Monday, February 08, 2010

Home Documentary - for the skeptics

This is a public service (non-Ufo) post, which i would like your comments on.

If your a climate skeptic i urge you to seriously to watch this highly important documentary on earth ecology and climatic concerns. It totally makes you re-think the skeptic view that humans are too small to make an impact on the earth..

This reminds me .. last week i flew across the US from one side to the other - from LA to chicargo  and i was astounded as i looked out for hours the whole inner part of the US continent from one side to the other is  basically all agricultural fields as far as the eye can see - with hardly any trees (this has to impact on things right?).   I've also noticed alot of climatic concerns on my  travels  - the week before i left we had a record hot week in australia (over 104 degress fareheit 4 days in a row)..  then during my time vancover they were complaining it was an unusally warm winter and they were worried didn't have enough snow for the games . I know this seems all random but these things may be connected...

The truth is we can't deny we have dramatically changed the whole planet , from country to country - no part now remains untouched from humans.

I strongly feel that everyone needs to watch this documentary here and seriously contemplate what we are doing and have done to the Earth: (your comments appreciated)

This documentary chronicles the present day state of the Earth, its climate and how we as the dominant species have long-term repercussions on its future. A theme expressed throughout the documentary is that of linkage—how all organisms and the Earth are linked in a "delicate but crucial" natural balance with each other, and how no organism can be self-sufficient. Rate this posting:


joanna said...

This is an amazing film that will make you want to do as much as you can to make a difference.
I would like to suggest that after seeing this film you visit the website of Remineralize the Earth. Remineralization is a is simple and key strategy for stabilizing the climate at the same time that we are regenerating soils, forests and producing nutrient dense foods.

joanna said...

After watching this extraordinary film please visit the website of Remineralize the Earth. Remineralization is a key strategy to stabilize the climate while regenerating our soils and forests and producing nutrient dense foods.

praths4barca said...

thanks for the gentle remainder for everyone. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

There are strong points for both sides of the argument. But one has to wonder why climate change legislation is being pushed so strongly by governments AND private industries. Something is up when the oil companies start hopping on board. Certain individuals (Al Gore included) stand to make millions from climate change legislation through this cap and trade malarkey.

I'm all for reducing emissions, not because I think we're having an impact on global temperatures, but just to reduce pollution in general and help our health and environment.

Why is the East Anglia CRU (who all this global warming info is based off of) claim to be made of thousands of scientist, but in fact contain very few actual scientist and many economists and sociologists, etc. Why is the raw climate data missing and the current data "adjusted" to fit a curve.

Did you know there are more trees in the U.S. now then at the time of the Civil War? That the U.S. recently had one of our coldest winters in recent history? That the average global temperature is as hot as it was during Medieval times (with no industrial emissions)? That the Earth goes through natural heating and cooling cycles (thanks in large part to the Sun)? That scientist were worried about global COOLING in the 1970s?

Anonymous said... sorry aint buying it folks

Anonymous said...

One need only to look at the history of climate change-- not 50 or 100 years but back thousands of years to see that it's mostly bunk designed to make loads of cash for people like Al Gore. I ain't buying it either.

Anonymous said...

If global warming were something humans were directly responsible for, why do we have a group of people responsible for the research and responsible for proving it, lying through their teeth about it. Al Gore is a politician and a liar. He stands to benefit greatly from this. Wake up people.

Mike said...

Any human activity that upsets nature's natural balance is probably not very good for the Earth and the people who live on it. With that said, I must also say that those who initially started promoting "global warming" are the Globalists/NWO crowd who stand to profit immensely from legislation that if passed will probably not help matters much. It will only further their goals of population reduction and implementing a one world government with the wealthy elite in total control and everyone else in poverty and serfdom. Is that what we really want? I think not.

The only way to combat climate change is to change the energy paradigm presently controlled by the aforementioned Globalists and their minions. All indications are that they are suppressing the technology that would enable us to do away with fossil fuels and many other polluting activities that we currently engage in. Since this is intimately tied to the UFO subject I'm sure most of the readers here have some ideas of what I mean.

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