Friday, June 20, 2008

UFO in Illinois

"I was coming home from work on IL-14, when I looked North above Grayville, Il and saw two or three of the amber orbs. First one appeared, then one came below and to the left of it. Possibly another, it's been six months ago since then. I continued to watch the sky until I got home. When I arrived I got out my camera and tripod. I believe it was about twenty minutes before I saw anything else.



UFO Nancy France February 7 2008

My attempt at tranlslating this from French:
UFO above Nancy February 7 2008 to 7h00 To 1 mn 09 one notices an airplane down below to the left of the screen. Anecdote: 1 hour before, while it still caused night, an airplane that one well identifiable (but very silent), this is approached the flying object and to done u-turn. I will not breach to the rule, the video quality is not terrible.

Another strange triangle craft

very interesting formation
Click on picture for Video (working again):

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Orb videos

Orb seem when camping

San Antonio Texas dec 2007

Florida March 2001

more of the UFO South East England 16/06/08

another lot of footage of the UFO South East England

Nasa releases mass Water in space and UFO comes - Jamie maussan

Jamie maussan is always coming up with weird stuff, i don't know how he belives it all but sometimes he's right - this time he says The shuttle Atlantis released a ton of water into space and a mysterious UFO goes near to investigate, all seems strange to me..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Censorship ? DailyMotion vs Youtube for Ufo Videos

Hey Guys,
I have you ever noticed how many more sensitive ufo videos seem to appear on Dailymotion than on youtube ?

Maybe its just me but i think the difference is quite obvious if you check it our yourself and compare against other video sharing sites .

The main reason for this is that Dailymotion, unlike other video sharing services, is based and hosted in Paris France not the US - like Youtube. This means their not bound to comply with US based or corporate interference, which is considered a legitimate reason for now censorship on youtube.

With the liberal stance that the French government has on Ufos, Dailymotion likely gets support rather than Resistance when it comes to sensitive ufo videos - and this is clearly evident in their content. A number of ufo videos which seem to only exist on daily motion have often been removed from (or the users profiles banned) on youtube, - highlighting a blatant and ongoing campaign of censorship. Whether the pressure on Youtube to censor these clips comes from external sources or just the influence of scheming individuals reporting the videos i really don't know, but i think the censorship is plain to see when comparing the two sites.

Orbs over France June 16 2008

2 interesting orbs filmed over the french country side, June 16 2008

Uploaded by gloubi77

Attack of the orbs - another chemtrail video Milan 2nd May 2008

Another orb following a chemtrail over Milan 2nd May 2008.

Orbs and chemtrails, this phenomenon is so common its almost a daily occurance all over the world. Some serious research now need to be done know into what is really going on

UFO South East England 16/06/08 12pm

UFO South East England 16/06/08 12pm

Monday, June 16, 2008

triangle ufo serbia 15th June 2008

Posters comments
My wife noticed a Silvery white triangular object with no lights or vapour trail that was below and to the left of our window.We were travelling in a jetliner above the cloud line so we were higher and progressing somewhat faster.My wife was so curious she bought my attention to the object.In some ways it resembled the top of a giant hang glider canopy but I knew that it was just impossible for anyone to be at that height on a thing that size.I had my Samsung digital camera so I put it in video mode and shot what I could over her position.I was in the isle seat,she in the window seat.The camera will not process sound when being zoomed so that accounts for the whoosh in out sound when zooming. The object went out of view as we passed over it and the last part of the video shows this. It was a large slivery white tiangular object as you can see and it remains a complete mystery to us

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Free Energy device that works ?

Hey guys,
Another unrelated ufo post but nevertheless interesting and important considering the rising cost of fuel and the need for alternate energy sources.
You've probably heard of 'free energy devices'- they seem interesting but most people disregard them as pseudoscience. However, in this interview this man in Australia has apparently created a free energy device that has been verified by electrical engineers to work:

You would think that scientists worldwide would be throwing themselves at this guy asking how the device works - but no - and this is why:
Science is very weird when it comes to accepting new discoveries which work outside the current level of accepted theories (this applies to the Ufo topic as well).
In its arrogance, science would rather ignore such discoveries just because they often don't fit their current level of understanding, in fact this w as highlighted in the interview 'we would have to re-write the laws of physics'.

This is a major fault and danger with evidence based research & the scientific approach - if something works contrary to all known research and understanding (even if genuine) it is often ignored and not investigated because validating it would mean that some fundamental theories of science could be proved wrong. Following this approach comes at the expense of discovering truly life changing inventions such as free energy devices.

This is no different from the mentality in ancient times when it was commonly accepted that the world was flat and anyone who argued against it were deemed a heretic. Often science finds it much easier turn a blind eye against what it doesn't know (or want to know) just because it doesn't want to admit that it is wrong and not all knowing - and this is a truly fearful & closed minded approach to learning and investigation.

Latest UFO Reports Plotted live on Google Earth Maps

Hey guys,
Someone has finally done it,
The UFo Stalker website has setup the only live ufo reporting tool that links MUFON reports to google earth maps. Ufomaps provided this earlier but stopped updating their site so now UFO stalker is the only site providing this now. Its very Handy, ufo reports pop up live as they occur, you can click on reports to get more detail. Its a great way to look at trends in ufo reports , such as location and frequency. Also there is the handy historic ufo reporting feature.
Check it out here

Great cylinder ufo

a good example of a cylinder ufo