IInet an ISP for allowing movie torrents and the TGA (like the FDA) a few years ago implementing the codex reforms indirectly via a fear campaign against vitamins with the PAN scandal (for which the government was sued for handling incorrectly years later on).

The public needs to stand up otherwise  bureaucracy and corporations win with their agendas in the end!
Protest here and join the facebook protest
Also go to this site:

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia

Bright orb Follows a Plane Alberta Canada February 10/2010

Orbs that follow planes are not new news - foo fighters have been aroud since the 50s .
In this new video an orb follows a plane - video taped at Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, February 10/2010

Erractic Flashing Orbs over st helens merseyside

weird lights here .. filmed 10.02.2010, filmed at 8pm .. anyone from helens or merseyside provide further information?

Atlas 5 rocket launched - NASA's urgent attempt to study the 2012-13 solar storms

I like many of you all just watched the successful launch of the Atlas 5 rocket by NASA today. As you may know the mission of the recent rocket launch is to establish NASA's new Solar Dynamics Observatory. Nasa says the purpose of the SDO is to  "understand the Sun's influence on Earth and Near-Earth space by studying the solar atmosphere on small scales of space and time and in many wavelengths simultaneously."

I find that the timing of the launch and its mission of 5 years  extremely co-incidental, especially  considering the upcoming solar storms during the peak of the years 2012 - 2013 . Also a note to everyone NASA has revised  the dates of solar maximum - so this means  the peak of the potentially devastating solar  storms  will now occur around mid-May of 2013 not 2012 as previously thought.

Many believe the mission is a clear and urgent attempt by NASA to study solar changes to predict their strategic impact on earth infrastructures, communications and power grids during the potentially catastrophic solar storms of 2012-13. Eg; By predicting large X+ solar flares in advance before the radiation and EMF interference hits earth, power stations can be turned off temporarily to reduce damage to the grid.

NASA has admitted the upcoming solar storms during the peak of this solar cycle will be the worst  experienced in the modern age but they have downplayed dooms day scenarios to some extent.... but clearly their funding and launch of the SDO today is an admission they are taking the solar changes very seriously.
NASA talking about the SDO launch and mission:

You may have seen this video so  either way since the time of this video NASA has revised that the solar maximum - ie the peak of the storms  to now occur around mid-May of 2013

Thursday, February 11, 2010

'UFO' on Yorkshire TV - 9th February, 2010

Long camera exposure or something else - either way this photo made the news

Unusual navigational lights Chile

Although this looks like a plane - i am told the arrangement of these navigational lights is unusual - any comment?

Australia joins the likes of China and Iran - their new Internet Filter

I warned and posted about this a while ago and sadly the Australian government has almost won and their country wide internet filter will likely come into action very soon....

The greatest concern here is the items included in the nations blacklist of banned sites, particularly as this blacklist is to remain secret so no one will really have what idea the government is banning. The government intendeds to ban hundreds of web sites (and even torrents) on terrorism and child pornography and while their immediate intentions are great their is potential for the government and future governments to abuse this privilege in the years to come . Many are concerned that in the future, corporate pressure may lead the government to extend this ban to music downloads, P2P file sharing and movie torrents.. so who knows where this will end.

In particular, as the blacklist can be upgraded and added to secretly whenever the government deems necessary, no website is free from the governments censorship.  In Finland, for instance, a man who runs a website arguing that the blacklist approach is ineffective was called in for questioning last year after publishing "a list of a few hundred censored sites." His own site was then placed on the blacklist, which means that visitors from Finland aren't allowed the information to debate the issue and decide for their selves.

Its a total disgrace that the Australia public have allowed this communist style Internet filtering legislation to make it almost through parliament - what ever happened to value of democracy - i.e. free speech?. Its perceived that the Australia's internet filtering will be a test case for governments worldwide with an eventual roll out of web filtering in the US, UK and Europe after review of Australia's situation.

Just like failed ebay forced paypal measure and the IINet vs the film companies court cases - Australia is seen as a test case for the world on many levels. Some people have commented this is reminiscent of a new world order type pressure to control information over the internet.

Many Internet websites in protest have highlighted that: "No government should have the right to refuse its citizens access to information solely because they perceive it to be 'unwanted',". Information is power and those who are unable to access this information become powerless - just think of the Chinese trying to research Tibet or Tiananmen square on Google in china - they can't period! because of  internet filtering.

Its a dangerous path Australia is taking..No website will be free from this filtering (including this site) and while the Australian governments intentions are good at present , who knows what this could lead to for the future of the internet.

The best way to voice you conern is to send a letter to your state and federal representative in Australia

In retaliation , Hackers worldwide have in  taken down numerous Australian government websites in the last few days .. while this action is not acceptable it shows you how desperate this issue now is:

Groups opposing the government's internet censorship plans have condemned today's attacks on government websites, saying it will do little to help their cause, while Communications Minister Stephen Conroy called them "totally irresponsible".

The Parliament of Australia website,, was down for a period this morning, while access to the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy's website was patchy.
A spokesman for the Department of Parliamentary Services, which runs the Parliament House website, said at the peak of the attack the site was receiving 7.5 million hits a second, up from the few hundred per second it normally receives.
He said the website was inaccessible for about an hour from 8am, and was offline intermittently due to the four attacks that had been detected by lunchtime.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mexican Ufo Report

Mexico Ufo Skywatchers make the news

UFO Skywatchers in Mexico have caught some Interesting footage

Richard Dolan on The Veritas Show: UFO History - February 12, 2010

This is another appearance by renowned and respected author, researcher and UFO historian, Richard Dolan. Richard discussed his newest publication: UFOs and The National Security State - Volume 2,
(Note the player will be back up shortly on this site to listen to this)

Weird lights in Rio

May i remind you all it is close to carnivale in rio - party lights or something really special here?
Locals in Brazil (RIO DE JANIERO) witness a beauiful scout ship emitting blue and red lights around the craft.

