Monday, February 08, 2010

Strange star shaped object filmed over mexico

Star shaped ballons or something else? Another one of these objects filmed over mexico:
I wish the youtubers would include their translation caption options!
Anyone please translate this for us.. (time i learned spanish!)
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Anonymous said...

One more example of bad ufo music is used to cover up the truth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Man Interviewed: He has never seen a balloon of any type, very big. 7-10 meters, it descended until i lost the object.

Host: Contrasting the image you could a see a defined structured. At closer look it can be discarded to be conventional object like a balloon.

These images are clear that these are intelligent beings and we are behind them in terms of technology.

Anonymous said...

The video peels off the page before we can see the balloon bounce on the ground.

Anonymous said...

for me this type of object could be also a symbols in the sky like the symbols on the earth, this seems the star tetrahedron, like the vacuum structure from Nassim Haramein theory

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