Friday, June 20, 2008

UFO in Illinois

"I was coming home from work on IL-14, when I looked North above Grayville, Il and saw two or three of the amber orbs. First one appeared, then one came below and to the left of it. Possibly another, it's been six months ago since then. I continued to watch the sky until I got home. When I arrived I got out my camera and tripod. I believe it was about twenty minutes before I saw anything else. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

NASA has confirmed that Phoenix has found ice (for certain.. not salt)

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy I'm surprised you have'nt posted this story.....drudgereport did

Anonymous said...

neat, but it makes me wonder if there isn't some elevated land you can't see in the dark.

Neurotoxicum said...

Would be amazing if that was genuine!

Anonymous said...

well, waddaya know. another light in the sky.


I'm telling you, you would get better results just watching the sky every night. You see far more UFO's and more clearly than on this site.

Sorry to rant, but it's true.

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