Saturday, September 06, 2008

Stephenville city officials now demand answers from US airforce

As you guys know there was a mass ufo sighting back in January in Stephenville which was conviently explained away 2 weeks later after a flip flop explaination by the US airforce as some training exercise. But now According to this article Stephenville city officials are now demanding if a government exercise was being performed, why they weren't notified ahead of time.

"I want to know why public officials weren't notified of a large military operation in our area," said Stephenville City Councilmember Mark Murphy. He has filed a complaint with U. S. Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration, demanding answers.
CBS news report on council complaints:

"My main concern is public safety," said Councilman Murphy. "I want to make sure that if anything like this is going on, people are alerted."

But residents were mixed on what the public needs to know.

"I think the government needs to let us know when we need to know, but on something like this, it's not appropriate," said Stephenville resident Cliff McMinn.

"I think the city has a right to know," said Dell Eastwood, a resident of Stephenville. "I guess the federal government doesn't think they do."

Triangle ufo near a plane?

Looks like a weird triangle guys in day light near a plane- or is this something to do with the camera, not sure, what your comments?

Extraterrestrial Proof - A Man's Incredible Tale - Whitley Strieber Communion

Whitley Strieber author of the famous book Communion talks about his experiences with Et's which have changed his and his family's life forever>very Interesting Indeed. He is very genuine and his experience is shockingly believable:
pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4
pt 5

Nibiru / planet X mentioned on fox news

Hey Guys,
Many of you find this stuff interesting so decided to post. The Below Fox news feature looks at the origins of the Anunnaki and their planet Nibiru as known as planet X.

Strange Encounter With a UFO

This is an incredible storey of a man who was simply hiking in the woods in an area known in Canada as Falcon Lake witnessed and was actually injured by a silver disc object he witnessed on the ground. His name is Mr. Stephen Michalak, this is one of the most valuable cases of UFO/ Extraterrestrial encounters on the face of the Earth.
pt 1

pt 2

Buzz Aldrin - Explains Apollo Ufo encounter

Buzz Aldrin recap - he talks in detail about the Apollo Ufo encounter

Ufo Files Crop Circles

Great documentary on Crop circles - featuring Andrew Collins the world expert on crop circles.
pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4
pt 5

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Best Crop Circles of 2008

Some great crop circles , all from this year - 2008

pt 2

pt 3

Demonstration in support of Gary McKinnon at the Home Office

Hey Guys,
Thank-you to those who attened the rally in london recently for Gary.
There were a large group of supporters there at the home office doing what they can for Gary's desperate situation.

Here's an extract from an article on the rally:
Gary's parents and girlfriend joined supporters in London for a demonstration outside the Home Office, calling on the Government to prevent him from being handed over to American authorities.

Lucy Clarke, who has been with Mr McKinnon for the last three and a half years, said: "He is a broken man - he is distraught and very scared. All we can do is wait. The whole family has been living in terror."

Here's a recording of the rally:

Thursday, September 04, 2008

What happening over Mt Adams - triangle Ufos?

Could all this be true? One poster on the internet has captured very interesting footage of Triangle Ufos over over Ufo Hotspot Mt Adams in small town Trout Lake, Washington:

vid 2

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Get the new google chrome browser

Hey Guys,
This is a non ufo post but still relevant.
I just changed browser to Google Chrome. This browser is so much better than Internet explorer and ever firefox and is a breath of fresh air! It will run this site alot faster and it has inbuilt crash protection so that if one tab crashes the brower remains stable. I suggest you get it here

Strange Ufo or Orb near Commercial Plane

Very Clear Ufo Video - shows something is near the plane:

Weird orbs over San Antonio

San Antonio the largest city of Texas is a Ufo hotspot.
This guys has filmed a number of orbs over the region:
On Aug-20-08

UFO (5-19-05)

Ufos - shoot down a warehead

This video is an animation only but is re-creation of a real event that just shows you that Ufos are monitoring our navy and military particularly any installations with nuclear material

Cannock Chase UFO sightings UK

People in Cannock Chase in the Uk saw a huge triangle Ufo on Sunday
Extract from this article about the recent sightings over Cannock Chase:

“We were all enjoying the barbecue when we saw this light in the sky,” Vicki said.
“We were just astounded and could not believe what we were seeing.
It seemed to just hover there.
“I can only describe it as having a white light, with what looked like a white flame inside.
“There were nine of us at the barbecue and none of us could believe what we were seeing.
“We had never seen anything like it before.”
The 38-year-old said the group watched the object for minutes, before it sped off.
“It just went across the sky and behind the houses. To tell you the truth, it freaked people out.
“I just want to know if other people saw it and if they can help us find out what it was.”
Another resident, who did not want to be named, said he spied strange lights flying in a triangular formation near Hatherton over the weekend.
“They were just hovering in the sky,” the man said.


Triangle Ufos in the US late August 2008

Everyone seems to have filmed large triangle ufo videos in late August 2008
- whether these are planes flying in formation or something else is to be debated
Check this one out

and this one:

Ufo Video Buenos Aires Argentina 2006

Could this be a cylinder Ufo or just some strange cylinder shaped ballon?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Nicke Pope warns Aliens and Ufo will Visit us !

Not sure if this has anything to do with the October the 14th hype - but according to NICK POPE, former BRITISH MINISTER OF DEFENSE, warns us that our EARTH is opened to ALIEN and UFOs visitation.

UFO or Plane ? over Paris, France 27 August 2008

Looks like a plane to me, but the formation of lights is weird i guess. what you think guys?

Ufo in the USA

Interesting ufo video , what you think guys?

Ufo near plane 26-08-08

Monday, September 01, 2008

Live In London ?- join the demonstration to Save Gary Tuesday 2nd September

If you live in london please attend this event tomorrow:

There will be a peaceful demonstration in support of Gary McKinnon, at the Home Office in Marsham Street, London, this coming Tuesday 2nd September 2008, at 4pm.

4pm, Tuesday 2nd September 2008

Home Office main entrance, Peel Building (between the defensive / ornamental moats ponds) , Marsham Street, Westminster, London - see this location m

Nearest Tube stations:
Westminster or St. James Park - see the Transport for London website for journey planning details.


London Bus Route 88 Clapham Common - Vauxhall - Westminster - Oxford Circus - Camden Town, stops directly outside the Home Office main entrance in Marsham Street, supposedly every 7 or 8 minutes.

Contact details:
email us here at [email protected]. If you are IT security conscious, and technically capable, then you can make use of our PGP Public encryption key.

Read more on Gary's website:

New UFO from the Sun Paper in the UK

New Ufo video

Ballon or UFO?

Strange one, not sure myself guys:

I am not sure if it's a balloon or what,but it disappeared before my camera! I first saw it coming from the north towards the south, I went and got my handheld camera and by the time I started to record, it was already heading south. It could be a balloon, I am not sure, but it moved very slow before it 'FADED'...You decide on this one. I am just amazed how quickly it "VANISHED" out of sight.

Coyne UH-1H Helicopter UFO Incident 1973

The Coyne UH-1H helicopter-UFO encounter 1973 (occured at the start of a major UFO wave that was happening in the USA in the latter part of 1973 to early 1974) which was a situation wherein a helicopter and its crew were apparently moved from about 1,500ft to 3,500ft of altitude in a time of a few seconds without any feeling of acceleration by the crew.Interviews with the helicopter crew members, from an extract from the 1979 documentary "UFOs: It has begun"

Objects Over Breda ,Holland August 28, 2008

UFOs or lanterns moving from South to the North in Breda Holland. (Netherlands)