Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mexico Ufo Skywatchers make the news

UFO Skywatchers in Mexico have caught some Interesting footage
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Push Back said...

Here is question for the Aliens. What are the reasons for the ERRATIC movements ? Here are observations of mine. No mater where you are from , this type of erratic movement and very sharp turns is not needed. My observations are that all around is open sky. So now is as good as time as any to stand forth in the world wide public view and tell every one the reasons why.

Push Back said...

Many people and I say Many people all around the world OWN private air craft of all types yet no one goes up to take to take videos and get some samples and take readings. Why is that??????? Here is a statement and a question in one. I am not part of the world mind control , are you ???? Before coming back with a fast answer , think it through.

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