UFO footage 2010 New York

Strange orbs or birds? New York 2010

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New sun spots forming - the start of the 2012 solar storms?

As we approach 2012 - the peak of solar storm cycle , there is evidence that the sun is already starting to experience major new activity this week:
(Also - is it no co-incidence NASA is to launch the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) tomorrow ? - an urgent attempt to study the sun as we approach 2012? ).

A new group of spots is traversing the face of the sun. Sunspot group 1045 is an active region that has produced moderate (M-class) solar flares.
The spots could unleash a major (X-class) flare, though that probability is low, according to the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center.

Sunspots are areas of intense magnetic activity, cooler than the surrounding solar surface. They act like caps on a soda bottle, and when things are shaken up sufficiently, the caps blow and a flare of radiation is released, often along with a cloud of charged particles called a coronal mass ejection.

Such space weather can pound Earth's protective magnetic field, with the most severe X-class storms crippling satellites and having the potential to knock out power grids on Earth.
Each of the new spot in the group is about twice the diameter of Earth, according to

Experienced backyard astronomers with properly outfitted telescopes can easily see the spots. However, looking at the sun through a telescope without a proper safety lens can permanently damage your eyes. Continue reading - space

Ufo over Colonia San Miguel Iztapalapa, Mexico City.

Date: 21 January 2010, at 12 hours.
Several people witnessed, including a five year old girl and a middle-aged couple.

Orbs in Norway February 7th 2010

This Plasma moving like UFO was recorded in a valley in Norway February 7th 2010 at 3.20am, it is clearly not a star or planet as it moves slowly to the right watch in full screen for more details

Monday, February 08, 2010

Strange star shaped object filmed over mexico

Star shaped ballons or something else? Another one of these objects filmed over mexico:
I wish the youtubers would include their translation caption options!
Anyone please translate this for us.. (time i learned spanish!)

Home Documentary - for the skeptics

This is a public service (non-Ufo) post, which i would like your comments on.

If your a climate skeptic i urge you to seriously to watch this highly important documentary on earth ecology and climatic concerns. It totally makes you re-think the skeptic view that humans are too small to make an impact on the earth..

This reminds me .. last week i flew across the US from one side to the other - from LA to chicargo  and i was astounded as i looked out for hours the whole inner part of the US continent from one side to the other is  basically all agricultural fields as far as the eye can see - with hardly any trees (this has to impact on things right?).   I've also noticed alot of climatic concerns on my  travels  - the week before i left we had a record hot week in australia (over 104 degress fareheit 4 days in a row)..  then during my time vancover they were complaining it was an unusally warm winter and they were worried didn't have enough snow for the games . I know this seems all random but these things may be connected...

The truth is we can't deny we have dramatically changed the whole planet , from country to country - no part now remains untouched from humans.

I strongly feel that everyone needs to watch this documentary here and seriously contemplate what we are doing and have done to the Earth: (your comments appreciated)

This documentary chronicles the present day state of the Earth, its climate and how we as the dominant species have long-term repercussions on its future. A theme expressed throughout the documentary is that of linkage—how all organisms and the Earth are linked in a "delicate but crucial" natural balance with each other, and how no organism can be self-sufficient.

UFO Patents - evidence private industry knows Ufos are real ?

Many people in the Ufo community say you only have to look at the patents taken out on advanced propulsion to know that private industry takes ufo seriously.

Infact, alot of my readers would be shocked to know that on a daily basis this site repeatedly gets hits from boeing, NASA, JPL , lockheead and many private aeropsace companies. Its not uncommon for ufologists as well to get enquires for further information on UFO sightings from these aerospace companies.

Many of these 'private companies' are really outsourced arms of the US military who are attempting to improve the speed and capability of their current aifcraft through research. When private industry is putting billions into patents and research on Ufo-like technology you can bet the phenomenon is real and back enegineering is in progress.
Its a strategic advantage to any military to have the fastest craft and essential for future space travel.
The commercial implications of this are huge as well - I mean Imagine if we could replace passenger airplanes with something much more fuel efficient and faster - this will mean big money for these companies in the future.

Here is some evidence from patents obtained by private companies over the last 50 years . It is startling that this Ufo patent rush started exactly after 1947 ( does roswell ring a bell anyone? ). These UFO patents are in the public domain and cover UFO sightings, including propulsion 60 times more powerful than rockets, glowing spheres in the sky, and the lay-person explanation of electrogravitic propulsion:

Sunday, February 07, 2010

A closer look at Dugway proving grounds in Utah (The new Area 51)

As you may have seen, the Ufo hunters series did an episode last year on what many in the Ufo community think to be the new area 51 - the Dugway proving grounds in Utah. There is alot of interesting things to be seen from google earth over this area . Many people have reported extremely bright lights over the area last year and i would like to hear from anyone nearby to Dugway who may have witnessed such events...

Mars Anomoly site has a great new post on Dugway looking at some real strange images from recent satellite captures on google earth. Check them out here

There are a great many interesting and strange things going on at Dugway but this reporting only hits on some of the highlights that can be revealed in surface satellite imaging and is not meant as a comprehensive examination, so don't expect that here. Even so, this large report will contain 15 images and all of them big ones with large file sizes, so do expect slow downloading times.